Tony Mundine (boxer)

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Tony Mundine
Tony Mundine 1973.jpg
Real nameAnthony William Mundine
Weight(s) Heavyweight
Light heavyweight
Height5' 11½ (182 cm)
Born (1951-06-10) 10 June 1951 (age 69)
Baryulgil, New South Wales, Australia [1]
Stance Orthodox
Boxing record
Total fights96
Wins by KO64

Anthony "Tony" William Mundine OAM (born 10 June 1951) [1] is an Australian former boxer, and one of the country's most accomplished indigenous fighters. The only Australian boxer to compete professionally in four weight divisions, he held the Australian middleweight, light heavyweight, cruiserweight and heavyweight titles, as well as the Commonwealth middleweight and light heavyweight titles. He also challenged once for the WBA world middleweight title in 1974. [2] He is the father of former world champion boxer Anthony Mundine, and cousin of Warren Mundine. [3]


Mundine was the 2005 Inductee for the Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame Moderns category.

Rugby League

Mundine played centre three-quarter for a Grafton Rugby league team. He showed promise and was offered a place with the Redfern All Blacks in the South Sydney Junior Rugby League in 1968 at age 17. Rather than return to Baryulgil to work at the asbestos mine between seasons he kept fit at Ern McQuillan's gym in Newtown, where he showed natural ability and speed. McQuillan engaged him in a fighter-trainer contract. [2] [4] [5]


Mundine won his first bout on 5 March 1969 against Frank Graham. In his fifth professional bout, Ray Wheatley dropped Mundine in their scheduled ten round contest in round one to become the only Australian to have Mundine on the canvas at the Manly Leagues club in May 1969. Mundine stopped Wheatley in round two. In less than a year he won his first title, the Australian Middleweight crown. [5] His last bout was against Alex Sua on 19 March 1984.

His titles were:

Mundine challenged Carlos Monzón on 5 October 1974 for the WBA World Middleweight title but lost by a knockout in the 7th round. He was undefeated by any Australian boxer during his 16-year career. [7] He fought many top boxers including Emile Griffith, Monty Betham, Steve Aczel, Bennie Briscoe and Alex Sua. [8]

