Drake of England

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Drake of England
Directed by Arthur B. Woods
Produced by Walter C. Mycroft
Written by Louis N. Parker (play)
Marjorie Deans
Clifford Grey
Ákos Tolnay
Norman Watson
Starring Matheson Lang
Athene Seyler
Jane Baxter
Henry Mollison
Music byG.H. Clutsam
Idris Lewis
Cinematography Claude Friese-Greene
Ronald Neame
Edited by Edward B. Jarvis
Distributed by Wardour Films
Release date
16 May 1935
Running time
99 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom
Language English

Drake of England is a 1935 British drama film directed by Arthur B. Woods and starring Matheson Lang, Athene Seyler and Jane Baxter. [1] It depicts the life of Francis Drake and the events leading up to the defeat of the Armada in 1588. [2]



The film was made at Elstree Studios, as part of the boom in historical films that followed the global success of The Private Life of Henry VIII . The film was based on the play of the same title by Louis N. Parker. The art direction was by Duncan Sutherland who designed the film's sets. It was given an American release in 1936, when it was distributed by Grand National Pictures.

The film has generally been overshadowed by two slightly later releases Fire Over England (1937) and The Sea Hawk (1940) which deal with much the same story. [3]



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