Tsenku Waterfall

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Tsenku Falls
Location Dodowa, Greater Accra Region, Ghana
Type Chute

Tsenku Falls is a waterfall located near Dodowa in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana [1]

Waterfall Place where water flows over a vertical drop in the course of a river

A waterfall is an area where water flows over a vertical drop or a series of steep drops in the course of a stream or river. Waterfalls also occur where meltwater drops over the edge of a tabular iceberg or ice shelf.

Dodowa District Capital in Greater Accra Region, Ghana

Dodowa is a town located in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, it is the district capital of Dangme West district, now Shai Osudoku District.

Greater Accra Region Region in Ghana

The Greater Accra Region has the smallest area of Ghana's 16 administrative regions, occupying a total land surface of 3,245 square kilometres. This is 1.4 per cent of the total land area of Ghana. It is the second most populated region, after the Ashanti Region, with a population of 4,010,054 in 2010, accounting for 16.3 per cent of Ghana's total population.

Tsenku waterfall drops from a height of about 250 feet and is running on stratified rocks into a cool and clean pool with a large tilapia population. [2]

Tilapia common name for nearly a hundred species of cichlid fish from the tilapiine cichlid tribe

Tilapia is the common name for nearly a hundred species of cichlid fish from the tilapiine cichlid tribe. Tilapia are mainly freshwater fish inhabiting shallow streams, ponds, rivers, and lakes, and less commonly found living in brackish water. Historically, they have been of major importance in artisanal fishing in Africa, and they are of increasing importance in aquaculture and aquaponics. Tilapia can become a problematic invasive species in new warm-water habitats such as Australia, whether deliberately or accidentally introduced, but generally not in temperate climates due to their inability to survive in cold water.

The Tsenku Waterfalls, also referred to as Wuruduwurudu, is within the Po stream valley is joined by two other streams "Sanyade" and "Popotsi" before it meanders into the sea. [3]

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Kintampo waterfalls

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Ghanata Senior High School is a public co-educational school in Dodowa in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Tourism in Ghana is regulated by the Ministry of Tourism of Ghana, the Government of Ghana ministry is responsible for the development and promotion of tourism related activities in Ghana.

Shai Osudoku District

Shai Osudoku District forms part of the sixteen (16) Metropolis, municipalities and Districts in the Greater Accra Region.

Dodowa Forest is a tourist site attraction at Dodowa in the Shai Osudoku District in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Mercy Myles is a Ghanaian international footballer who plays as a midfielder for the Ghana women's national football team. She was part of the team at the 2011 All-Africa Games scoring a goal in the semi final against Algeria and at the 2014 African Women's Championship. On club level she played for Reformers Ladies in Ghana.

Linda Obenewaa Akweley Ocloo is a Ghanaian politician and member of the Seventh Parliament of the Fourth Republic of Ghana representing the Shai-Osudoku Constituency in the Greater Accra Region on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress.

Audrey Maame Esi Swatson is the youngest Ghanaian female pilot who has obtained a commercial license.

Amrahia Small town in Greater Accra Region, Ghana

Amrahia is a small town located along the Dodowa road in the Adenta Municipality in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. It has the Amrahia Dairy farm which was a project Dr. Kwame Nkrumah under his industrialization programme embarked on. It is mostly known for the Christian Service University College.


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