Professional boxing record

80 Wins (64 knockouts, 16 decisions), 15 Losses (10 knockouts, 5 decisions), 1 Draw
Loss21–3Alex SuaPTS1219 March 1984 Auckland, New ZealandAustralasian Light Heavyweight Title. 233–234, 232–234, 228–234.
Loss15–6–2Rufino AnguloKO513 June 1983Paris, France
Win13–3–1Dragomir Milo PopovicTKO66 November 1982 Noumea, New Caledonia
Loss34–8 Murray Sutherland UD106 September 1982 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia90–99, 94–99, 93–100.
Win24–1–1Mustafa WasajjaPTS1011 June 1982 Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, France
Win29–1–1Hocine TaferKO28 May 1982 Grenoble, Isère, France
Loss53–12 Yaqui Lopez TKO327 November 1981 Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Win27–4–1 Steve Aczel TKO624 July 1981 Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaAustralian Light Heavyweight/Cruiserweight/Heavyweight Titles .
Win54–15–1 Bunny Johnson TKO1020 May 1981 Gold Coast, Queensland, AustraliaReferee stopped the bout at 2:43 of the tenth round.
Loss21–13–2 Jesse Burnett PTS124 March 1981 Auckland, New Zealand
Win38–9 Monty Betham KO515 December 1980 Auckland, New ZealandAustralasian Light Heavyweight Title.
Win1–1Joe FabianoKO620 September 1980 Noumea, New Caledonia
Win23–3–1 Steve Aczel TKO928 July 1980 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Australian Heavyweight Title .
Win10–21–5David "The King" SmithUD1030 May 1980 Pirae, French Polynesia 98–94, 97–90, 100–97.
Win9–5–1David ContehPTS1018 April 1980 Bologna, Emilia Romagna, Italy
Win17–3Pat CuilloDQ54 April 1980 Milan, Lombardia, Italy
Win17–6Johnny WilburnPTS814 December 1979 Milan, Lombardia, Italy
Win30–5–3Ennio ComettiTKO930 November 1979 Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
Loss23–2–1 Mate Parlov PTS1226 September 1979 Gorizia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy WBC World Cruiserweight Title Eliminator.
Win10–9–1Pete McIntyreTKO53 August 1979Sydney, Australia
Win17–8–3Tony "Lime" GreeneKO420 April 1979 Melbourne, Australia
Win12–6–1Marc EcimovicTKO231 March 1979 Melbourne, Australia Australia Heavyweight Title .
Win0–1Ananai CureberaTKO218 February 1979Sydney, AustraliaReferee stopped the bout at 1:03 of the second round.
Win67–32–7Ron "Mr." WilsonTKO79 February 1979 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Win10–2Karl CanwellTKO324 November 1978 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Win11–3Fossie SchmidtKO115 July 1978 Suva, Fiji
Loss29–13–3 Gary Summerhays KO1127 February 1978 Melbourne, AustraliaCommonwealth Light Heavyweight Title.
Win13–2Andros Ernie BarrPTS1024 January 1978 Melbourne, Australia
Win9–6Maile HaumonaKO35 December 1977 Melbourne, Australia Australia Heavyweight Title .
Win13–10–1Danny BrewerKO721 October 1977 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Win11–9–1Dave Lee RoysterPTS109 September 1977 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia49–45.
Loss10–9–1Dave Lee RoysterKO128 July 1977 Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Win12–1Andros Ernie BarrPTS158 July 1977 Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaCommonwealth Light Heavyweight Title.
Win8–5Maile HaumonaTKO102 June 1977 Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Win8–6–2Victor AttivorTKO94 September 1976 Accra, GhanaCommonwealth Light Heavyweight Title.
Win7–4Maile HaumonaPTS1011 August 1976Sydney, Australia
Loss11–3–1 Jesse Burnett KO614 May 1976 Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaMundine knocked out at 1:06 of the sixth round.
Win34–14–2Baby Boy RolleKO326 March 1976 Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaCommonwealth Light Heavyweight Title.
Win38–23–4Karl ZurheideKO119 March 1976Sydney, AustraliaKarl knocked out at 1:25 of the first round.
Win7–4–1Victor AttivorTKO24 December 1975Sydney, AustraliaCommonwealth Light Heavyweight Title. Referee stopped the bout at 2:16 of the second round.
Win14–1 Steve Aczel KO1230 October 1975Sydney, AustraliaCommonwealth/Australian Light Heavyweight Title.
Win14–3–2"Shoeless" Joe JacksonPTS104 September 1975Sydney, Australia
Loss9–3–1"Sweet" James MarshallKO12 May 1975 Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaMundine knocked out at 2:58 of the first round.
Loss28–2Rudy RoblesPTS1028 February 1975 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia46–47.
Loss82–3–9 Carlos Monzon KO75 October 1974 Buenos Aires, Argentina WBA World Middleweight Title.
Win24–16Nate "Nat" CollinsTKO59 August 1974 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Win14–2Lenny HardenKO327 May 1974Paris, France
