DIW Records

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DIW Records
Parent companyDisk Union
Genre avant-garde jazz
Country of originJapan

DIW Records is a Japanese record label specializing in avant-garde jazz. It is a subsidiary of Disk Union. [1] [2] Kazunori Sugiyama was an executive producer for the label before starting Tzadik Records with John Zorn.


DIW's name stands for "Discs in the World" and is from a music magazine sold at Disk Union stores that announced the latest releases from American and European labels. [2] Wilber Morris recorded the first album for DIW in 1983 in New York City. The catalogue includes music by the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Lester Bowie, James Carter, Steve Grossman, Harold Mabern, David Murray, James Blood Ulmer, David S. Ware, Rodney Whitaker, and John Zorn. [2]


DIW-303 J. R. Monterose Straight Ahead
DIW-311 Blossom Dearie Blossom Dearie Sings Rootin' Songs
DIW-312 Jaco Pastorius/Pat Metheny/Bruce Ditmas/Paul Bley Jaco
DIW-319Paul Bley Alone, Again
DIW-320 Eric Dolphy Last Recordings
DIW-321Francisco Mondragon Rio featuring Jaco PastoriusNatural
DIW-325 Monica Zetterlund Spring Is Here
DIW-329 Gil Evans OrchestraLittle Wing
DIW-330 Albert Ayler Quartet The Hilversum Session
DIW-331 Al Haig Today!
DIW-335 Kaoru Abe Last Date
DIW-349 Albert Ayler The First Recordings Vol. 2
DIW-355 Sonny Murray Sonny's Time Now
DIW-356 Marion Brown Live in Japan
DIW-357 Milford Graves Meditation Among Us
DIW-358 Derek Bailey Duo & Trio Improvisation
DIW-359 Doug Hammond Spaces
DIW-371 Kaoru Abe Solo Live at Gaya, Vol. 1
DIW-372Kaoru AbeSolo Live at Gaya, Vol. 2
DIW-373Kaoru AbeSolo Live at Gaya, Vol. 3
DIW-374Kaoru AbeSolo Live at Gaya, Vol. 4
DIW-375Kaoru AbeSolo Live at Gaya, Vol. 5
DIW-376Kaoru AbeSolo Live at Gaya, Vol. 6
DIW-377Kaoru AbeSolo Live at Gaya, Vol. 7
DIW-378Kaoru AbeSolo Live at Gaya, Vol. 8
DIW-379Kaoru AbeSolo Live at Gaya, Vol. 9
DIW-380Kaoru AbeSolo Live at Gaya, Vol. 10
DIW-388 Sun Ra Arkestra Live from Soundscape
DIW-389 Material Live from Soundscape
DIW-395 / 8Muhal Richard Abrams etc.Interpretations Of Monk (4CD)
DIW-389 Frank Lowe Quintet Live from Soundscape
DIW-400 James Blood Ulmer Are You Glad to Be in America?
DIW-401 Arthur Rhames Trio Live from Soundscape
DIW-403James Blood Ulmer Tales of Captain Black
DIW-405Various Artists Hells Kitchen: Live from Soundscape
DIW-406Various Artists Back on 52nd Street
DIW-415 Masayuki Takayanagi, Kaoru AbeKaitaitekikoukan
DIW-416 Robert Musso Innermideum
DIW-420 Ground Zero Plays Standards
DIW-453 Toshinori Kondo Nerve Tripper
DIW-458Kaoru AbeThe Last Recording
DIW-462 Ayibobo Stone Voudou
DIW-466Willie OteriSpiral Out
DIW-486 Tommy Flanagan Tommy Flanagan Plays the Music of Harold Arlen
DIW-601 James Williams, Richard Davis, Ronnie BurrageI Remember Clifford
DIW-602Michel Sardaby TrioNight Blossom
DIW-603 Stanley Cowell Trio Close to You Alone
DIW-604 Ronnie Mathews TrioDark Before the Dawn
DIW-605 Walter Bishop, Jr. TrioWhat's New
DIW-606 George Cables TrioNight and Day
DIW-607 Chris Anderson Trio Blues One
DIW-608 Harold Mabern Trio Straight Street
DIW-609 Geoff Keezer TrioWorld Music
DIW-610Rahn Burton TrioThe Poem
DIW-611 Richard Wyands TrioThe Arrival
DIW-612Ronnie Mathews TrioLament for Love
DIW-613Memphis Piano Convention-same-
DIW-614Harold Mabern Trio Lookin' on the Bright Side
DIW-615 Jack Wilson TrioIn New York
DIW-616The Contemporary Piano EnsembleThe Key Players
DIW-617 Robert Hurst Trio (feat. Kenny Kirkland)One For Namesake
DIW-618 Craig Taborn Trio Craig Taborn Trio
DIW-619 Misha Mengelberg TrioNo Idea
DIW-620 David Hazeltine The Classic Trio
DIW-621Harold Mabern Trio Mabern's Grooveyard
DIW-622Harold Mabern Trio Maya with Love
