Wave, Wave

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KBS TV Novel:
Wave, Wave
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Also known asThrough The Waves
Hangul TV소설 파도야 파도야
Written by
  • Lee Hyun-jae
  • Lee Hwang-won
Directed byLee Duk-gun
Creative director(s)Lee Dae-kyung
  • Ah Young
  • Park Jung-wook
  • Typhoon
  • Jang Jae-ho
  • Seo Ha
  • Noh Haeng-ha
  • Jung Hun
  • Jung Yoon-hye
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes143
Executive producer(s)Lee Gun-joon
Producer(s)Park Man-young
Running time40 min
Production company(s)KBS Drama Production
Distributor KBS
Original network KBS2
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Audio format Dolby Digital
Original releaseFebruary 12, 2018 (2018-02-12) 
present (present)
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KBS TV Novel: Wave, Wave (Hangul : 파도야 파도야; Hanja : 波濤啊,波濤啊; RR : Padoya Padoya) is a 2018 South Korea morning soap opera starring Ah Young, Park Jung-wook, Typhoon, Jang Jae-ho, Seo Ha, Noh Haeng-ha, Jung Hun, and Jung Yoon-hye. It aired on KBS2 from February 12, 2018 ending till August 31,2018.

Hangul Native alphabet of the Korean language

The Korean alphabet, known as Hangul, has been used to write the Korean language since its creation in the 15th century by King Sejong the Great. It may also be written as Hangeul following the standard Romanization.

Hanja Korean language characters of Chinese origin

Hanja is the Korean name for Chinese characters. More specifically, it refers to those Chinese characters borrowed from Chinese and incorporated into the Korean language with Korean pronunciation. Hanja-mal or Hanja-eo refers to words that can be written with Hanja, and hanmun refers to Classical Chinese writing, although "Hanja" is sometimes used loosely to encompass these other concepts. Because Hanja never underwent major reform, they are almost entirely identical to traditional Chinese and kyūjitai characters, though the stroke orders for some characters are slightly different. For example, the characters and are written as 敎 and 硏. Only a small number of Hanja characters are modified or unique to Korean. By contrast, many of the Chinese characters currently in use in Japan and Mainland China have been simplified, and contain fewer strokes than the corresponding Hanja characters.

Revised Romanization of Korean Korean language romanization system

The Revised Romanization of Korean is the official Korean language romanization system in South Korea proclaimed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to replace the older McCune–Reischauer system. The new system eliminates diacritics and apostrophes in favor of digraphs.


It is the 44th and the final TV Novel series (13th in 2010s) of KBS. It is also the lowest-rated TV Novel series, averaging only 7.4% and hitting a peak of 10.4%, according to AGB Nielsen's nationwide ratings.

KBS TV Novel was a TV series that was broadcast on KBS 2TV at 09:00 (KST) during weekdays, under the production of the KBS Drama Production group. It was broadcast on KBS 1TV until 2009. The production and broadcasting were temporarily halted due to the production cost issue, however, the TV Novel series was back on KBS 2TV in November 2011 after being reorganized.


This is a family drama which tells the story of a family of five women who lost their property and became separated after the war.



Ah Young South Korean singer and actress

Cho Ja-young, better known by her stage name Ah Young, is a South Korean singer and actress, as well known as former member of Dal Shabet.


Oh Family

  • Lee Kyung-jin as Lee Ok-boon, the mother of the Oh siblings who lost her husband during the war and was forced to make difficult decisions to survive.
  • Ban Hyo-jung as Hong Ki-jun, the grandmother of the Oh siblings who lives with the guilt of losing her son's riches during the war and plunging their family into poverty.
  • Lee Shi-hoo as Oh Jung-woo, the youngest of the Oh siblings whose leg becomes lame in a childhood accident.
    • Jung Hyun-joon as young Oh Jung-woo

Ban Hyo-jung is a South Korean actress. She made her acting debut in 1964 with a bit part in Shin Sang-ok's film Rice, and went on to a prolific career in television dramas.

Sohyun-dong Neighbors

  • Kyun Oh-hyun as Han Cheon-sam, Kyung-ho's father who works as a musician for the Golden Carriage Cabaret.
  • Lee Kyung-sil as Yang Mal-soon, Kyung-ho's mother who is a seamstress and holds a tight leash on the household.
  • Jung Sung-ho as Kim Sang-man, Choon-ja's father who works for the government and helps the Oh family settle into the poor Seoul neighborhood of Sohyun-dong.

Daeguk Construction

  • Sunwoo Jae-duk as Hwang Chang-sik, the Chairman of Daeguk Construction whose wealth was secretly built on the stolen riches of the Oh family.
  • Sung Hyun-ah as Cheon Geum-geum, Chang-shik's nosy and haughty wife.

Sunwoo Jae-duk is a South Korean actor.

Sung Hyun-ah is a South Korean actress and former Miss Korea.

