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Trymedia Systems, Inc. is a division of RealNetworks that provides digital distribution services based on its proprietary ActiveMARK DRM and digital distribution technology. Trymedia is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Berkshire and Alicante. [1]



Trymedia was founded in 1999 as Trymedia Systems, Inc. by cousins Alex Torrubia and Andres Torrubia. The company was launched in Spain, and after a round of fund-raising in New York, relocated to San Francisco. [2] [3] Macrovision acquired Trymedia for US$34 million on July 26, 2005. With the acquisition, Macrovision launched a new games division, Trymedia Games Division, based around Trymedia employees. [4] Trymedia was not a profitable operation, losing $14.5 million on revenue of just over $9 million in 2007. [5] On February 22, 2008, RealNetworks announced it had acquired Trymedia from Macrovision for an undisclosed sum, [6] reported in a Macrovision conference call to be $4million. [7]

Trymedia operates an online network of digitally distributed computer games. The network is integrated into Microsoft's digital locker service, [8] and provides white label online retail services to affiliates such as Electronics Boutique and GameSpot. [9]


ActiveMARK is a technology suite of Trymedia for secure digital distribution. It provides DRM protection for software distributed digitally or by CDs/DVD, along with commerce, distribution, administration and marketing services. [10]


Trygames, a division of Trymedia, is a retail website offering computer games from the Trymedia games network for download, trial and purchase. It was launched in 2001. [11]

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