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The Columbus Register of Historic Properties is a register for historic buildings and other sites in Columbus, Ohio, United States. The register is maintained by the City of Columbus Historic Resources Commission and Historic Preservation Office, and was established in 1980. [1] Many of these landmarks are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places, providing federal tax support for preservation, and some are further designated National Historic Landmarks, providing additional federal oversight.


The Columbus Register includes 82 entries, including 54 on the National Register. Two of the city's three National Historic Landmarks are on the register: the Ohio Statehouse and Captain Edward V. Rickenbacker House, but not the Ohio Theatre. The city also maintains four historic districts not listed on its register: German Village, Italian Village, Victorian Village, and the Brewery District. [2]



Columbus Register of Historic Properties
Interactive map of the register's properties and districts

The Columbus Register of Historic Properties is the City of Columbus's official list of significant buildings, sites, and districts. Its entries must be at least 40 years old, and meet at least one of the following instances: [3]


The Columbus Historic Preservation Office, part of the Department of Development, helps owners preserve their buildings, answering questions and guiding applicants through the Certificate of Appropriateness process. The office reviews the applications before adding them to the Historic Resources Commission agenda. The office is also responsible for general preservation planning. [3]

The Historic Resources Commission is a committee appointed by the mayor for three-year terms, without compensation, meeting once per month. The board generally consists of architects, lawyers, historic preservation professionals, realtors, contractors, business owners, and historic property owners. The committee preserves and improves the sites on the register, promotes historic preservation, encourages reinvestment in historic buildings, studies problems and needs in furthering preservation, and reviews rezoning, special permit, and variance requests, making recommendations for approval. [3]


Listing on the Columbus Register protects properties and neighborhoods from changes to an area's historic or architectural nature. Owners are offered restoration advice from the staff of the Columbus Historic Preservation Office and the Historic Resources Commission. [3]

Any site listed on the register is not required to undergo specific changes or improvements, though any exterior work requires a Certificates of Appropriateness from the Columbus Historic Preservation Office. When owners propose zoning changes, variants, or request special permits, the Historic Resources Commission reviews the proposal and makes a recommendation before passing it onto the zoning board or city council. [3]

List of historic properties

For consistency, the list below uses the name used on the Columbus Register of Historic Properties. [4] [5]

