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David Arnott
Born1963 (age 5859)
OccupationActor, screenwriter, musical composer

David Arnott (born 1963) is an American actor, [1] screenwriter [1] and musical composer [2] living in Southern California. Among his credits, Arnott co-wrote Last Action Hero , and starred in The Last Man with Jeri Ryan. David is a member of the legendary "Pad O' Guys" screenwriting group, including Shane Black and Fred Dekker, [3] and is the son of banjo player Peter R. Arnott. He also provided additional voices in Happy Feet Two and Finding Dory .


Arnott also appeared as "Cal Evans" in the 1995 UPN sitcom Pig Sty . He also appeared in a 1992 television remake of the classic film, "Christmas in Connecticut" directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. This gives Arnott the probably unique distinction of both having written for, and having been directed by Schwarzenegger.

David is also a board game enthusiast, and can be seen on GameNight!, a YouTube web series in which he and 2-4 other participants play different designer board games. [4]

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