Golden Carriage Cabaret

  • Lee Joo-hyun as Cho Dong-chul, chief executive officer of Golden Carriage Cabaret who runs a gang of thugs and does dirty work for Hwang Chang-shik.
  • Park Seon-young as Gu Mi-shim, Soon-young's aunt who initially opposes her relationship with Jung-hoon.
  • Song Young-jae as Johnny Kim, Han Cheon-sam's musical partner who influences his gambling addiction.
  • Nam Tae-woo as Park Yong-chil, Dong-chul's lackey.

Lucky Entertainment

  • Kim Min-seon as Oh Hae-rin, the daughter of a rich ally of Hwang Chang-shik and Bok-shil's fellow singer trainee who has a crush on Kyung-ho.
  • Seo Jae-won as Heo Jin-gyu, Sang-pil's employee.


  • Kim Kwang-tae as
  • Lee Jin-mok
  • Jo Hee
  • Kang Jae-eun
  • Lee Yoon-sang
  • Goo Jung-rim
  • Lee Ye-rin

Original soundtrack

Wave, Wave OST
Soundtrack album by
Various artists
Genre Soundtrack
Label LOEN Entertainment

Part 1

Released on March 19, 2018 (2018-03-19)
1."The Road To You" (그대에게 가는 길)Lee Ji-yoonBlue Ocean Cha Soo-kyung  [ ko ]3:04
2."The Road To You" (Inst.) Blue Ocean 3:04
Total length:6:08

Part 2

Released on April 5, 2018 (2018-04-05)
1."Fate" (인연)Hwi Jang-nam, Choi Chul-ho, Miss KimHwi Jang-nim, Miss KimDong Woo3:10
2."Fate" (Inst.) Hwi Jang-nim, Miss Kim 3:10
Total length:6:20

Part 3

Released on April 27, 2018 (2018-04-27)
1."Pinwheel" (바람개비)Kim Jong-chulChoi Chul-ho, Kim Jong-chul Ah Young 2:57
2."Pinwheel" (Inst.) Choi Chul-ho, Kim Jong-chul 2:57
Total length:5:54


