Anglican Diocese of Bunbury

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Diocese of Bunbury
Anglican Diocese of Bunbury logo.png
Coat of arms
Ecclesiastical province Western Australia
Metropolitan Archbishop of Perth
  • 7 Oakley Street
  • Bunbury WA 6230
Denomination Anglicanism
Established1904 (1904)
Cathedral St Boniface's Cathedral, Bunbury
Current leadership
Parent church Anglican Church of Australia
  • Darryl Cotton
  • (since 2016)
Diocese of Bunbury

The Anglican Diocese of Bunbury is a diocese of the Anglican Church of Australia which was founded in 1904 and covers the south of the State of Western Australia. Together with Perth and North West Australia, it is one of the three diocese of the Province of Western Australia. [1] [2] The diocese's cathedral since 1963 is St Boniface's Cathedral in Bunbury. The current Bishop of Bunbury, since 3 November 2018, is Ian Coutts.



The cathedral church of the dioceses is Saint Boniface Cathedral in Bunbury. [3] The cathedral is of brick construction in a modernist style with a prominent clock tower at the east end crowning the sanctuary. The foundation stone was laid in 1961 and the cathedral was consecrated on 14 October 1962. [4] Prior to 1962, the diocese was based at St Paul's Pro-Cathedral, which was constructed in 1866 on the site of an earlier church. St Paul's, previously only a parish church, had been named a pro-cathedral in 1903 in preparation for Bunbury gaining diocesan status the following year. It was demolished in 1963. [5]

Bishops of Bunbury

Bishops of Bunbury
119041917 Frederick Goldsmith Previously Dean of Perth; resigned and returned to England.
219171937 Cecil Wilson Translated from Melanesia; retired.
319381950 Leslie Knight Died in office.
419511957 Donald Redding Returned to parish ministry.
519571977 Ralph Hawkins Also concurrently Archdeacon of Perth; retired.
619771983 Stanley Goldsworthy Previously Archdeacon of Wangaratta; returned to parish ministry.
719842000 Hamish Jamieson Translated from Carpentaria.
820002010 David McCall Translated from Willochra.
920102017 Allan Ewing Previously an assistant bishop in Canberra and Goulburn.
102018present Ian Coutts Installed 3 November 2018.

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