Roster numberListing name [6] [7] ImageAddressOrdinance numberDate listed NRHP-listedDate listedNotes
CR-1 Krumm Residence
Photo 975 South High JD Healy.jpg
975-979 S. High Street220-82February 8, 1982Yes, #82003568 September 30, 1982
CR-2 Old State Arsenal
Columbus ohio armory.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
139 W. Main Street221-82February 8, 1982Yes, #74001495 July 18, 1974Now known as the Cultural Arts Center
CR-3 Federal Post Office & Courthouse
US Courthouse-PO, Columbus 01.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
121 E. State Street (now 100 S. 3rd St.)694-82April 12, 1982Yes, #73001441 April 11, 1973
CR-4 First Congregational Church
First Congregational Church 01.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
444 E. Broad Street846-82May 10, 1982Yes, #100007182 November 29, 2021
CR-5 Central Presbyterian Church
Second Presbyterian, Columbus.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
132 S. Third Street1005-82June 7, 1982Yes, #8300197 January 11, 1983Now known as Second Presbyterian Church
CR-6 Trinity Episcopal Church
Trinity Episcopal, Columbus.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
125 E. Broad Street1081-82June 14, 1982Yes, #76001427 November 13, 1976
CR-7 St. Joseph Cathedral
St. Joseph's Cathedral, Columbus.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
212 E. Broad Street1082-82June 14, 1982NoN/A
CR-8 Weisheimer House
286 W Weisheimer Rd.jpg
286 W. Weisheimer Road1083-82June 14, 1982NoN/A
CR-9 LeVeque Tower
LeVeque Tower, Columbus, OH, US crop.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
50 W. Broad Street1293-82July 12, 1982Yes, #75001398 March 21, 1975Formerly known as the American Insurance Union Citadel
CR-10 Southern Hotel & Theatre
Great Southern, Columbus.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
310 S. High Street1294-82July 12, 1982Yes, #82001458 October 2, 1982
CR-11 East Town Street Historic District
East Town Street Historic District.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
Bounded by Oak, Grant, Lester and Cherry1837-82October 4, 1982Yes, boundaries differ, #76001425 July 30, 1976
CR-12 First Avenue School
First Avenue School-crop.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
929 Harrison Avenue9-83January 10, 1983NoN/A
CR-13 Ohio Statehouse
Ohio Statehouse 11.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
1 Capitol Square2143-82November 15, 1982Yes, #72001011 July 31, 1972
CR-14 James Thurber House
James Thurber House.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
77 Jefferson Avenue10-83January 10, 1983Yes, #79001840 November 8, 1979
CR-15 Schlee-Kemmler Building
Schlee-Kemmler Building.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
326 S. High Street7-83January 10, 1983Yes, #82001461 December 2, 1982
CR-16 Macon Hotel
Macon Hotel.jpg
366 N. Twentieth Street8-83January 10, 1983NoN/A
CR-17 Orton Memorial Laboratory
Orton Memorial Laboratory, 1445 Summit, Columbus, OH.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
1445 Summit Street634-83April 4, 1983Yes, #83004292 November 25, 1983
CR-18 Pythian Temple & James Pythian Theater
Pythian Temple and James Pythian Theater.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
861-867 Mt. Vernon Avenue635-83April 4, 1983Yes, #83004295 November 25, 1983Now known as the King Arts Complex
CR-19 Engine House #16
Engine House No. 16, Central Ohio Fire Museum.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
260 N. 4th Street884-83May 9, 1983Yes, #95000580 May 11, 1995Now known as the Central Ohio Fire Museum
CR-20 Joseph Henderson House
5055 Dierker Road.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
5055 Dierker Road883-83May 9, 1983NoN/A
CR-21 North Market Historic District
North Market Historic District.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
N. High, Goodale, Park and N. Front Sts, and the railroad1630-83September 19, 1983Yes, boundaries the same, #82001460 December 30, 1982
CR-22 Scioto River Bridge Group
An elevated view of the...Broad Street bridge...(cropped).tif
Commons-logo.svg More images
W. Broad, W. Town and W. Main Sts1883-83October 10, 1983NoN/AAll three bridges have been demolished and replaced
CR-23 Jefferson Avenue Historic Group
Jefferson Avenue Historic District in Columbus.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
Jefferson Ave between Avon Ct and Almond Alley2308-83December 12, 1983Yes, boundaries differ, #82001459 December 2, 1982
CR-24 Dr. Lewis M. Early Residence
Dr. Lewis M. Early Residence 02.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
108-110 N. 20th Street & 1047 E. Long Street29-84January 23, 1984NoN/A
CR-25 White Castle Restaurant
White Castle, North High Street crop.jpg
2725 N. High Street405-84March 19, 1984NoN/A
CR-26 H.A. Higgins Building
H.A. Higgins Building.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
129 E. Nationwide Blvd.531-84April 2, 1984Yes, #79001836 August 27, 1979Also known as the Flatiron Building
CR-27 Indianola Middle School
Indianaola Middle School Entrance.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
420 E. 19th Avenue775-84May 14, 1984Yes, #80003000 June 30, 1980
