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Zoorama is an American television show that focused on wildlife and nature. The program was filmed at the San Diego Zoo and was produced between 1955 and 1970. [1]

Zoorama was originally created for the local television market in San Diego, California, and it was picked up for national broadcast on CBS before being sold as a syndicated series. [2] [3] For most of its run, the series was hosted by San Diego television reporter Bob Dale. [4]

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The year 1978 saw a number of significant events in radio broadcasting.

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George Daly is a music executive, songwriter, musician, video and music producer, award-winning film director and inventor. In his role as a music Industry A&R executive he has worked with artists and groups such as Janis Joplin, The Cars, Tool (band), Huey Lewis, Carlos Santana, and others. Artists to whose efforts Daly has contributed have sold in excess of 300 million singles and albums in vinyl, tape, CD, and digital download format.

David Ketchum is an American character actor, writer, and director perhaps most noted for playing Agent 13 on the 1960s sitcom Get Smart.

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The Major Indoor Soccer League, known in its final two seasons as the Major Soccer League, was an indoor soccer league in the United States that played matches from fall 1978 to spring 1992.


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