Too Many Crooks (1927 film)

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Too Many Crooks
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Directed by Fred C. Newmeyer
Screenplay by E.J. Rath
Rex Taylor
Produced by Jesse L. Lasky
Adolph Zukor
Starring Mildred Davis
Lloyd Hughes
George Bancroft
El Brendel
William V. Mong
John St. Polis
Otto Matieson
Cinematography Harry Jackson
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date
  • April 2, 1927 (1927-04-02)
Running time
60 minutes
CountryUnited States
Language Silent (English intertitles)

Too Many Crooks is a lost [1] [2] 1927 American silent comedy film directed by Fred C. Newmeyer, written by E.J. Rath and Rex Taylor, and starring Mildred Davis, Lloyd Hughes, George Bancroft, El Brendel, William V. Mong, John St. Polis and Otto Matieson. It was released on April 2, 1927, by Paramount Pictures. [3] [4]



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