CR-28 Rickenbacker Boyhood Home
Captain Edward V. Rickenbacker House 02.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
1334 E. Livingston Avenue776-84May 14, 1984Yes, #76001426 May 11, 1976Also known as the Captain Edward V. or Eddie Rickenbacker House
CR-29 W.H. Jones Mansion
Columbus ohio wh jones mansion.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
731 E. Broad Street777-84May 14, 1984Yes, #78002065 October 2, 1978
CR-30 Broad-Brunson Place Condominiums
Broad-Brunson Place Condominiums.jpg
1790-1798 E. Broad St., 8-44 Brunson Ave., 1795-1801 E. Long St.1299-84July 30, 1984NoN/A
CR-31 Avery Pontiac Building
Columbus - FE Avery and Sons Garage (OHPTC).jpg
1199-1207 Franklin Avenue1846-84October 22, 1984NoN/A
CR-32 Ohio Institute for the Education of the Deaf & Dumb
Columbus Ohio Former School For Deaf.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
400 E. Town Street2119-84November 19, 1984Yes, #84000107 October 25, 1984
CR-33 Indianola Elementary School
Commons-logo.svg More images
140 E. 16th Avenue2156-84December 10, 1984NoN/ANow the Graham Expeditionary Middle School
CR-34 Felton School
Felton School.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
920 Leonard Avenue16-85January 21, 1985Yes, #84003677 May 31, 1984Demolished
CR-35 Columbia Larrimer Building
Columbia Building, Columbus.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
161-167 N. High Street15-85January 21, 1985Yes, #83001967 August 12, 1983
CR-36 Valley Dale Ballroom
Valley Dale Ballroom.jpg
1590 Sunbury Road500-85March 19, 1985Yes, #82001462 December 17, 1982
CR-37 Broad Street United Methodist Church
Broad Street United Methodist Church.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
501 E. Broad Street1187-85June 18, 1985Yes, #80002997 November 26, 1980
CR-38 Old Beechwold Historic District
Photo JD Healy Old Beechwold Historic 9213.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
Rathbone Ave, N. High St, Baumont, and the Olentangy River1550-85August 1, 1985Yes, boundaries the same, #87001146 September 22, 1987
CR-39 Iuka Ravine Historic District
Indianola Avenue Bridge.jpg
Waldeck, E. Lane, Northwood, Summit, 19th Ave and 20th Ave1551-85August 1, 1985Yes, boundaries differ, #86001023 May 8, 1986
CR-40 Harrison House and Sullivant Land Office
Harrison House in Franklinton 23.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
570 W. Broad Street1552-85August 1, 1985Yes, #72001010, #73001439 December 15, 1972
CR-41 Old Oaks Historic District
Church of Saint John the Evangelist.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
Will, Mooberry, Kimball and Branger2324-86September 23, 1986NoN/A
CR-42 Hamilton Park Historic District
Hamilton Park Historic District, Columbus.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
Bounded by E. Long St, N. Garfield Ave, Avon Ct, and I-703079-86January 29, 1987Yes, boundaries the same, #83001968 July 28, 1983
CR-43 Indianola Forest Historic District
David Riebel building 09.png
Commons-logo.svg More images
Pearl St, north side of E. Lane Ave, Summit St, Indianola and E. Frambes Aves3080-86January 29, 1987NoN/A
CR-44 Bryden Road District
Bryden Road, Olde Towne East, Columbus, OH.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
Bryden Rd between Parsons Ave and the railroad1968-87March 20, 1990Yes, within Columbus Near East Side NR District, #78002063 May 19, 1978
CR-45 Northwood Park Historic District
E. Northwood and E. Oakwood Aves, between N. High St and Indianola Ave90-89February 8, 1989NoN/A
CR-46 New Indianola Historic District
Columbus-Grant Commons (OHPTC) - 7845304826.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
4th St, north side of Chittenden, railroad, Rant Ave and 6th Ave2344-87December 8, 1987Yes, boundaries the same, #85000947 April 30, 1985
CR-47 South High Commercial Historic District
South High Street Commercial Grouping.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
S. High St, E. Main St, Pearl and E. Mound St2343-87December 8, 1987Yes, boundaries the same, #83004301 December 29, 1983
CR-48 21st & E. Broad Historic Group
Broad Street Christian Church 1.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
E. Broad west of 21st St527-88March 15, 1988Yes, within E. Broad St. Multiple Resources NR District, #64000619
CR-49 18th & E. Broad Historic District
Cambridge Arms.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
E. Broad St at 18th St528-88March 15, 1988Yes, within E. Broad St. Multiple Resources NR District, #64000619
CR-50 Central High School
Columbus Central High School.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
75 S. Washington Blvd.1451-91July 5, 1991Yes, #85000484 March 7, 1985
CR-51 Seneca Hotel
Columbus ohio seneca hotel.JPG
Commons-logo.svg More images
361 E. Broad Street2085-91October 1, 1991Yes, #83004300 December 29, 1983
CR-52 Engine House #7
Weinland Park fire station.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
27 Euclid Avenue2313-94November 8, 1994NoN/A
CR-53 Ohio Moline Plow Bldg.
Ohio Moline Plow Company Building from southeast.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
