Double Dose: Ultimate Hits

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Double Dose:Ultimate Hits
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Greatest hits album by
Genre Hard rock, glam metal
Label Capitol / EMI
Poison chronology
Poison – Box Set (Collector's Edition)
Double Dose:Ultimate Hits

Poison - Double Dose: Ultimate Hits is a double disc greatest hits compilation album released May 3, 2011 by the hard rock band Poison to celebrate the band's 25th anniversary. The career-spanning collection features thirty-five of the multi-platinum band's top hits and fan favorites. The album charted at #23 on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums chart [1] and #17 in Canada. [2]


Release and promotion

Poison also announced a 2011 summer tour with fellow rockers Mötley Crüe and the New York Dolls to celebrate the band's 25th anniversary and also Mötley Crüe's 30th anniversary. [3]

The compilation features tracks from the following albums: Look What the Cat Dragged In , Open Up and Say... Ahh! , Flesh & Blood , Swallow This Live , Native Tongue , Poison's Greatest Hits: 1986–1996 , Crack a Smile... and More! , The Best of Poison: 20 Years of Rock and Poison'd . Only the albums Power to the People and Hollyweird are not represented.

The compilation includes all of Poison's hit singles that charted on the Billboard Hot 100 and Mainstream rock charts. [4]

Track listing

Disc 1
No.TitleFrom albumLength
1."Nothin' But a Good Time" Open Up and Say... Ahh! 3:44
2."Talk Dirty to Me" Look What the Cat Dragged In 3:44
3."Look What the Cat Dragged In"Look What the Cat Dragged In3:11
4."Be the One" Crack a Smile... and More! 5:39
5."We're an American Band" The Best of Poison: 20 Years of Rock 3:10
6."Life Goes On" Flesh & Blood 4:48
7."Every Rose Has Its Thorn"Open Up and Say... Ahh!4:19
8."Stand" Native Tongue 5:14
9."Livin' for the Minute" Open Up and Say... Ahh!: 20th Anniversary edition 2:41
10."Little Willy" Poison'd 3:18
11."(Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice"Flesh & Blood4:41
12."I Won't Forget You"Look What the Cat Dragged In3:35
13."Rock and Roll All Nite" Less Than Zero (soundtrack)3:35
14."Love on the Rocks"Open Up and Say... Ahh!3:33
15."Suffragette City"Poison'd2:56
16."Lay Your Body Down" Poison's Greatest Hits: 1986–1996 5:27
17."Until You Suffer Some (Fire and Ice)"Native Tongue4:13
18."No More Lookin' Back (Poison Jazz)" Swallow This Live 3:18
Disc 2
No.TitleFrom albumLength
1."Unskinny Bop"Flesh & Blood3:49
2."Cry Tough"Look What the Cat Dragged In3:37
3."I Want Action"Look What the Cat Dragged In3:05
4."Your Mama Don't Dance"Open Up and Say... Ahh!3:00
5."Something to Believe In"Flesh & Blood5:30
6."Fallen Angel"Open Up and Say... Ahh!3:57
7."Ride the Wind"Flesh & Blood3:52
8."Bastard Son of a Thousand Blues"Native Tongue4:56
9."Sexual Thing"Poison's Greatest Hits: 1986–19963:34
10."Can't You See"Poison'd4:56
11."So Tell Me Why"Swallow This Live3:22
12."What I Like About You"Poison'd2:58
13."Face the Hangman"Crack a Smile... and More!3:19
14."Cover of the Rolling Stone"Crack a Smile... and More!3:08
15."Poor Boy Blues"Flesh & Blood4:52
16."Look But You Can't Touch"Open Up and Say... Ahh!3:26
17."Theatre of the Soul"Native Tongue4:41



Chart (2011)Peak
Canada [5] 17
Top Hard Rock Albums [6] 23

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