Tony Hawk's Shred Session

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Tony Hawk's Shred Session
Developer(s) Big Bit
Publisher(s) Activision
Series Tony Hawk's
Platform(s) iOS, Android
May 22, 2014 (soft launch)
Genre(s) Endless runner, sports
Mode(s) Single-player

Tony Hawk's Shred Session is a cancelled endless runner sports video game developed by Big Bit and published by Activision. A free-to-play game for iOS and Android mobile phones, it was to be the first game in the Tony Hawk's franchise created for the platform.


Although the game had soft launched in a handful of territories in mid-2014 ahead of a worldwide release, in November 2014 Hawk revealed that the game was postponed indefinitely and the game was later pulled from these territories. [1]


Shred Session would be played as a 3D endless runner, similar to the Temple Run or Sonic Dash video games. The game would include a swipe-controlled trick system, and several game modes.


In October 2013, Hawk discussed the desire to develop games that were intended for a mobile device platform. [2] In February 2014, a new entry in the video game series was confirmed. [3] Hawk later said that the new entry to the series would be a mobile exclusive, [4] but later confirmed that the game had been postponed indefinitely later that year. [1]

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