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BoardGameGeek (BGG) is an online forum for board gaming hobbyists and a game database that holds reviews, images and videos for over 125,600 different tabletop games, including European-style board games, wargames, and card games. [1] [2] In addition to the game database, the site allows users to rate games on a 1–10 scale and publishes a ranked list of board games. [3] [4] [5]


As of 10 March 2019, has an Alexa rank of 1,745. [6]


BoardGameGeek was founded in January 2000 by Scott Alden and Derk Solko, [7] and marked its 20th anniversary on 20 January 2020. [8]

Since 2005, BoardGameGeek hosts an annual board game convention, BGG.CON, that has a focus on playing games, and where winners of the Golden Geek Awards are announced. New games are showcased and convention staff is provided to teach rules. [9] There is also an annual Spring BGG.CON which is family friendly, and an annual BGG@Sea which is held on a cruise.

In 2010, BoardGameGeek received the Diana Jones Award, which recognized it as "a resource without peer for board and card gamers, the recognized authority of this online community." [10] The New York Times has called BoardGameGeek "the hub of board gaming on the internet." [11]

In 2020, BoardGameGeek was inducted into the Origins Award Hall of Fame. [12]

The site has branched out into other fields by using the same system for RPGs and video games ( and [13]

Golden Geek Award

Since 2006, the site annually awards the best new board games of the year with the Golden Geek Award. Winners are selected based on a vote by registered users. [14]

Year 2006 - Year 2009

Game of the Year [15] Caylus Shogun Agricola Dominion
Best Strategy Game [16] [17] [18] CaylusShogunAgricola Le Havre
Best Wargame [19] Twilight Struggle Combat Commander: Europe Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage Combat Commander: Pacific
Best Children's Board Game [20] Nacht Der Magier Zooloretto Chateau Roquefort Sorry! Sliders
Best 2-Player Board Game [21] Twilight Struggle BattleLore oraz Commands & Colors: Ancients Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage Space Hulk (third edition)
Best Family Board Game [22] Ingenious Zooloretto Thebes Pandemic
Best Party Board Game [23] Diamant Wits and Wagers Say Anything Time's Up! Deluxe
Best Card Game [24] - Caylus Magna Carta Race for the Galaxy Dominion
Best Board Game Artwork/Presentation [25] - BattleLore Jamaica Space Hulk (third edition)
Best Board Game Expansion [26] --- Pandemic: On The Brink
Best Print & Play Board Game [27] --- Dune Express
Best Innovative Board Game [28] --- Space Alert

Year 2010 - Year 2019

The year 2010 sees a lot of changes into the awards. New RPG and Video Games award introduced.

Game of the Year [15] Hansa Teutonica Dominant Species Eclipse Terra Mystica Splendor Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 Scythe Gloomhaven Root Wingspan
Best Strategy Game [16] Hansa TeutonicaDominant SpeciesEclipseTerra Mystica Five Tribes Pandemic Legacy: Season 1ScytheGloomhaven Brass: Birmingham Wingspan
Best Wargame [19] Washington's War A Few Acres of Snow Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan 1775: Rebellion Fire in the LakeChurchillFalling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar878 Vikings: Invasions of EnglandHannibal & HamilcarUndaunted: Normandy
Best Children's Board Game [20] Forbidden Island Animal Upon Animal: Balancing Bridge King of Tokyo Forbidden Desert Tales & Games: The Hare & the Tortoise-----
Best 2-Player Board Game [21] Washington's War A Few Acres of Snow Android: Netrunner Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game Star Realms 7 Wonders Duel Star Wars: Rebellion Codenames: DuetKeyForge: Call of the Archons Watergate
Best Family Board Game [22] Tobago 7 Wonders King of Tokyo Love Letter Splendor Codenames Codenames: Pictures Azul The Quacks of Quedlinburg Wingspan
Best Party Board Game [23] Telestrations Dixit Odyssey King of TokyoLove LetterCash n' Guns 2nd Ed.CodenamesCodenames: PicturesWarewordsThe MindWavelength
Best Card Game [24] Innovation7 Cudów ŚwiataAndroid: NetrunnerLove LetterStar Realms7 Wonders DuelArkham Horror: The Card GameCentury: Spice RoadThe Mind Wingspan
Best Board Game Artwork/Presentation [25] - Merchants & Marauders Takenoko Mice and Mystics AbyssMysteriumScythe Photosynthesis Root Wingspan
Best Board Game Expansion [26] Dominion: Prosperity Twilight Imperium: Shards of the Throne Alien Frontiers: Factions Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport 7 Wonders: BabelTicket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 5 United Kingdom & Pennsylvania7 Wonders Duel: PantheonScythe: The Wind GambitScythe: The Rise of FenrisWingspan: European Expansion
Best Print & Play Board Game [27] Zombie in My Pocket The Thing D-Day Dice: Free Trial Version Tiny Epic Kingdoms & Coin Age ...and then we held hands...Dune: The dice gameStar Trek: The Dice GameMy Little ScytheOrchard: A 9 card solitaire gameTINYforming Mars
Best Innovative Board Game [28] Catacombs A Few Acres of Snow Risk: Legacy Love LetterDead of Winter: A Crossroads GamePandemic Legacy: Season 1Captain SonarGloomhavenRoot Wingspan
Best Thematic Board Game [29] War of the Ring Collector's Edition Mansions of Madness Mage Knight Board Game Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island Dead of Winter: A Crossroads GamePandemic Legacy: Season 1ScytheGloomhavenRootDune
Best Abstract Board Game [30] FITS Paris Connection Kingdom Builder Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends Patchwork -----
Best Cooperative Game [31] ------ Mechs vs. Minions GloomhavenThe MindThe Crew: The Quest For Planet Nine
Best Solo Game [32] ----Imperial SettlersTiny Epic GalaxiesScytheGloomhavenThat's Pretty CleverWingspan
RPG and Video Game awards

