Witch (band)

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Origin Vermont, Los Angeles, and Massachusetts
Genres Stoner metal, doom metal, psychedelic rock
Years active2005–present
Labels Tee Pee
Associated acts Dinosaur Jr.
King Tuff
Happy Birthday
Annihilation Time lecherous gaze
Members J Mascis
Kyle Thomas
Dave Sweetapple
Graham Clise
Past membersAsa Irons
Kurt Weisman
Antoine Guerlain

Witch is an American stoner metal band whose members are from Vermont and Massachusetts.



Witch was formed in 2005 by Dinosaur Jr. guitarist J Mascis and long time friend Dave Sweetapple. However, Mascis does not play guitar for the band; he plays his first instrument, the drums. To complete the band's line-up, Mascis and Sweetapple recruited the guitarist and vocalist, Kyle Thomas, from King Tuff and avant-folk group Feathers. Their eponymous debut album was released on March 7, 2006. They also contributed an alternate version of the song "Rip Van Winkle" to the Invaders compilation, which was released by Kemado Records later that year. Their latest album Paralyzed was released on March 18, 2008.


Witch's trademark sound (particularly in their early work) shows obvious Black Sabbath influence. Black Flag influence was also noted for their sophomore effort, Paralyzed.

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