DIW-623James Williams Magical TrioAwesome
DIW-624 Taylor Eigsti TrioTaylor's Dream
DIW-625 David Kikoski Comfortable
DIW-626Sean WaylandColossus of Rhodes
DIW-627Helge Lien TrioSpiral Circle
DIW-628 Mike Nock Changing Seasons
DIW-630Helge Lien TrioAsymmetrics
DIW-631Hakuei Kim TrioOpen the Green Door
DIW-632Helge Lien TrioTo the Little Radio
DIW-633Hakuei Kim TrioHome Beyond the Cloud
DIW-634Hakuei Kim TrioShadow of Time
DIW-801 Phalanx Original Phalanx
DIW-802 David Murray Recording N.Y.C. 1986
DIW-803 Steve Grossman Standards
DIW-804 Art Ensemble of Chicago Ancient to the Future
DIW-805 Richard Davis, Roland Hanna and Frederick Waits Persia My Dear
DIW-806Dusko GoykovichCelebration
DIW-807Stanley Cowell, Frederick Waits and Buster Williams We Three
DIW-808 Trio Transition (Reggie Workman, Freddie Waits & Mulgrew Miller) Trio Transition
DIW-809Wilber Morris, David Murray & Dennis CharlesWilber Force
DIW-811Steve GrossmanKatonah
DIW-812 John Hicks With David Murray Sketches of Tokyo
DIW-814David Murray Lovers
DIW-815/16Art Ensemble of Chicago The Complete Live in Japan
DIW-817John Hicks Inc. 1
DIW-818Art Ensemble of Chicago Naked
DIW-819David Murray & Jack DeJohnette In Our Style
DIW-820Takeo MoriyamaLive at Lovely
DIW-821 Lester Bowie's New York Organ Ensemble The Organizer
DIW-823John Hicks Quartet featuring Bobby Watson Naima's Love Song
DIW-824 Sun Ra Arkestra Cosmo Omnibus Imagiable Illusion
DIW-825 Music Revelation Ensemble Music Revelation Ensemble
DIW-826Phalanx In Touch
DIW-827PDB (feat. Jaco Pastorius, Hilam Bullock, Kenwood Dennard)-same-
DIW-828John Hicks Trio East Side Blues
DIW-829Trio Transition Trio Transition with Special Guest Oliver Lake
DIW-830David Murray Deep River
DIW-831Essence (feat. Jaco Pastorius)Last Flight
DIW-832Art Ensemble of Chicago The Alternate Express
DIW-833 Geri Allen, Charlie Haden & Paul Motian Segments
DIW-834Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy Serious Fun
DIW-835Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy My Way
DIW-836 Clifford Jordan Four Play
DIW-837Art Ensemble of Chicago with Amabutho Art Ensemble of Soweto
DIW-838 Defunkt Heroes
DIW-839Music Revelation Ensemble Elec. Jazz
DIW-840David Murray Ballads
DIW-841David Murray Spirituals
DIW-842Art Ensemble of Chicago & Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy Live at the 6th Tokyo Music Joy
DIW-843David Murray feat. McCoy Tyner & Elvin Jones Special Quartet
DIW-844 Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra (feat. Branford Marsalis) Dream Keeper
DIW-845James Blood Ulmer Black and Blues
DIW-846Art Ensemble of Chicago with Cecil Taylor Thelonious Sphere Monk: Dreaming of the Masters Series Vol. 2
DIW-847Geri Allen, Charlie Haden & Paul Motian Live at the Village Vanguard
DIW-848Art Ensemble Of Soweto America - South Africa
DIW-849David Murray Quintet Remembrances
DIW-850David Murray Quartet Shakill's Warrior
DIW-851David Murray Big Band Conducted By Lawrence "Butch" Morris David Murray Big Band
DIW-852Pink Inc. (feat. Jamaaladeen Tacuma)-same-
DIW-853Lester Bowie's New York Organ Ensemble Funky T. Cool T.
DIW-854Art Ensemble of Chicago Dreaming of the Masters Suite
DIW-855Music Revelation Ensemble After Dark
DIW-856 David S. Ware Flight of I
DIW-857 Peter Brötzmann, Shoji Hano, Tetsu Yamauchi, Haruhiko GotsuDare Devil
DIW-858 Andrew Cyrille QuintetMy Friend Louis
DIW-859Rinde Eckert (feat. Bill Frisell)Finding My Way Home
DIW-860Strata Institute (feat. Steve Coleman & Greg Osby)Transmigration
DIW-861David Murray Quartet +1 (feat. Branford Marsalis) Fast Life
DIW-862 Ronald Shannon Jackson & The Decoding SocietyRaven Roc
DIW-863 Cassandra Wilson (feat. Jean-Paul Bourelly) Dance to the Drums Again
