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Directed by Abel Gance
Written byAbel Gance
Produced by Louis Nalpas
Starring Léon Mathot
CinematographyLéonce-Henri Burel
Release date
  • 13 April 1917 (1917-04-13)
Languages Silent
French intertitles

Barberousse is a 1917 silent French film directed by Abel Gance. [1]



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Louis Nalpas (1884-1948) was a Greek-French film producer. He was a leading producer during the silent era, and was employed by the large French studio Pathé.:30 He was behind the company's construction of the Victorine Studios in Nice in 1921, which attempted to create a version of Hollywood on the French Riviera.:95 He then broke away to form his own production company.


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