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Tommy Osvald Charlie Kenter (born 15 April 1950 in Copenhagen) is a Danish actor.


He had his debut already when he was 11 years old in Cirkus Buster , performing under the name Tommy Kanter. He later appeared as "fru Christoff" in the satirical TV-show Dansk Naturgas working together with Per Pallesen. He has performed in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix together with Lise Dandanel and Hanne Boel with his own song "Piano". He was played Kjeld Jensen in the Olsen-Gang film The Olsen Gang's Last Trick after the death of Poul Bundgaard during filming.

He has said that he only has one more role he needs to play before retiring as an actor, which is Molières Tartuffe [1]

Private life

In 2008 Kenter bought a thatched house on 200 m2 in Nærum north of Copenhagen for 7,65 mill DKK. In 2018 he tried to sell it for 8,25 mill. DKK. [2] , but house was not sold until December 2019. It was sold for 7,4 mill DKK [3]


Below is a selection of roles from Tommy Kenter's career as an actor.


1961Cirkus BusterHans Nielsen
1966 Once There Was a War Pupil
1975 Girls at Arms Fritz
Familien Gyldenkål waiter
1976 Julefrokosten The cook Marius
1977 Going for Broke tv-interviewer
Undskyld vi er herViggo
1981Kniven i hjertetPostal worker
SlingrevalsenCar salesman
Olsen-bandens flugt over plankeværket Gravel pit worker
1985Walter og Carlo – op på fars hatCriminal
1986 Take it Easy The bartender Victor
Mord i mørket Ole Kok
1987Strit og Stumme
1989 The Miracle in Valby Svens father (voice)
1990 Dance of the Polar Bears Father
War of the Birds
1998 I Wonder Who's Kissing You Now? Sam
The Olsen Gang's Last Trick Kjeld Jensen (stand-in for Poul Bundgaard)
2000Fruen på Hamre
2001 Chop Chop Anton
2005 Allegro professor Fromberg
2007Anja og Viktor – Brændende kærlighedbrandmajor Larsen
Hvordan vi slipper af med de andre?The artist Ole
2008Det perfekte kupkriminalinspektør Jansen
Anja og Viktor – i medgang og modgangLarsen
2010Bob bob Bølle Bob – Alletiders heltChief of Police Quist
2011Noget i luftenLarsen
2012 The Passion of Marie Lawyer Lachmann
A Caretaker's Tale Gregers
2014Krummerne – alt på spilCaretaker Svendsen
2016Rosemarie og Gartnerens HemmelighedNorwegian film
2018 A Fortunate Man Philip Salomon Bille August-film
Kollision Harald
2020Into the Darkness (De forbandede år))


1977–80En by i provinsenDetective Poulsenepisode 1–9
Ude på noget
1978 Ret beset Perepisode 3
1982 Mille og Mikkel drycleaner Madsen
Opfinderkontoret Jørgensenepisode 1–6
1984 Niels Klim's Underground Travels Qvamitepisode 3
1990–92 Parløb naratorepisode 1–6
1992 Kald mig Liva Hans Kauffmann "Kuf"episode 2–4
Skibet i skilteskovenChristmas calendar
1993Jul i Julelandmusic
1994 Flemming og Berit different roles
1996 Charlot og Charlotte Chief of Police Orson
Sailor Moon
2000–02Thomas og vennerneSpeakerseason 5 & 6
2001–03 Langt fra Las Vegas Casper's fatherepisode 32
2004–07 Krøniken(Better Times)singer
2008 Sommer Anna's fatherepisode 15
2009–10 The Protectors (Danish TV series) Jørgen Boas
2011 Vild med dans himselfKenter and Marianne Eihilt was pair no. 3
2012Live fra Bremenseason 6
2012–17 Rita (TV series) schoolteacher Erikepisode 9–16
2016–19 Follow the Money (Danish TV series) Helge Larsenepisode 15–20
2017 Below the Surface (Danish TV series) Leonepisode 1
2018Hånd i håndTageseason 1, episode 1–7

Voiceacting (Cartoons)

1961 One Hundred and One Dalmatians Puppy
1975 The Twelve Tasks of Asterix
1987 Strit og Stumme (Dreaming of Paradise)Blånæse
1988 Oliver & Company Fagin
1990 War_of_the_Birds The owl
1995Aberne og det hemmelige våbenWeissmüller
1998 A Bug's Life Heinrich
H.C. Andersen og den skæve skygge Meisling Öehlenschläger
2000 Cirkeline – ost og kærlighed Jordrotte
2003 The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Bear Raven
2004 Garfield: The Movie
2006 Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties
Cars Ramone
2011 Cars 2
2012 Marco Macaco
2013 Otto the Rhino Chief of police

Theatrical plays

1998 Østre Gasværk Teater Slutspil
2005 & 2006 Nørrebros Theater Elling og Kjell Bjarne
2007 Copenhagen Opera House Matador musicalLarsen
2019 Det Ny Teater Fiddler on the Roof Tevye the Dairyman



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