DIW-864M-Base Collective (feat. Steve Coleman & Cassandra Wilson)Anatomy of a Groove
DIW-865 Steve Coleman & Dave Holland Phase Space
DIW-866David Murray Quartet Death of a Sideman
DIW-867David Murray & Milford Graves Real Deal
DIW-868James Williams (feat. Joe Henderson)James Williams Meets the Saxophone Masters
DIW-869James Blood Ulmer Blues Preacher
DIW-870David S. Ware Third Ear Recitation
DIW-871Geoff KeezerOther Spheres
DIW-872Jean-Paul Bourelly & The Blue Wave BanditsSaints & Sinners
DIW-873Robert Hurst (feat. Branford Marsalis)Robert Hurst Presents
DIW-874Memphis Convention (feat. George Coleman & James Williams)-same-
DIW-875 James Carter Quartet JC on the Set
DIW-876Harold Mabern (feat. Ron Carter & Jack DeJohnette) The Leading Man
DIW-878James Blood Ulmer Harmolodic Guitar with Strings
DIW-879David Murray Octet Picasso
DIW-880David Murray Quartet Ballads for Bass Clarinet
DIW-881David Murray Quartet Tenors
DIW-882James WilliamsUp to the Minute Blues
DIW-883Jean-Paul Bourelly & The Bluwave BanditsBlackadelic-Blu
DIW-884David Murray Quartet Shakill's II
DIW-885Music Revelation Ensemble In the Name of...
DIW-886James Carter Quartet Jurassic Classics
DIW-887James Williams Sextet featuring Clark TerryTalkin' Trash
DIW-888John Zorn Masada: Alef
DIW-889John Zorn Masada: Beit
DIW-890John Zorn Masada: Gimel
DIW-891David Murray The Tip
DIW-892David S. Ware Quartet Earthquation
DIW-893Jean-Paul BourellyTribute to Jimi
DIW-894David Murray Jug-A-Lug
DIW-895Ronald Shannon JacksonWhat Spirit Say
DIW-896John Patton Quartet Minor Swing
DIW-897David Murray Big Band South of the Border
DIW-899John Zorn Masada: Hei
DIW-900John Zorn Masada: Vav
DIW-901David Murray Quartet For Aunt Louise
DIW-902Marc Ribot Don't Blame Me
DIW-903 Arcana The Last Wave
DIW-904Jamaaladeen TacumaDreamscape
DIW-905Music Revelation Ensemble Knights of Power
DIW-906David Murray David Murray/James Newton Quintet
DIW-907 Rodney Whitaker Children of the Light
DIW-908David Murray David Murray Quintet with Ray Anderson & Anthony Davis
DIW-909 Lisle Ellis, Lawrence Ochs, Donald RobinsonWhat We Live
DIW-910James Blood Ulmer Music Speaks Louder Than Words
DIW-912Steve GrossmanHold the Line
DIW-913Ronald Shannon JacksonShannon's House
DIW-914 Vincent Chancey Next Mode
DIW-915John Zorn Masada: Zayin
DIW-916David S. Ware Godspelized
DIW-917Roberto Ottaviano & Mal WaldronBlack Spirits Are Here Again
DIW-918 Greg Cohen Way Low
DIW-919John Patton Quintet This One's for Ja
DIW-920Dougie Bowne TrioOne Way Elevator
DIW-921David Murray Quartet Love and Sorrow
DIW-922 Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra Live in Japan 1996
DIW-923John Zorn Masada: Dalet
DIW-924 Michael Weiss QuartetPower Station
DIW-925John Zorn Masada: Het
DIW-926Jef Lee JohnsonCommunion
DIW-927Music Revelation Ensemble Cross Fire
DIW-928Greg CohenMoment to Moment
DIW-929Rodney WhitakerHidden Kingdom
DIW-930David Murray Quartet Long Goodbye: A Tribute to Don Pullen
DIW-931 Billy Harper If Our Hearts Could Only See
DIW-932James Blood Ulmer Forbidden Blues
DIW-933John Zorn Masada: Tet
DIW-934Dave Douglas Moving Portrait
DIW-935John Zorn Masada: Yod
DIW-936 New York Art Quartet 35th Reunion
DIW-937James Williams All-StarsClassic Encounters!
DIW-938 Peter Brötzmann, Keiji Haino, Shoji HanoShadows
DIW-939Lee KonitzSome New Stuff
DIW-940 Ali/Belogenis/Morris Live at Tonic
DIW-941David Kikoski QuintetThe 5
DIW-942 Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz QuintetLive
DIW-943Sumi JunkoGhin-Ghin Ghira-Ghira
DIW-944Louie BelogenisTwice Told Tales
DIW-945George Robert & Kenny Barron Peace
DIW-946Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz QuintetTails Out
DIW-947George Robert feat. Kenny BarronSoul Searching
J-1001Masahiro Yoshida, Allen Farnham & Ray DrummondUno

