Abscess (band)

Last updated
Origin Oakland, California, United States
Genres Death metal
Crossover thrash
Years active1994–2010
Labels Relapse Records
Necropolis Records
Necroharmonic Productions
Peaceville Records
Associated acts Autopsy
Eat My Fuk
Immortal Fate
Murder Squad
The Ravenous
MembersJoe Allen
Danny Coralles
Chris Reifert
Past membersClint Bower
Freeway Migliore
Jim Mack

Abscess was an American death metal band from Oakland, California, United States. The band was formed in June 1994 by Chris Reifert and Danny Coralles, both former members of Autopsy. [1] Abscess disbanded in 2010.



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Abscess (band)


Abscess discography
Studio albums7
Live albums1
Compilation albums2
Studio albums
Live albums
Compilation albums

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<i>Damned and Mummified</i> 2004 studio album by Abscess

Damned and Mummified is a 2004 album by Abscess; released on Red Stream.

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Danny Coralles is one of the current guitarist in the band Autopsy and was co-founder with drummer Chris Reifert of Abscess. Autopsy is back again and have been so since 2009 which is currently producing new material and is actively playing selected venues throughout the world. Danny, prior to forming Abscess along with Reifert have been continuous bandmates then and now in Autopsy as well as collaborations with Frank "Killjoy" Pucci in the now defunct supergroup The Ravenous, and separate side projects, Eat My Fuk and Doomed.

<i>The Tomb Within</i> 2010 EP by Autopsy

The Tomb Within is an EP by the American death metal band Autopsy, released September 13, 2010 on Peaceville Records on CD and 12” vinyl. This is the first recording Autopsy made after their split-up in 1995 and reunion in 2010. The 12” vinyl edition of The Tomb Within, limited to 1000 numbered copies, comes with a free poster of cover artwork.

<i>Macabre Eternal</i> 2011 studio album by Autopsy

Macabre Eternal is the fifth album by the American death metal band Autopsy, released on May 16, 2011, on the label Peaceville Records. It is the first studio album Autopsy have released after their 1995 disbandment and 2009 reunion. The first album to feature bassist Joe Trevisano. It is also the first album since 1989's Severed Survival not to feature any short tracks.

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<i>The Headless Ritual</i> 2013 studio album by Autopsy

The Headless Ritual is the sixth studio album by Autopsy, released in 2013 through Peaceville Records. It is the second album since the band's 2009 reunion.

<i>Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves</i> 2014 studio album by Autopsy

Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves is the seventh studio album by American death metal band Autopsy. It was released in April 2014. As with all Autopsy albums, it was released through Peaceville Records, and as with all albums since the band's 2009 reunion, it is produced by Adam Munoz alongside the band.


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