Tongoa Airport

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Tongoa Airport
Airport type Public
Serves Tongoa, Shefa Province, Vanuatu
Elevation  AMSL 443 ft / 135 m
Coordinates 16°53′28″S168°33′04″E / 16.89111°S 168.55111°E / -16.89111; 168.55111 Coordinates: 16°53′28″S168°33′04″E / 16.89111°S 168.55111°E / -16.89111; 168.55111
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Location of airport in Vanuatu
Direction LengthSurface
Source: GCM, [1] STV [2]

Tongoa Airport( IATA : TGH, ICAO : NVST) is an airport in serving the Tongoa island, located in the Shefa Province of Vanuatu.

An IATA airport code, also known as an IATA location identifier, IATA station code or simply a location identifier, is a three-letter code designating many airports around the world, defined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The characters prominently displayed on baggage tags attached at airport check-in desks are an example of a way these codes are used.

ICAO airport code four-letter code designating many airports around the world

The ICAOairport code or location indicator is a four-letter code designating aerodromes around the world. These codes, as defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization and published in ICAO Document 7910: Location Indicators, are used by air traffic control and airline operations such as flight planning.

Tongoa Island is an inhabited island in Shefa Province of Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean.

Airlines and destinations

Air Vanuatu Port Vila

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Air Vanuatu national airline of Vanuatu, founded in 1981

Air Vanuatu is an airline with its head office in the Air Vanuatu House, Port Vila, Vanuatu. It is Vanuatu's national flag carrier, operating to Australia, New Zealand and points in the South Pacific. Its main base is Bauerfield International Airport, Port Vila.

TGH may stand for:

Indiana County–Jimmy Stewart Airport is a county-owned public airport two miles (3 km) east of the borough of Indiana, in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. The airport is about 65 miles (105 km) northeast of Pittsburgh and is in the Pittsburgh Combined Statistical Area. It is classified as a business service airport by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Aviation.

Shefa Province province of Vanuatu

Shefa is one of the six provinces of Vanuatu, located in the center of the country and including the islands of Epi and Efate and the Shepherd Islands.

Rostraver Airport

Rostraver Airport is a public use airport in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, United States. It is located five nautical miles east of the central business district of Monongahela, Pennsylvania in Rostraver Township. It is operated by the Westmoreland County Airport Authority, which also operates the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in Unity Township, Pennsylvania.

Shepherd Islands island

The Shepherd Islands are a group of islands lying between the larger islands of Epi and Éfaté, in the Shefa province of Vanuatu. The aggregate land area is 88 square kilometres.

The Makura language, Namakura or Namakir, is an Oceanic language of Vanuatu. The language is spoker in Shefa Province, north Efate, Tongoa, and Tongariki.

Kuwae A submarine caldera between the Epi and Tongoa islands in Vanuatu

Kuwae is a submarine caldera between the Epi and Tongoa islands in Vanuatu. Kuwae Caldera cuts through the flank of the Tavani Ruru volcano on Epi and the northwestern end of Tongoa.

Royal parrotfinch species of bird

The royal parrotfinch is a species of estrildid finch endemic to Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean. It is found commonly at mid-altitudes on the larger islands such as Espiritu Santo, above 300 m., but it also can be found at small sea-level islands in fruiting figs in forest edge in Emae and Tongoa. This species is usually found in singles, pairs or small groups feeding on figs in the forest canopy.

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Ewose is a small uninhabited island in the Shefa Province of Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean.

Laika is a small uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean, a part of the Shepherd Islands archipelago in the Shefa Province of Vanuatu.

Tefala (Vanuatu)

Tefala is a small uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean, belonging to the Shefa Province of Vanuatu.

Fatumiala is a small island in the Pacific Ocean, a part of the Shefa Province of Vanuatu.


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