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James Blood Ulmer American jazz and blues guitarist and singer

James "Blood" Ulmer is an American jazz, free funk and blues guitarist and singer. Ulmer plays a Gibson Byrdland guitar. His guitar sound has been described as "jagged" and "stinging". His singing has been called "raggedly soulful".

Dave Burrell

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<i>Bucketheadland</i> 1992 studio album by Buckethead

Bucketheadland is the debut studio album by solo artist Buckethead. It was released on John Zornʼs Japanese record label, Avant, in 1992. It features several samples of the 1960s Japanese television series, Giant Robot, amongst guitar riffs and several fast, technical solos. The concept of the album is a tour around the construction of Bucketheadʼs fictional amusement park, “Bucketheadland”. Because of this, the album is divided into sections that relate to distinct areas of the park.

<i>Filmworks 1986–1990</i> 1990 soundtrack album by John Zorn

Filmworks 1986–1990 features the first released film scores of John Zorn. The album was originally released on the Japanese labels Wave and Eva in 1990, on the Nonesuch Records label in 1992, and subsequently re-released on Zorn's own label, Tzadik Records, in 1997 after being out of print for several years.

"For Zorn, filmscores have always been a place to experiment, and the FilmWorks Series is in many ways a microcosm of his prodigious output. This original installment of the FilmWorks Series presents three scores ranging from punk-rockabilly ; a jazzy Bernard Herrmann fantasy; to a quirky classical/improv/world music amalgam for Raul Ruiz's bizarre film The Golden Boat. Zorn's infamous one-minute arrangement of Morricone's classic The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, is included as a bonus track. This is the place where it all began."

<i>The Circle Maker</i> 1998 studio album by John Zorn

The Circle Maker is a double album by John Zorn featuring Zorn's Masada compositions performed by the Masada String Trio and the Bar Kokhba Sextet which was released in 1998 on the Tzadik label.

Avant Records was a record label in Japan that specialized in avant-garde jazz, avant rock, and experimental music. The label released more than 80 albums between 1992 and 2004.

<i>Lemma</i> (album) 2013 studio album by John Zorn

Lemma is an album composed by John Zorn and featuring violinists David Fulmer, Chris Otto and Pauline Kim which as recorded in New York City in 2012 and released on the Tzadik label in February 2013.

