Under the Sunset

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Under the Sunset
First edition
Author Bram Stoker
Illustrator W. FitzGerald
W. V. Cockburn
CountryUnited Kingdom
Genre Short stories
PublisherSampson, Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington
Publication date
Media typePrint (Hardback)

Under the Sunset is a collection of short stories by Bram Stoker (the author of Dracula ), first published in 1881. It was illustrated by W. V. Cockburn and William FitzGerald, the younger brother of the Dublin physicist George Francis FitzGerald.

Its significance in the development of fantasy literature was recognized by its republication in October 1978 by the Newcastle Publishing Company as the seventeenth volume of the celebrated Newcastle Forgotten Fantasy Library series.

The stories in the collection are:

"The Shadow Builder" was adapted to film in 1998 as Shadow Builder .

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<i>Draculas Guest and Other Weird Stories</i>

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