New award since 2014. The awards soon abandoned, with only 1 award in 2018, and was not held for the 2 following years.

Best RPG Artwork/PresentationPlayer's Handbook (D&D 5e)Mouse Guard (2nd Edition)Volo's Guide to MonstersXanathar's Guide to Everything-
Best RPG Supplement WinnerDungeons & Dragons Starter SetThe Dracula Dossier: Director's HandbookVolo's Guide to MonstersXanathar's Guide to Everything-
RPG of the YearDungeon Master's Guide (D&D 5e)

Player's Handbook (D&D 5e)
Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition)

Blades in the Dark7th SeaTales from the Loop-
Best Indie Video Game WinnerStar RealmsRocket LeagueStardew ValleyCuphead-
Best Mobile/Handheld Video GameStar Realms Fallout Shelter Twilight StruggleThrough the Ages-
Best Video Game Visuals/ArtworkThe Banner SagaThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Overwatch The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild -
Most Innovative Video GameGalaxy Trucker- Pokémon GO The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild-
Video Game of the Year Winner Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Multiple WinnersMultiple WinnersMultiple Winners-
Best Board Game App Winner--Twilight StruggleThrough the AgesGanz Schön Clever

Year 2020 - Now

The year 2020 sees a lot of changes into the awards. So far, RPG and Video Game awards, and "Best Party Board Game" were not held. There are also a lot of awards replaced, like "Board Game of the Year", "Best Strategy Board Game" and "Best Family Board Game" with "Light Game of the Year", "Medium Game of the Year" and "Heavy Game of the Year".

Game of the Year [15] MicroMacro: Crime City (Light GOTY); Lost Ruins of Arnak (Medium GOTY); Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion (Heavy GOTY)Cascadia (Light GOTY); The Crew: Mission Deep Sea (Medium GOTY); Ark Nova (Heavy GOTY)
Best Wargame [19] Imperial StruggleUndaunted: Reinforcements
Best 2-Player Board Game [21] Undaunted: North AfricaRadlands
Best Card Game [24] Dune: Imperium-
Best Board Game Artwork/Presentation [25] On MarsSleeping Gods
Best Board Game Expansion [26] Wingspan: Oceania ExpansionLost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders
Best Print & Play Board Game [27] 7 Wonders Duel: SoloGloomholdin'
Best Innovative Board Game [28] MicroMacro: Crime City Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile
Best Thematic Board Game [29] Gloomhaven: Jaws of the LionSleeping Gods
Best Cooperative Game [31] Gloomhaven: Jaws of the LionThe Crew: Mission Deep Sea
Best Solo Game [32] Under Falling SkiesFinal Girl
Best Zoomable Game [33] Forgotten Waters-
Best Party Game-So Clover!
Best PodcastSo Very Wrong About GamesBoard Game Barrage
Best Board Game AppRoot (2020) Gloomhaven

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This page lists board and card games, wargames, miniatures games, and tabletop role-playing games published in 2019. For video games, see 2019 in video gaming.

<i>Labyrinth: The War on Terror, 2001 – ?</i> 2010 wargame board game

Labyrinth: The War on Terror, 2001–? is a board game for one or two players, published by GMT Games in 2010.


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