Win23–12–1Don CobbsTKO610 May 1974 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Loss48–12–1 Bennie Briscoe KO525 February 1974Paris, France
Win25–5–1Manuel FierroKO611 February 1974 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Win77–14–1 Emile Griffith UD1219 November 1973Paris, France
Win23–19–1Carlos MarksPTS1528 September 1973 Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaCommonwealth Middleweight Title.
Win19–10–2Fred EtuatiKO120 August 1973 Auckland, New ZealandCommonwealth Middleweight Title. Fred knocked out at 1:44 of the first round.
Win23–18–1Carlos MarksKO103 August 1973 Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaCommonwealth Middleweight Title.
Win31–7–8Nessim Max CohenTKO414 May 1973Paris, FranceReferee stopped the bout at 0:42 of the fourth round.
Win20–20–5Luis VinalesTKO21 May 1973 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Win18–10–2Matt "Art" DonovanKO37 February 1973Sydney, AustraliaCommonwealth Middleweight Title.
Win25–11–2Lonnie HarrisTKO58 December 1972 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Win13–7–1Roy "General" LeeKO24 November 1972 Noumea, New Caledonia
Win69–9–7"San" Antonio AguilarTKO326 September 1972Sydney, Australia
Win40–13–5Juarez de LimaTKO521 August 1972 Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaReferee stopped the bout at 1:12 of the fifth round.
Win83–23–4 Denny Moyer TKO731 May 1972Sydney, Australia
Win24–10–3 Bunny Sterling KO1514 April 1972 Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaCommonwealth Middleweight Title.
Win27–12–1Foster BibronTKO1125 February 1972 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Australian Heavyweight Title .
Win19–8George "Hurricane" CarterTKO217 February 1972Sydney, Australia
Win38–40–7Charley "Bad News" AustinTKO210 December 1971 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Win11–4Eric BlakeTKO326 November 1971 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Win17–9–1Tommy "Gun" GrayTKO722 October 1971 Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaReferee stopped the bout at 0:55 of the seventh round.
Win17–9–2Rod KennyTKO423 September 1971Sydney, Australia
Win10–4–2Jackson McQuadeKO15 September 1971 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Win3–0–1 Al Korovou KO51 July 1971Sydney, Australia
Loss104–9 Luis Manuel Rodriguez KO17 April 1971 Melbourne, AustraliaMundine knocked out at 0:52 of the first round.
Win3–2Victor Manuel BasilioTKO218 February 1971Sydney, Australia
Draw19–9–2 Bunny Sterling PTS1521 January 1971Sydney, AustraliaCommonwealth Middleweight Title.
Win24–14–4Barry CalderwoodTKO512 December 1970 Melbourne, Australia
Win39–25–3Johnny KramerTKO525 August 1970Sydney, Australia
Win51–64–14Billy "Mellow" MarshTKO816 July 1970Sydney, Australia
Win9–15–2Filipino RavaloKO29 June 1970Sydney, Australia
Win3–6Ravuama RokoKO228 May 1970Sydney, Australia
Win12–8–2Billy ChoulesKO423 April 1970Sydney, Australia Australia Middleweight Title .
Win--Jeke NaqelevukiTKO319 March 1970Sydney, Australia
Win1–3–1Sione SaniKO110 March 1970Sydney, Australia
Win12–7–2Billy ChoulesKO49 February 1970 Melbourne, Australia
Win17–8Billy OpetaiaTKO717 December 1969Sydney, AustraliaReferee stopped the bout at 1:04 of the seventh round.
Win--Feleti LeoneTKO212 December 1969 Melbourne, Australia
Loss14–5Kahu MahangaKO910 November 1969 Melbourne, Australia
Win4–6–2Les "Jazzer" DixonKO222 October 1969Sydney, Australia
Win6–5Lee MotoKO523 September 1969Sydney, Australia
Win1–2–1Sione SaniPTS88 September 1969 Melbourne, Australia
Win3–4Ted McKenzieKO328 July 1969Sydney, Australia
Win7–3–1Ricky DatsunPTS823 June 1969 Melbourne, Australia
Win1–1"Sugar" Ray WheatleyKO228 May 1969Sydney, Australia
Win2–2Ted McKenzieKO57 May 1969Sydney, Australia
Win2–1Ted McKenziePTS1016 April 1969Sydney, Australia
Win0–2Frank "Evangelist" GrahamKO39 April 1969Sydney, Australia
Win--Frank "Evangelist" GrahamPTS45 March 1969Sydney, Australia

Mundine currently lives in Redfern, New South Wales, where he manages a training gym called Redfern Gym adjacent to the Block.

Mundine is father and boxing trainer/promoter of former World Super Middleweight Champion Anthony Mundine. Mundine's older brother Mickey Mundine played in the first Australian Aboriginal rugby league team in 1973. [9]

On 26 January 1986 Mundine was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for "service to sport particularly to boxing and to aboriginal youth". [10] He was the winner of The Ella Award for Lifetime Achievement in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sport at the Deadly Awards in 2004.

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