Trust Us

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Trust Us
Trust Us (albumcover).jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 4, 1998
Genre Rock
Label Stickman (Europe)
Sony (Norway)
Producer Motorpsycho, Deathprod
Motorpsycho chronology
Angels and Daemons at Play
Trust Us
Let Them Eat Cake

Trust Us is the seventh full-length studio album by the Norwegian rock-band Motorpsycho.


The tracks "Ozone" and "Hey, Jane" were also released as EPs. In 1999, The song "Vortex surfer" was selected by the NRK P3 radio-station as the "song of the millennium", and was played continuously for 24 hours on December 31. [1]

The cover-art was, as usual, made by Kim Hiorthøy, who also directed the promo-videos for the two EPs.

Track listing

Disc 1:

  1. "Psychonaut" – 6:58 (Sæther)
  2. "Ozone" – 4:33 (Sæther)
  3. "The Ocean In Her Eye" – 9:15 (Ryan/Sæther/Sten)
  4. "Vortex Surfer" – 8:59 (Ryan/Sæther)
  5. "Syddhardtino" – 1:37 (Seim)
  6. "577" – 7:48 (Sæther)

Disc 2:

  1. "Evernine" – 5:07 (Ryan/Sæther)
  2. "Mantrick Muffin Stomp" – 3:50 (Ryan/Sæther)
  3. "Radiance Frequency" – 10:21 (Sæther)
  4. "Taifun" – 7:09 (Gebhardt/Ryan/Sæther)
  5. "Superstooge" – 6:48 (Gebhardt/Ryan/Sæther)
  6. "Coventry Boy" – 2:32 (Ryan)
  7. "Hey, Jane" – 5:14 (Sæther)
  8. "Dolphin" – 1:25 (Ryan/Sæther/Seim)



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Motorpsycho is a Norwegian rock band from Trondheim. Their music can generally be defined as progressive or psychedelic rock, but they also mix in elements from alternative, jazz, post-rock, pop, country and many other musical styles. The members of the band are Bent Sæther, Hans Magnus "Snah" Ryan and Tomas Järmyr (drums). Until March 2005, Håkon Gebhardt was the band's drummer. A press release concerning his departure can be found on the Unofficial website. From December 2007 to May 2016 Kenneth Kapstad was the drummer of the band, being replaced by Tomas Järmyr, who joined in early 2017.

<i>Timothys Monster</i> 1994 studio album by Motorpsycho

Timothy's Monster is the fourth full-length studio album by Motorpsycho. It was released through EMI in Norway, marking their first album on a major label, and through the independent label Stickman Records in the rest of the world. The album was issued as a double-CD or triple-LP.

<i>Demon Box</i> (album) 1993 studio album by Motorpsycho

Demon Box is the third full-length studio album by Norwegian rock-band Motorpsycho. Released on double vinyl and single CD formats in February 1993, it saw the band earn their name as one of the most important bands in Norway.

<i>Let Them Eat Cake</i> (album) 2000 studio album by Motorpsycho

Let Them Eat Cake is the eighth full-length studio album by the Norwegian rock-band Motorpsycho. Released early in 2000, the album showed the band taking steps in a new direction, leaning more towards jazz and psychedelia than the heavy indie rock guitars the band was famous for.

<i>Angels and Daemons at Play</i> 1997 studio album by Motorpsycho

Angels and Daemons at Play is the sixth full-length studio album by the Norwegian rock-band Motorpsycho.

<i>8 Soothing Songs for Rut</i> 1992 studio album by Motorpsycho

8 Soothing Songs for Rut is the second studio album by the Norwegian rock band Motorpsycho, then still tinged in hard rock and grunge metal. It was first released as vinyl-only-mini-album called "Soothe" but later re-released on CD with two additional tracks from the single "3 Songs For Rut". Both titles were merged into "8 Soothing Songs For Rut". The music is very raw and hard, but also shows glimpses of Prog, as in the nearly 10-minute-long "Lighthouse Girl".

<i>Blissard</i> 1996 studio album by Motorpsycho

Blissard is the fifth full-length studio album by the Norwegian band Motorpsycho. It was the first where the band tried to bring some more focused and pre-written songs to tape, as opposed to their earlier working technique of doing lot of experimentation and brainstorming in the studio. It is often ranked among their best works by fans and critics.

<i>Phanerothyme</i> 2001 studio album by Motorpsycho

Phanerothyme is the ninth full-length studio album by the Norwegian band Motorpsycho. It was released through Stickman Records (Europe) and Sony (Norway). It was also released in Japan through P-Vine.