343 N. Front Street3062-97December 16, 1997Yes, #99000701 June 10, 1999
CR-54 North High School
North High School in Columbus Ohio.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
100 Arcadia Avenue2173-00October 23, 2000Yes, #87000984 July 2, 1987
CR-55 Northmoor Engine House / Station #19
Northmoor Engine House, Clintonville.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
3601 N. High Street2033-2003September 24, 2003NoN/A
CR-56 Deardurff House / Franklinton P.O.
Franklinton Post Office 03.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
72 S. Gift Street1446-01September 18, 2001Yes, #73001435 March 20, 1973
CR-57 Southwood Elementary School
Southwood School--Columbus, Ohio.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
1500 S. Fourth Street0937-02June 25, 2002NoN/A
CR-58 Richard Berry Jr. House
Columbus ohio richard berry jr house.jpg
324 E. North Broadway312-2006February 7, 2006Yes, #05000754 July 27, 2005
CR-59 Barrett Middle School (South High School)
061212 Barrett Junior High School--Columbus, Ohio (10) - 7182298683.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
345 E. Deshler Avenue1695-2006September 25, 2006Yes, #15000561 November 1, 2015
CR-60 St. Mark's Masonic Temple No. 7 of the Prince Hall Free & Accepted Masons
St. Mark's Masonic Temple No. 7 of the Prince Hall Free & Accepted Masons.jpg
988 E. Long Street542-2009March 31, 2009NoN/A
CR-61 Reeb Avenue Elementary School
Reeb Avenue Center 02.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
280 E. Reeb Avenue1798-2013July 22, 2013NoN/A
CR-62 Citizens Savings & Trust Company / The Ohio National Bank
Columbus-Citizens Building (OHPTC) - 11572317353.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
51 N. High Street2191-2013September 23, 2013NoN/ANow known as The Citizens
CR-63 1379 N. High Street Apartment Building
1379 N. High.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
1379 N. High Street2192-2013September 23, 2013NoN/A
CR-64 The Hamlet
The Hamlet 1 - Columbus Ohio.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
138-166 E. Fifth Avenue / 1193-1195 Hamlet Street2193-2013September 23, 2013Yes, #15000040 February 23, 2015
CR-65 United States Carriage Company
United States Carriage Company, Columbus.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
309-319 S. Fourth Street2236-2014September 29, 2014Yes, #15000325 June 8, 2015
CR-66 Jeffrey Manufacturing Company Office Building
The Jeffrey Building in Columbus Ohio.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
224 E. 1st Avenue2260-2015September 21, 2015Yes, #01000379 April 12, 2001
CR-67 Old Airport Terminal
Old Port Columbus Airport Control Tower and Terminal, Columbus, OH, US (06).jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
4920 E. 5th Avenue2261-2015September 21, 2015Yes, #79001839 July 26, 1979
CR-68 Lubal Manufacturing & Distributing Company
Lubal Manufacturing Co, Columbus, OH 01.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
373-375 W. Rich Street2262-2015September 21, 2015Yes, #16000459 July 19, 2016
CR-69 Gale House Condominiums
Gale House Condominiums.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
136 N. Grant Avenue / 360 E. Long Street2263-2015September 21, 2015NoN/A
CR-70 Columbus Dispatch Building
Dispatch Building, Columbus.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
34 S. Third Street3108-2016December 12, 2016NoN/A
CR-71 McClure-Nesbitt Motor Company
Columbus - McClure Nesbitt Motor Company (OHPTC).jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
1505 E. Main Street1494-2017July 12, 2017NoN/A
CR-72 Gilbert Hamilton House
Gilbert H. Hamilton House.jpg
290 Cliffside Drive1733-2018July 9, 2018Yes, #89000175 December 16, 1992
CR-73 E.O. Snyder Grocer
E.O. Snyder Grocer.jpg
1223 E. Main Street0965-2018April 2, 2018NoN/A
CR-74 The Clifton
Columbus - 1233 E. Main (OHPTC).jpg
1233 E. Main Street0966-2018April 2, 2018NoN/A
CR-75 Dan's Drive-In
Dan's Drive-In.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
1881 S. High Street1734-2018July 9, 2018NoN/A
CR-76The Standard Building
174 E Long.jpg
174 E. Long Street0702-2019March 18, 2019Yes, #100004597October 28, 2019
CR-77 Winder's Motor Sales Co. Building
182 E Long St., Columbus, OH.jpg
182 E. Long Street0703-2019March 18, 2019Yes, #100004542October 18, 2019
CR-78 Baptist General Association Headquarters
Ohio Baptist General Association Headquarters.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
48 Parkwood Avenue1936-2019July 31, 2019Yes, #100005845December 3, 2020
CR-79 Market-Mohawk Center
Market-Mohawk Center.jpg
250 E. Town Street0669-2020April 23, 2020Yes, #100005454August 24, 2020
CR-80 Ford Motor Company - Columbus Assembly Plant
Ford Plant, Columbus.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
427 Cleveland Avenue0508-2021March 11, 2021Yes, #100006229March 15, 2021
CR-81 West High School
Former Starling Middle School in Franklinton-crop.jpg
Commons-logo.svg More images
120 S. Central Avenue0371-2022February 14, 2022Yes, #100008068N/A
CR-82 Nagy Brothers Shoe Repair Upload image 1725 Parsons Avenue2271-2022September 19, 2022NoN/A

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