<i>"@"</i> 2013 improvisation jazz studio album by John Zorn and Thurston Moore

"@" is a studio album by John Zorn and Thurston Moore. It is the first collaborative album by the duo and was recorded in New York City in February 2013 and released by Tzadik Records in September 2013. The album consists of improvised music by Zorn and Moore that was recorded in the studio in real time with no edits or overdubs.

<i>Dreamachines</i> 2013 studio album by John Zorn

Dreamachines is an album by John Zorn recorded in New York City in April 2013 and released on the Tzadik label in July 2013. The album is inspired by the works of William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin.

<i>Femina</i> (album) 2020 studio album by John Zorn

Femina is an album by John Zorn recorded in New York City in December 2008 and released on the Tzadik label in October 2009. The album is a tribute to the artistic creativity of women.

<i>The Mysteries</i> (album) 2013 studio album by John Zorn

The Mysteries is an album composed by John Zorn and performed by Bill Frisell, Carol Emanuel and Kenny Wollesen which was recorded in New York City in December 2012 and released on the Tzadik label in March 2013. The album is the second by the trio following 2012's The Gnostic Preludes.

<i>Filmworks XXV: City of Slaughter/Schmatta/Beyond the Infinite</i> 2013 soundtrack album by John Zorn

Filmworks XXV: City of Slaughter/Schmatta/Beyond the Infinite is an album of solo piano pieces composed by John Zorn and performed by Zorn, Omri Mor and Rob Burger which was recorded in New York City in 2009 and 2012 and released on the Tzadik label in January 2013. The album is rumoured to be the last in Zorn's Filmworks series.

<i>On the Torment of Saints, the Casting of Spells and the Evocation of Spirits</i> 2013 studio album by John Zorn

On the Torment of Saints, the Casting of Spells and the Evocation of Spirits is an album of contemporary classical music by John Zorn, written in 2012, recorded in New York City in March & July 2013, and released on the Tzadik label in November 2013. The album features compositions inspired by William Shakespeare, Halloween and Anthony the Great and the cover art features paintings by Salvador Dali, Goya and Michelangelo.

<i>Shir Hashirim</i> (album) 2013 studio album by John Zorn

Shir Hashirim is an album of vocal music by John Zorn, written in 2008, recorded in New York City in September 2010, and released on the Tzadik label in December 2013. The album features compositions inspired by the Song of Songs and cover art by Auguste Rodin.

<i>In Lambeth</i> (album) 2013 studio album by John Zorn / Gnostic Trio

In Lambeth is an album composed by John Zorn and performed by the Gnostic Trio, recorded in New York City in April 2013 and released on the Tzadik label in December 2013. The album is the third by the trio following The Gnostic Preludes (2012) and The Mysteries (2013). Its title quotes from William Blake's poem Jerusalem.

<i>The Alchemist</i> (John Zorn album) 2014 studio album by John Zorn

The Alchemist is an album composed by John Zorn and featuring two new compositions, one for string quartet and another for female voices, recorded in New York City in 2013 and released on the Tzadik label in February 2014.

<i>Music Revelation Ensemble</i> 1988 studio album by Music Revelation Ensemble

Music Revelation Ensemble is the eponymous second album by James Blood Ulmer's Music Revelation Ensemble featuring saxophonist David Murray, bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma and drummer Ronald Shannon Jackson, recorded in 1988 and released on the Japanese DIW label.

<i>The Testament of Solomon</i> 2014 studio album by John Zorn

The Testament of Solomon is an album composed by John Zorn and performed by the Gnostic Trio. It was recorded in New York City in March 2014 and released on the Tzadik label. The album is the fourth by the trio following 2012's The Gnostic Preludes and 2013's The Mysteries and In Lambeth.

Mabern's Grooveyard is an album by pianist Harold Mabern. It was recorded in 1996 and released by DIW Records two years later.

<i>The Book Beriah</i> 2018 box set by John Zorn

The Book Beri'ah is a box set by John Zorn, released on August 17, 2018 by Tzadik Records. The box comprises the final ninety-two compositions that complete the final installment of Zorn's twenty-five year Masada project in limited edition box set of eleven compact discs. All About Jazz commended the compositions for having many levels of meaning and sonic listenability.


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