Bryan Miki

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Bryan Miki
Curling club Royal City CC, New Westminster, BC
Member AssociationFlag of British Columbia.svg  British Columbia
Brier appearances2 (1998, 2000)
World Championship
1 (2000)

Bryan Miki (born 1969) [1] [2] is a Canadian curler.

He is a 2000 World Men's champion [3] and a 2000 Labatt Brier champion.


Miki coached British Columbia to a gold medal at the 2019 Canada Winter Games. [4]



1986–87 Brent Pierce Ross Graham Bryan Miki Darin Fenton CJCC 1987 Bronze medal icon.svg
1996–97Brent Pierce Al Roemer Bryan MikiDarin Fenton
1997–98 Greg McAulay Brent PierceBryan MikiDarin Fenton Cary Sakiyama Brier 1998 (5th)
1998–99Greg McAulayBrent PierceBryan MikiDarin Fenton
1999–00Greg McAulayBrent PierceBryan Miki Jody Sveistrup Darin FentonGlen Pierce Brier 2000 Gold medal icon.svg
WCC 2000 Gold medal icon.svg
2000–01Greg McAulayBrent PierceBryan MikiJody Sveistrup
2001–02Greg McAulayBrent PierceBryan MikiJody SveistrupDarin Fenton COCT 2001 (7th)
2002–03Brent PierceBryan Miki Dean Koyanagi Ross Graham
2003–04Bryan MikiDarin Fenton Terry Hauk Jay Batch
2004–05Bryan Miki Doug Wilcock Dean KoyanagiTerry Hauk
2005–06Bryan Miki Dean Lunn Jay BatchTerry Hauk
Jay Peachey Ron Leech Kevin Recksiedler Brad Fenton Bryan Miki COCT 2005 (10th)
2006–07Brent PierceBryan Miki Andrew Bilesky Brendan Willis Jay Batch
2007–08Bryan Miki Darin Laface Jay Batch Chad Hofmann
2008–09Bryan Miki Tyler Klitch Jay BatchChad Hofmann
2009–10Bryan MikiTyler KlitchJay BatchChad Hofmann
2010–11Bryan MikiTyler KlitchJay BatchChad Hofmann
2011–12 Dean Joanisse Tyler KlitchBryan MikiJay Batch
2012–13Bryan MikiJay Batch Ernie Daniels Curtis Tateyama


2008Bryan Miki Adina Tasaka Jay Batch Jacalyn Brown CMxCC 2008 (5th)

Personal life

Miki's father Fuji was the first ever curler of Japanese descent to play at the Brier in 1979. [6] and is a former Canadian Mixed Champion, [7] and is a former coach of the Japanese women's curling team. [8] Bryan Miki grew up in South Burnaby, British Columbia, [9] and currently lives in Port Coquitlam. His son Joshua also curls, and was a member of the 2019 gold medal winning team at the Canada Games.

At the time of the 2000 World Championships, Miki was employed as a leak survey technician for BC Gas. [1]

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