Balderstone Technology College

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Balderstone Technology College
Balderstone Technology College Logo.png
Queen Victoria Street
Balderstone , Greater Manchester , OL11 2HJ
Coordinates 53°36′01″N2°08′59″W / 53.60028°N 2.14964°W / 53.60028; -2.14964 Coordinates: 53°36′01″N2°08′59″W / 53.60028°N 2.14964°W / 53.60028; -2.14964
School type Grammar School
Technology College
Motto"Dare and you will prevail"
(as Rochdale Grammar School for Boys)
Closed31 August 2010
Local authority Rochdale MBC
Specialist Technology
Department for Education URN 105836 Tables
HeadteacherMr Paul Wright
Mr Nigel Jepson
Age11to 16
Number of students785
Former nameRochdale Grammar School & Balderstone Community School

Balderstone Technology College was a school in the Balderstone district of the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale in Greater Manchester, England. The school closed 31 August 2010 as a result of the Building Schools for the Future program. The school merged with Springhill High School and formed a new school called Kingsway Park High School. The Building will be used to host Kingsway Park High School until 2012 when a new building will be built on the former Springhill High School site, Turfhill Road. [1]

Balderstone, Greater Manchester human settlement in United Kingdom

Balderstone is a district and an electoral ward of the wider Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale in the county of Greater Manchester, England. According to the 2001 census the ward had a population of 9,699. As at the 2011 census the ward was called Balderstone and Kirkholt with a population of 10,422.

Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale Metropolitan borough in England

The Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale is a metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester in North West England. It is named after its largest town, Rochdale, but spans a far larger area which includes the towns of Middleton, Heywood, Littleborough and Milnrow, and the village of Wardle.

Greater Manchester County of England

Greater Manchester is a metropolitan county in North West England, with a population of 2.8 million. It encompasses one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United Kingdom and comprises ten metropolitan boroughs: Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Wigan, and the cities of Manchester and Salford. Greater Manchester was created on 1 April 1974 as a result of the Local Government Act 1972; and designated a functional city region on 1 April 2011.



It was situated near the junction of Queensway (A664) and Oldham Road (A671) between Balderstone and Kirkholt. It is in the parish of St Mary, Balderstone, [2] [3] which is nearby to the east.

A671 road road in England

The A671 is a road in the North West of England, that runs between Oldham, Greater Manchester and Worston, near Clitheroe, Lancashire. Major towns on the route include Rochdale and Burnley. The road is approximately 35 miles (56 km) long. Between Burnley and the A59, the A671 has primary status.


Grammar school

The school was once called Rochdale Grammar School for Boys, formerly known as Rochdale Municipal High School for Boys on Church Lane. It was administered by Rochdale Education Committee, and moved to Queen Victoria Street in 1953 at a cost of £180,000. A grammar school had been founded in 1565 in Rochdale by Matthew Parker, then Archbishop of Canterbury. There was also Rochdale Grammar School for Girls on Falinge Road, becoming Falinge Park High School. [4]

Matthew Parker Archbishop of Canterbury

Matthew Parker was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1559 until his death in 1575. He was also an influential theologian and arguably the co-founder of a distinctive tradition of Anglican theological thought.

Archbishop of Canterbury senior bishop of the Church of England

The Archbishop of Canterbury is the senior bishop and principal leader of the Church of England, the symbolic head of the worldwide Anglican Communion and the diocesan bishop of the Diocese of Canterbury. The current archbishop is Justin Welby, who was enthroned at Canterbury Cathedral on 21 March 2013. Welby is the 105th in a line which goes back more than 1400 years to Augustine of Canterbury, the "Apostle to the English", sent from Rome in the year 597. Welby succeeded Rowan Williams.

Falinge Park High School High school in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, UK

Falinge Park High School is an 11–16 mixed comprehensive school in Shawclough area of the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom. The school has been recognised as an Investor in People and has gained the International School Award, as well as Artsmark Gold, Sportsmark Gold and the Healthy Schools status. In 2010 Ofsted inspection it was found to be "a good school where pupils rise to the high expectations of the headteacher and staff".


It became a comprehensive in 1969 - the Balderstone High School, then Balderstone Community School in 1972 for boys and girls aged 14–18. In 1992 it became a high school for boys and girls aged 11-16. In 1999 it gained Technology College status.