<i>Its a Love Cult</i> 2002 studio album by Motorpsycho

It's a Love Cult is the tenth full-length studio album by the Norwegian band Motorpsycho. The album was preceded by the EP release of "Serpentine", for which also a video was made.

<i>Black Hole/Blank Canvas</i> 2006 studio album by Motorpsycho

Black Hole/Blank Canvas is the eleventh full-length studio album by the Norwegian band Motorpsycho. It is the first after long-time drummer Håkon Gebhardt left the band in spring 2005. The other two members, Hans Magnus Ryan and Bent Sæther decided to carry on as a duo. They recorded their new album in The Void studio in Eindhoven together with producer/engineer and long-time live sound technician Pieter Kloos and produced their third double album. It was released on March 17, 2006, and was followed by a European tour in spring. The band was joined by drummer Jacco van Rooij and vibraphonist Øyvind Brandtsegg, who also played on the 1994 album Timothy's Monster.

<i>In the Fishtank 10</i> 2003 EP by Motorpsycho and Jaga Jazzist Horns

In the Fishtank 10 is a 2003 EP by Motorpsycho and Jaga Jazzist Horns, recorded in 2002 during their European tour and released via the Konkurrent label in 2003. Motorpsycho did a handful of gigs together with the horn section of Jaga Jazzist and used the opportunity to record their addition to the Fishtank series.

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Shaming of the Sun, sometimes mislabeled as Shaming the Sun, is the sixth studio album by the Indigo Girls, released in 1997. It was the duo's highest-charting album in the U.S., peaking at number 7 on the Billboard 200.

<i>Little Lucid Moments</i> 2008 studio album by Motorpsycho

Little Lucid Moments is the twelfth full-length studio album by the Norwegian band Motorpsycho that was released on March 31, 2008, by Rune Grammofon Records in Scandinavia, the UK, the United States and France and on March 28, 2008, by Stickman Records in Germany and the rest of Europe. It is available on CD and double vinyl. The four songs featured on the album are extremely long, each between 11 and 21 minutes.

<i>Child of the Future</i> 2009 studio album by Motorpsycho

Child of the Future is the thirteenth full-length studio album by the Norwegian band Motorpsycho that was released on August 7, 2009, via Rune Grammofon and Stickman Records. It marked the 20th anniversary of the band and in order to celebrate this, the band released "Child of the Future" on vinyl only; however with "spectacular design work", which includes a 24" poster and a cutout on the front. The album was originally scheduled to be released at the beginning of June 2009 but was delayed.

Harald Sæther Musical artist

Harald Sæther is a Norwegian composer with a diploma (MA) from Grieg Academy (2008). He is member of the Norwegian Society of Composers and New Music Composers Group (NMK) where he was chairman from 2009 to 2011.

<i>The Death Defying Unicorn</i> 2012 studio album by Motorpsycho & Ståle Storløkken

The Death Defying Unicorn is the fifteenth full-length studio album by the Norwegian band Motorpsycho, released on 10 February 2012 via Rune Grammofon and Stickman Records. It was released on double CD and double 12" vinyl. It is a collaboration with Ståle Storløkken, and also features Ola Kvernberg, Trondheimsolistene and the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra.

Hans Magnus Ryan Musical artist

Hans Magnus Ryan, alias "Snah", is a Norwegian rock musician, known as front figure of the band Motorpsycho.

Behind the Sun is an album by Motorpsycho, released on March 7, 2014 via Stickman Records and Rune Grammofon. It was released as a double 12" vinyl record, CD, as well as digital download. Side A of the vinyl version features two instrumental tracks, cut in parallel. Since this side was marketed as featuring an "etching", these instrumentals are considered hidden tracks. It was the second album recorded with Reine Fiske on second guitar, who joined the band for recordings and touring in 2012. It also saw the return of Ole Henrik "Ohm" Moe, who collaborated frequently with the band in the late 1990s.

<i>The Crucible</i> (Motorpsycho album) 2019 studio album by Motorpsycho

The Crucible is a studio album by Norwegian rock band Motorpsycho, released on February 15, 2019 through Stickman Records and Rune Grammofon. This is the second installment in the band's Gullvåg Trilogy with the first installment being 2017's The Tower and the third installment being 2020's The All Is One. The album is avaliable as vinyl, CD and a digital download. Side A of the vinyl features the first two tracks 'Psychotzar' and 'Lux Aeterna' while Side B of the vinyl features the final titular track, which spans 20 minutes in length.


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