Darin Fenton

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Darin Fenton
Curling club Royal City CC, New Westminster, BC
Member AssociationFlag of British Columbia.svg  British Columbia
Brier appearances2 (1998, 2000)
World Championship
1 (2000)

Darin Fenton (born c. 1968) [1] [2] is a Canadian curler.


He is a 2000 World Men's champion [3] and a 2000 Labatt Brier champion.


1986–87 Brent Pierce Ross Graham Bryan Miki Darin Fenton CJCC 1987 Bronze medal icon.svg
1996–97Brent Pierce Al Roemer Bryan MikiDarin Fenton
1997–98 Greg McAulay Brent PierceBryan MikiDarin Fenton Cary Sakiyama Brier 1998 (5th)
1998–99Greg McAulayBrent PierceBryan MikiDarin Fenton
1999–00Greg McAulayBrent PierceBryan Miki Jody Sveistrup Darin Fenton Glen Pierce Brier 2000 Gold medal icon.svg
WCC 2000 Gold medal icon.svg
2001–02Greg McAulayBrent PierceBryan MikiJody SveistrupDarin Fenton COCT 2001 (7th)
2003–04Bryan MikiDarin Fenton Terry Hauk Jay Batch
2006–07 Dave Merklinger Doug WilcockDarin FentonChris Wilcock
2016–17Ron LeechBryan KedzioraDarin FentonMike Goertz

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The World Curling Championships are the annual world championships for curling, organized by the World Curling Federation and contested by national championship teams. There are men's, women's and mixed doubles championships, as well as men's and women's versions of junior and senior championships. There is also a world championship for wheelchair curling. The men's championship started in 1959, while the women's started in 1979. The mixed doubles championship was started in 2008. Since 2005, the men's and women's championships have been held in different venues, with Canada hosting one of the two championships every year: the men's championship in odd years, and the women's championship in even years. Canada has dominated both the men's and women's championships since their inception, although Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Scotland, the United States, Norway and China have all won at least one championship.

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The Fort William Curling Club is a curling club located in the Downtown Fort William neighbourhood of Thunder Bay, Ontario. The club hosted the Canadian men's curling championship in 1960 and the Canadian women's curling championship in 1969. It is also the home club of World Men's curling champions Al Hackner, Rick Lang, Bob Nicol, Bruce Kennedy, Ian Tetley, and Pat Perroud.


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