Technology College type of school in the UK which has been given specialist school status for technology

A Technology College, in the United Kingdom, is a secondary specialist school that focuses on design and technology, mathematics and science. These were the first type of specialist schools, beginning in 1994. In 2008 there were 598 Technology Colleges in England, of which 12 also specialise in another subject.


Royal Regiment of Fusiliers infantry regiment of the British Army

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Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II single-seat, twin turbofan engine, straight wing attack aircraft by Fairchild Republic

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Warrior tracked armoured vehicle infantry fighting vehicle

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Rochdale Grammar School

University of Cambridge University in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

The University of Cambridge is a collegiate public research university in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Founded in 1209 and granted a Royal Charter by King Henry III in 1231, Cambridge is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world and the world's fourth-oldest surviving university. The university grew out of an association of scholars who left the University of Oxford after a dispute with the townspeople. The two 'ancient universities' share many common features and are often referred to jointly as 'Oxbridge'. The history and influence of the University of Cambridge has made it one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

UCL is a public research university located in London, United Kingdom. It is a constituent college of the federal University of London, and is the third largest university in the United Kingdom by total enrolment, and the largest by postgraduate enrolment.

Amino acid Organic compounds containing amine and carboxylic groups

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Rochdale (UK Parliament constituency) Parliamentary constituency in the United Kingdom

Rochdale is a seat represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament. It has elected one Member of Parliament (MP) since its 1832 creation.

Queen Marys Grammar School

Queen Mary's Grammar School (QMGS) is a selective boys' grammar school with academy status located in Sutton Road, Walsall, England, about a mile from the town centre and one of the oldest schools in the country. The sixth form is coeducational.

Queens Park High School

Queen's Park High School or QPHS is a secondary school in Queens Park, Chester, England. The school symbol is the heraldic lion, and the school uniform consists of a blue blazer with a small white lion on the left hand side, and black or blue trousers.

Watford Grammar School for Boys grade II listed secondary school in the United kingdom

Watford Grammar School for Boys is a partially selective academy for boys in Watford in Hertfordshire, England. The school and its sister school, Watford Grammar School for Girls, descend from a Free School founded as a charity school for boys and girls by Elizabeth Fuller in 1704. Despite its name, the school accepts boys of all abilities, although approximately a third are selected for academic or musical aptitude, and brothers of existing pupils are also guaranteed places. Its results are among the highest achieved by non-grammar state schools in England.

Notre Dame is a Sixth Form College in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. The college is situated just east of Woodhouse Lane and the engineering departments of the University of Leeds in Woodhouse, Leeds. It is near St Mark's church, and the Leeds Universities Catholic Church and Centre.

Sudbury Grammar School was a boys' grammar school in Sudbury. The school was founded in 1491. In 1972, the school was amalgamated with other local schools to form Sudbury Upper School.

Birkenhead Park School

Birkenhead Park School is a co-educational 11–16 secondary school with academy status located in Birkenhead on the Wirral Peninsula in England. The school is located near Birkenhead Park. The school was renamed University Academy Birkenhead in 2011 from the merger of Park High School and Rock Ferry High School and was based at the former Park High School site. It was originally Park High Grammar School for Girls prior to becoming just Park High School in 1971.( the date when it became comprehensive. )

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Saint Mary's College High School came into being as part of Saint Mary's College of California, founded in 1863 by the Catholic Church, and put under the auspices of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in 1868. Saint Mary's is a coeducational Catholic school located in Albany, California, although its postal address is in Berkeley, California.

Wade Deacon High School is a coeducational secondary school with academy status, located in Widnes, Cheshire, England.

Manchester Academy (secondary school)

Manchester Academy is a non-selective co-educational secondary school within the English Academy programme, in Moss Side, Manchester.

Springhill High School was a co-educational secondary school on Turf Hill Road in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England. The catchment area consists of the neighbouring areas: Newbold, Kirkholt, Deeplish, Turf Hill and Belfield.

Kingsway Park High School

Kingsway Park High School is an 11–16 mixed Foundation School that opened in September 2010. The school is located in the Kingsway area of the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom. The school has approximately 1011 students on roll, with at least 14 countries represented across this number.

Glynn Boyd Harte was a British artist, illustrator, and author.


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