Ep.Original broadcast dateAverage audience share
AGB Nielsen ratings [9] TNmS ratings [10]
Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area Nationwide
001February 12, 20187.8% (15th)6.9% (16th)10.1% (7th)
002February 13, 20187.5% (14th)6.6% (14th)9.4% (9th)
003February 14, 2018 [lower-alpha 1] 7.4% (17th)7.0% (17th)7.7% (17th)
004February 15, 2018 [lower-alpha 2] 8.0% (17th)6.5% (18th)9.2% (14th)
005February 16, 20187.4% (16th)6.2% (18th)10.3% (10th)
006February 19, 20187.5% (12th)6.7% (12th)9.0% (11th)
007February 20, 20185.8% (20th)NR8.2% (NR)
008February 21, 20186.3% (15th)5.3% (19th)8.5% (11th)
009February 22, 20187.7% (18th)7.2% (17th)9.2% (14th)
010February 23, 20187.3% (17th)6.4% (20th)9.7% (12th)
011February 26, 20186.8% (18th)NR9.3% (14th)
012February 27, 20187.8% (15th)6.8% (18th)11.5% (9th)
013February 28, 20187.7% (15th)7.0% (17th)9.9% (12th)
014March 01, 20188.2%NR11.1%
015March 02, 20187.3%6.1%9.7%
016March 05, 20186.8%6.0%10.3%
017March 06, 20187.3%6.0%10.8%
018March 07, 20182.5%NR7.7%
019March 08, 20186.7%10.0%
020March 09, 20186.9%6.1%9.6%
021March 12, 20184.7%NR6.4%
022March 13, 20186.5%8.6%
023March 14, 20187.7%6.6%10.3%
024March 15, 20187.1%NR9.1%
025March 19, 20186.8%10.2%
026March 19, 20186.3%10.4%
027March 20, 20187.1%6.3%9.6%
028March 21, 20187.0%NR10.1%
029March 22, 20186.6%9.3%
030March 23, 20186.8%9.7%
031March 26, 20186.5%8.9%
032March 27, 20187.5%6.8%9.9%
033March 28, 20187.0%6.3%9.3%
034March 29, 20187.2%6.3%8.5%
035March 30, 20186.9%5.9%9.0%
036March 31, 20186.6%6.2%9.3%
037April 02, 20187.1%6.3%10.8%
038April 03, 20186.8%5.5%10.6%
039April 04, 20185.8%NR8.4%
040April 05, 20186.5%7.9%
041April 06, 20186.6%5.8%8.8%
042April 09, 20187.6%7.0%9.0%
043April 10, 20186.7%6.0%8.7%
044April 11, 20185.9%NR7.8%
045April 12, 20186.6%5.3%8.5%
046April 13, 20186.9%5.5%8.7%
047April 16, 20187.0%6.0%10.0%
048April 17, 20187.5%6.6%9.7%
049April 18, 20187.2%NR10.7%
050April 19, 20187.5%5.6%10.6%
051April 20, 20186.8%5.7%8.6%
052April 23, 20186.8%5.7%9.0%
053April 24, 20183.6% (19th)NR4.7%
054April 25, 20186.8%9.4%
055April 26, 20187.7%6.7%10.5%
056April 27, 20187.7%7.2%8.8%
057April 30, 20187.4%6.3%9.2%
058May 01, 20187.2%6.2%8.7%
059May 02, 20187.0%8.8%
060May 03, 20186.8%5.7%8.2%
061May 04, 20186.7%5.8%8.6%
062May 07, 20187.1%6.0%8.7%
063May 08, 20187.3%6.6%8.4%
064May 09, 20186.3%NR8.8%
065May 10, 20186.0%7.6%
066May 11, 20186.6%6.1%8.6%
067May 14, 20187.0%6.3%9.2%
068May 15, 20187.5%6.6%10.5%
069May 16, 20185.7%NR8.0%
070May 17, 20186.4%6.7%
071May 18, 20186.6%6.0%9.3%
072May 21, 20186.9%8.8%
073May 22, 20186.4%5.4%9.6%
074May 23, 20186.6%NR8.2%
075May 24, 20186.8%5.7%9.4%
076May 25, 20186.5%5.6%9.1%
077May 28, 20186.2%5.9%9.8%
078May 29, 20186.8%6.3%9.2%
079May 30, 20187.0%8.4%
080May 31, 20186.6%5.6%9.0%
081June 04, 20187.5%7.1%8.7%
082June 05, 20186.7%6.1%8.5%
083June 06, 20187.4%6.6%8.8%
084June 07, 20187.3%6.5%9.8%
085June 08, 20185.3%5.0%7.3%
086June 11, 20187.0%6.3%9.0%
087June 12, 20187.2%6.6%9.6%
088June 13, 20186.9%6.0%10.5%
089June 14, 20186.3%8.4%
090June 15, 20187.3%9.2%
091June 18, 20186.9%8.6%
092June 19, 20187.9%6.8%9.8%
093June 20, 20188.3%7.3%10.2%
094June 21, 20187.6%6.3%9.4%
095June 22, 20188.8%7.9%10.5%
096June 25, 20188.9%7.8%10.7%
097June 26, 20187.8%6.6%10.4%
098June 27, 20188.2%7.3%10.7%
099June 28, 20187.7%NR11.0%
100June 29, 20187.9%6.7%10.7%
101July 02, 20187.2%6.3%9.2%
102July 03, 20187.8%6.2%10.4%
103July 04, 20187.7%6.2%10.1%
104July 05, 20187.8%NR8.9%
105July 06, 20187.6%6.4%10.0%
106July 09, 20187.8%7.0%10.5%
107July 10, 20188.1%6.8%10.4%
108July 11, 20188.5%7.1%11.0%
109July 12, 20187.4%NR9.1%
110July 13, 20187.7%6.0%10.1%
111July 16, 20186.5%5.6%9.8%
112July 17, 20187.6%6.7%10.4%
113July 18, 20187.7%6.3%10.5%
114July 19, 20188.4%7.3%10.1%
115July 20, 20188.5%7.6%NR
116July 23, 20187.5%6.4%9.5%
117July 24, 20187.6%10.3%
118July 25, 20187.8%6.5%10.4%
119July 26, 20187.8%6.8%9.3%
120July 27, 20188.0%6.5%9.0%
121July 30, 20188.4%7.6%9.9%
122July 31, 20188.0%6.8%8.6%
123August 02, 20189.6%8.4%8.7%
124August 03, 20188.4%7.3%9.4%
125August 06, 20189.2%7.9%10.2%
126August 07, 20188.4%6.9%10.1%
127August 08, 20188.8%7.5%10.7%
128August 09, 20189.0%7.4%11.8%
129August 10, 20188.7%7.7%10.7%
130August 13, 20188.6%7.5%10.6%
131August 14, 20188.4%7.3%9.8%
132August 15, 20189.1%7.8%10.7%
133August 16, 20188.8%7.4%10.6%
134August 17, 20188.3%7.1%
135August 20, 20189.1%8.0%10.9%
136August 21, 20188.6%7.7%9.9%
137August 22, 201810.3% (7th)8.9%(8th)
138August 23, 20189.7%8.1%
139August 24, 20189.2%7.6%
140August 27, 20189.0%6.9%
141August 28, 20188.8%7.2%
142August 29, 20189.8%8.1%
143August 30, 201810.4%(6th)8.3% (9th)
Average ratings7.4%%%


  1. Episodes 1-3 were aired 10 minutes late at 9:10 a.m. due to the 2018 Winter Olympics.
  2. Episodes scheduled to air on February 15 and 16 were pushed back due to the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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