Paradise Lost (1940 film)

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Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost (1940 film).jpg
Directed by Abel Gance
Written by
Produced by
Cinematography Christian Matras
Edited by Léonide Azar
Music by Hans May
Tarice Film
Distributed byConsortium du Film
Release date
26 February 1940
Running time
103 minutes

Paradise Lost (French: Paradis perdu) is a 1940 French war drama film directed by Abel Gance and starring Fernand Gravey, Elvire Popesco and Micheline Presle. [1] In pre-First World War Paris, an aspiring artist falls in love with a dressmaker. After she dies in childbirth he volunteers to take part in a dangerous mission during the war. Badly wounded, he nonetheless recovers, and returns home to bring up his only daughter.



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