Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels

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Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels
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The Cast of Rock of Love Bus
Created by Cris Abrego
Mark Cronin
Directed byMatt Bordofsky
Starring Bret Michaels
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes13
Executive producersCris Abrego
Mark Cronin
Ben Samek
For VH1:
Leah Horwitz
Jill Holmes
Kristen Kelly
Jeff Olde
CinematographyBrian Steimle
Running time90 minutes (Premiere)
60 minutes
(including commercials)
Production companies 51 Minds Entertainment
Original network VH1
Picture format HD [1]
Original releaseJanuary 4 (2009-01-04) 
April 19, 2009 (2009-04-19)
Preceded by Rock of Love 2
Followed by Charm School with Ricki Lake
I Love Money 4
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Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels is the third season of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels and was confirmed by VH1's website in a blog on July 16, 2008. In the show, eligible women live on tour buses and travel with Bret Michaels, competing for his attention and affection. The show premiered on January 4, 2009. [2] [3] On December 29, 2008 it was announced Rock of Love Bus would be the final Rock of Love. [4]


On September 28, 2008, a truck driven by a roadie hauling equipment for Rock of Love Bus, caused an accident when the driver fell asleep at the wheel. [5] The truck crossed over the median and into oncoming traffic on Interstate 57 near West Frankfort, Illinois. [6] The truck hit a pickup truck and a sports-utility vehicle. [6] The two 19-year-old college students in the sports-utility vehicle were killed, and the two individuals in the pickup truck were seriously injured. [6] The driver was charged with driving with a suspended license and moving violations. [5] [6] No other Rock of Love employees or crew were involved. According to a statement by VH1, Michaels asked that production be temporarily suspended. [7]


Name [3] [8] Eliminated
Taya Parker Winner
Mindy Hall [9] Episode 12
Jamie Ross [10] Episode 11
Beverly Palmer [11] Episode 10
Ashley Klarich [12] Episode 9 [a]
Brittanya O'Campo [13] Episode 9
Farrah Sinclair [11] Episode 8
Kelsey Bateman [14] Episode 7
KamiEpisode 7 [k]
Jennifer "Jenny" BeitzelEpisode 6
Natasha McCollumEpisode 5
Marcia "Brazil" Alves [12] Episode 4
Maria BockEpisode 4 [m]
Brittaney StarrEpisode 3
Melissa MartinezEpisode 3
Constandina Savvenas [15] Episode 2
Megan Tomczak [16] Episode 2
Samantha Bengston [11] Episode 2
Nikki ShamdasaniEpisode 1
Gia Lynn [17] Episode 1
Stephanie FarrisEpisode 1
Heather Mariscal [12] Episode 1
Marciela "Marci" Mendoza [11] Episode 1

Elimination Order

Bret's Call-out Order
5ConstandinaFarrahAshleyTayaTayaMindyJamieJamieBeverlyAshley [a]
9KelseyMelissaMariaMarciaMarciaFarrahBrittanyaKami [k]
10MarciaMindyBrittaneyBeverlyMaria [m] BrittanyaJennifer
  The contestant won the competition.
  The contestant won a solo date with Bret.
  The contestant won a group date with Bret.
  The contestant was eliminated.
  The contestant was going to receive a pass, but was eliminated.
  The contestant won a date with Bret, but was eliminated.
  The contestant won a date with Bret, but was eliminated before the elimination ceremony began.
  The contestant voluntarily withdrew from the competition.
  The contestant was added by Bret in Episode 5.


Hustle on the Bustle

First aired January 4, 2009 (2.1M viewers) [18]

Michaels takes the show on the road. As he tours, a second bus brings along the women vying for his attention. The contest is specifically engineered to reflect the challenges of life on the road. [19]

Elimination Reasons

Fifteen Weddings and Three Funerals

First aired January 11, 2009

After all 15 recite their wedding vows, three girls must stay behind. [19]

Elimination Reasons

It's Babes on Ice

First aired January 18, 2009

There's a chill in the air as the 12 remaining contestants vie on ice against University of Illinois Women's Hockey [Club] and special guest player, Lacey. Tempers catch fire when one of the contestants is accused of secretly calling a boyfriend. [19]

Elimination Reasons


First aired January 25, 2009

The ten remaining girls play roadie, racing to clear the stage. Winners get better seats at Michaels' concert. [19]

Elimination Reasons

Eight Is Not Enough

First aired February 8, 2009

The eight left become eleven when Michaels brings in new blood to amp the competition. [19]

Elimination Reasons

Mud Bowl III

First aired February 15, 2009

The contestants split into teams for a Mudbowl, with Michaels and the most valuable player going solo overnight. [19]

Pink Bus - Fallen Angels: Ashley, Farrah, Kelsey, Jamie, Jenny
Blue Bus - Sweethearts: Brittanya, Beverly, Kami, Mindy, Taya

Elimination Reasons

Truck Stop Games

First aired March 1, 2009

The contestants divide into three teams for competitive truck stop games. [19]

Blue Team: Ashley, Beverly, Kami
Green Team: Brittanya, Mindy, Jamie
Yellow Team: Kelsey, Farrah, Taya

Elimination Reasons

Bikini Day Care

First aired March 8, 2009

The seven remaining competitors take care of children at a pool party in Panama City Beach, Florida. [19]

Elimination Reasons

Exes and Oh's

First aired March 15, 2009 (2.4M viewers) [23]

Two women from Michaels' past, ex-girlfriend Ambre and runner-up Heather from the first Rock of Love, question the men of the competitors' past. Brittanya's Ex Royal T discloses that he and Brittanya had sex right before she left for the competition. Beverly freaked out her Ex-Husband did not show up and disclosed she was a teen mother at 17. Jaz, Taya's Ex ends up having an angry outburst. Mindy admits she cheated in her past relationship. It's revealed that Ashley still lives with her ex James, and he claims they still sleep together. [19]

Elimination Reasons

Duet to Me One More Time

First aired March 22, 2009

The four remaining girls sing along with Michaels with lyrics they've written to one of his songs. [19]

Elimination Reasons

Double Dates

First aired April 5, 2009

As the finale approaches, Michaels and the remaining three contestants try fantasy dates, but competition between the girls is escalating as the end draws near. [19]

Elimination Reasons

Bret's Rock of Love III

First aired April 12, 2009 (3.2M viewers) [24]

The two remaining contestants, Taya and Mindy, join Michaels in the Dominican Republic for their final chance to win him. [19]

Reunion Show

First aired April 19, 2009

In the reunion show, the contestants look back, becoming emotional and even violent as they share memories of the experience. [19]

After the show

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