Bathurst High School (New Brunswick)

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Bathurst High School (BHS)
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Bathurst High School (New Brunswick)
640 King Ave

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Coordinates 47°36′53″N65°39′10″W / 47.6148429°N 65.6528348°W / 47.6148429; -65.6528348 Coordinates: 47°36′53″N65°39′10″W / 47.6148429°N 65.6528348°W / 47.6148429; -65.6528348
School typePublic High school
Motto pari passu
(equal footing)
School district Anglophone North (ASD-N) [1]
SuperintendentMark Donovan
School number4201
PrincipalShaun MacDonald
Vice PrincipalsJamie MacLaggen & Heather Chamberlain
Grades 9-12
French immersion
Colour(s)  Red
Team namePhantoms
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Bathurst High School is an English-language secondary school located in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada.


School crest

School crest BHS-pari-passu.jpg
School crest

The school crest is a black shield with red edging bearing the school's initials ("BHS") stylised across the central face of the shield, written in red, with a white line that follows the top contour above the initials, and a red maple leaf below the initials, bearing the Latin motto Pari Passu in white in a scroll-like space, in the base of the shield, and included within the unbroken red edging that marks the perimeter of the crest. The shield appears to get larger about halfway down, and the expansion is occupied by large, tapering red lines that occupy the expanded space.

School mascot

The school mascot is The Phantom. Varsity sports teams are called the "Phantoms" or the "BHS Phantoms", and the typical image of the mascot is of a hooded person or ghost, usually faceless, bearing resemblance to the iconic "Grim Reaper" image, carrying a scythe. The origins of this mascot are not related to the "Grim Reaper", but rather the legend of the "Phantom Ship of the Bay of Chaleur", a longstanding legend in the Bathurst area that a ghost ship, or phantom ship, has been seen on fire floating in the local harbour throughout the city's history.

School motto

The official school motto is the Latin phrase Pari Passu. Curiously, although this is not the "official" motto of the school, it is the most prominent and recognized motto by students and alumni and appears on the school crest. The origins and raison d'être of the motto appear to be lost, but it is probable that the context refers to the equality of all graduates, each with an equal share to the claim of a graduate of the school. "On equal footing" is the translation of the school crest.

Bathurst van collision

Bathurst High School made headlines across Canada on January 12, 2008, following a motor vehicle crash that killed seven students from the school's basketball team, as well as the wife of their coach. The 1997 Ford Econoline E350 Club Wagon in which they were travelling spun across the centre line and struck a tractor trailer in freezing rain conditions. Four in the van survived, including the team's coach, who was driving the van, and his daughter. The vehicle was determined to have been in poor condition, with worn all-season tires, and a partially rusted frame.

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The Baie Chaleur Fireship, more commonly referred to as the Chaleur Phantom or the Phantom Ship, is a form of ghost light, an unusual visual phenomenon, occasionally seen in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada. It takes the form of an arc of light, usually seen before a storm. Its cause is unknown, but speculation includes rotting vegetation, undersea releases of natural gas, and St. Elmo's fire.

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2008 Bathurst Boys in Red accident Car accident

The Boys in Red accident was a January 12, 2008 collision just outside the city of Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada, between a semi-trailer truck and a van carrying the basketball team from Bathurst High School. The accident killed seven students and the wife of the coach, and injured four other occupants in the van. It was the deadliest transportation accident in New Brunswick since 1989, when a logging truck tipped onto a hayride in Cormier Village, killing 13. It was the deadliest bus accident involving a sports team in Canada until the Humboldt Broncos bus crash in April 2018.

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