Chlestakows Wiederkehr

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Chlestakows Wiederkehr, op.149, (Khlestakov's Return) is an opera in three acts by Giselher Klebe. He also wrote the libretto, based on the play Der Revisor ( The Government Inspector ) by Nikolai Gogol. The work lasts about 70 minutes.

The opera premiered on 11 April 2008 at the Landestheater Detmold, Germany. It is Klebe's first and only comedic opera. His adaptation of the text is only loosely based on Gogol and adds a significant twist in the final scene.

RoleVoice typePremiere cast, 11 April 2008 [1]
Conductor:Erich Wächter [2]
Anton Antonowitsch Swosnik,
Town Governor
baritone Andreas Jören
Ammos Fjordorowitsch Ljapkin,
tenor Byoung Oh Kim
Luka Lukitsch,
School Inspector
baritoneJoachim Goltz
Artemij Filipowitsch Semljnanika,
Superintendent for the Homeless and the Old
bass Vladimir Miakotine
Iwan Kusmitsch Schpekin,
Post Master
tenorSnorri Wium
Natascha Andrejewna,
Town Governor's wife
mezzo-soprano Brigitte Bauma
Olga Antonowna,
Town Governor's daughter)
soprano Kirsten Höner zu Siederdissen
Iwan Alexandrowitsch Chlestakow,
a young man from Petersburg
tenorJohannes Harten
Chlestakow's servant
tenorMarkus Gruber
the Town Governor's servant
Kevin Dickmann
Stephan Iwanowitsch Koropkin,
Policemanspoken role
DirectorKay Metzger
Stage & Costume DesignPetra Mollérus
Dramaturgy Elisabeth Wirtz

The role names above are spelled as in the German text.

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The term Landesbühne or Landestheater is added to the name of some publicly owned theatre companies in Germany and Austria. These companies have a mandate to perform in areas without public theatres. Less than half of performances usually take place at the seat of a Landesbühne, thereby distinguishing them from the so called Stadttheater or Staatstheater. Legal control can lie with the respective Bundesland or a collaboration of several municipalities and local authorities. The spectrum of presented productions can be very diverse. The repertoire can include all or parts of the popular disciplines: play, musical theatre, ballet, and children's and youth theatre.


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