Trying To Be Me

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"Trying To Be Me"
Trying To Be Me Sweetbox.jpg
Single by Sweetbox
from the album Classified
ReleasedOctober 9, 2000
Genre Hip-Hop, Classical, Pop, Swing
Label BMG
Songwriter(s) Geo, Jade Villalon, Mucky
Producer(s) Roberto Geo Rosan
Sweetbox singles chronology
"U Make My Love Come Down"
"Trying To Be Me"
"For The Lonely"

"Trying To Be Me" is the first single by Sweetbox from the album Classified, with Jade Villalon as a frontwoman. [1] [2] The song is based on "Solveig's Song" from Edvard Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite. The song features Mucky as a guest vocalist, who also featured as a background vocalist in some of the other songs from the Classified album. [3]


One of its remixes can be found on the Japanese version of the album Classified (2001). [4] The remix, titled "Trying To Be Me (RMX)" (from the Japanese version of "Classified") is the same remix as the one found on the Europe/Korea release, which is titled "Trying To Be Me (Geo's Remix)."

Track listing

Germany Single
1."Trying To Be Me (Featuring Mucky) (Radio Version)"3:08
2."Trying To Be Me (Featuring Mucky) (Instrumental)"3:08
3."Trying To Be Me (Featuring Mucky) (A Capella)"2:55
Korean Single
1."Trying To Be Me (Featuring Mucky) (Radio Version)"3:08
2."Trying To Be Me (Featuring Mucky) (Geo's Remix)"3:21
3."Trying To Be Me (Featuring Mucky) (Instrumental)"3:08
4."Trying To Be Me (Featuring Mucky) (A Capella)"2:54


Chart (2000)Peak
Germany (Official German Charts) [5] 63


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