With Passion

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With Passion
Origin Sacramento, California [1]
Genres Technical death metal, deathcore, melodic death metal, mathcore
Years active 2002-2007
Labels Earache Records

With Passion was an American technical death metal band from Sacramento, California. They were formed in 2002, and broke up in 2007.

Technical death metal is a musical subgenre of death metal that began and developed in the early- to mid-1990s, with particular focus on challenging, demanding instrumental skill and complex songwriting.

Sacramento, California State capital and city of California, United States

Sacramento is the capital city of the U.S. state of California and the seat of Sacramento County. Located at the confluence of the Sacramento River and the American River in Northern California's Sacramento Valley, Sacramento's estimated 2018 population of 501,334 makes it the sixth-largest city in California and the ninth largest capital in the United States. Sacramento is the seat of the California Assembly, the Governor of California, and Supreme Court of California, making it the state's political center and a hub for lobbying and think tanks. Sacramento is also the cultural and economic core of the Sacramento metropolitan area, which had 2010 population of 2,414,783, making it the fifth largest in California.



The band hails from Sacramento and was formed by Samuel Mcleod, Shaun Gier, Jeff Morgan, and Jacob Peete, but didn't acquire a permanent bassist until 2003 with Michael Nordeen. Jeff Morgan later left the band and was replaced by Andrew Burt. Keyboardist Brandon Guadagnolo joined the band later on, and with this line-up the band released an EP, In the Midst Of Bloodied Soil. [1]

Jacob Pete, Andy Burt, Sam Mcleod and Brandon Guadagnolo left the band in the summer of 2005, and drummer Greg Donnelly and guitarist John Abernathy, both from Conducting from the Grave, joined in 2006. At this moment, the line-up consisted of no fewer than four former Conducting from the Grave members, the only exception being bassist Michael Nordeen. Later that year, vocalist Shaun Gier left the band and was replaced by Fidel Campos, just in time for the recording of their debut album. [1]

Conducting from the Grave was an American deathcore band, formed in 2003 in Sacramento, California.

The band released their debut album, In the Midst of Bloodied Soil , in 2005, with the same title as their EP, through Earache Records—the songs are the same as on the EP, with two additional tracks. [2] [3]

In the Midst of Bloodied Soil is the debut album by American technical death metal band With Passion.

Earache Records is an independent record label, music publisher and management company founded by Digby Pearson, based in Nottingham, England with offices in London and New York. It helped to pioneer extreme metal by releasing early grindcore and death metal records between 1988 and 1994. The label roster has since diversified into more mainstream guitar music, working with bands such as Rival Sons, The Temperance Movement, Blackberry Smoke and The White Buffalo. The company also hosted the 'Earache Express' stage at Glastonbury Festival in 2017 and will be hosting 'The Earache Factory' at Boomtown Fair 2018.

The band's second album, What We See When We Shut Our Eyes, was released in early 2007 on Earache, [4] but the band broke up soon thereafter. Since then, Conducting from the Grave has reformed.


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