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    • Blake Edwards
    • Eric DeFazio
    • Montrey Whittaker
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Launched2009;14 years ago (2009)

Earmilk (sometimes stylized in all caps) is a North American online music publication. Launched in the late 2000s by Montrey Whittaker, Blake Edwards and Eric DeFazio, Earmilk publishes on a variety of music genres, often covering hip hop, electronica and pop music. [1]



EARMILK began as a small mp3 blog in April 2009. [2] In the following decade, EARMILK grew to its multinational status of today, with writers stationed across Canada and the United States. [3]


In 2013, Refinery29 included EARMILK on its list of "The Best Music Blogs That Aren't Pitchfork." [4] In 2017, the online electronica publication EDM Sauce featured EARMILK in its list of the seven best dubstep blogs on the internet. [2] EARMILK has a noted focus on underground music and their mission statement further specifies their interest in "underground discoveries across all musical genres." [3] In 2015, San Francisco music journalist David Sikorski [5] took over as Senior Editor of the site. Sikorski has since moved the site from its earlier blog era and into a global media publication with a writing staff of 75 contributors from 6 different countries at any given time throughout the year.

Similar to other online music publications, many EARMILK articles are focused on musical premieres of indie and major label artists. [6] [7] [8] In 2010, for instance, EARMILK premiered Baths' single "Maximalist," which was later featured on Pitchfork and other online music publications. [9] In addition to its music journalism content, EARMILK publishes articles on events, apparel, and art. [3]

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Hayden Capuozzo, better known by his stage name Kayzo, is an American DJ and based in Los Angeles, California. He is best known for remixing songs and incorporating trap and hardstyle genres into his remixes. His collaboration with Riot "Wake Up" received more than 200,000 plays in less than 24 hours.

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Daniel James "Danny" Howland, better known by his alias Svdden Death, is a Los Angeles-based DJ and producer from San Jose, California. He is known for his song "Sell Out", a collaboration with American multi-platinum artist Marshmello that peaked on Billboard's Hot Dance/Electronic Songs at the No. 36 position in early 2019. He makes high-energy music that falls into the genre of dubstep and riddim. Howland tours regularly in North America, and can be found on festival lineups all throughout festival season.

Matthew Austin Lucas, better known by his alias Peekaboo, is an American dubstep producer. Although he began as a multi-genre electronic music artist, he is mostly now known for his particular style of dubstep, also known as freeform bass and space bass. His sixth extended play Wrecking Ball debuted at #10 on Billboard's Dance/Electronic Album Sales chart in early 2019.

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Austin Collins, better known as Au5, is an American electronic musician from New Jersey. Au5's music encompasses a range of electronic genres such as dubstep, house, trance, drum and bass, drumstep and ambient, and he is known for fusing the characteristics of trance and dubstep in his music. Au5 is best known for his releases on Canadian label Monstercat, some of which have received millions of views on YouTube.

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Lee Austin Bates, better known by his alias Must Die, is an American electronic musician, DJ, and producer. Born in Houston, Bates is associated primarily for his music in the dubstep genre. Bates is known for the track "VIPs", a collaboration with American musician Skrillex, released on the label Owsla. Bates has collaborated with artists such as Skream, Eptic, Zomboy, and Boyinaband, and has produced remixes for Svdden Death, Seven Lions, Excision, and Slander, among others.

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