Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana

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Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana
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Classification Protestant
Orientation Calvinist
TheologyLiberal Reformed
Polity Presbyterian
Region Ghana
Origin14 November 1847;174 years ago (1847-11-14)
Official websitewww.epchurchghana.org

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana (Ewe : Presbyteria Nyanyui Hame le Ghana) is a mainline Protestant Christian denomination in Ghana. It is popularly referred to as the "EP Church". It has strong roots in the Evangelical and Reformed traditions. The denomination's Presbyterian sister church is the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.



The Evangelical Presbyterian Church Ghana was founded by German missionaries on 14 November 1847 in Peki. [1] These missionaries from the North German Mission Society (Norddeutsche Mission, Bremen), together with the Basel Mission in 1847, started work among the Ewe people in what is now the Volta Region of Ghana. By the beginning of World War I, they had established two mission stations in the British colony of the Gold Coast and seven in the German territory of Togoland. The first of the mission stations was (Mission-Tove) in present-day Togo. [2]

After the war, Togoland was divided into two territories, the western one under British rule and the eastern one under French rule. The first synod of the mission stations in May 1922, despite the division of Togoland, declared itself to be the supreme governing body of the "Ewe Church". The church adopted the congregational order of the Bremen Mission. In 1923, Scottish missionaries began working in British Togo (Transvolta Togoland), which is the present-day Volta Region of Ghana. The church in French Togoland (now Togo) was run by the Paris Mission.

As a result, development proceeded separately in the two territories, although both churches share the same constitution. They hold a common synod meeting every 4 years. [3]

Church information

Moderator of the General Assembly

The overall leader of the church is known as the Moderator of the General Assembly. [4] The current Moderator of the General Assembly of the church is Reverend Lt. Colonel Bliss Divine Kofi Agbeko. He was inducted in January 2021 at the Dela Chapel of the church at Ho. [5]

Past Moderators of the General Synod

The previous gathering of the churches was known as the General Synod. The first Moderator was elected in 1922, when the Togo and Gold Coast branches of the church held their first Joint Synod. [6] The last Moderator of the General Synod was Rt. Rev. Dr. L.K Buama, whose term ended in 2009. [7]

Past Moderators of the General Assembly

Since 23 August 2008, the church changed from Synod status to General Assembly status. Since then, the Moderator is now officially known as 'The Moderator of the General Assembly'. The first Moderator since this change was the Very Reverend Francis Amenu. [8] Rev. Seth Agidi, who succeeded him, died in office after a short illness at the Ho Teaching Hospital on 10 October 2020. [9]

Past Synod Clerks


Lincoln House at Mawuli School Lincoln House, Mawuli School.jpg
Lincoln House at Mawuli School

The church is active in education and has established numerous primary and secondary schools, and a university college. [13] [14] They include:

Central Municipal Campus, Ho and the Greenhills Campus at Peki, both in the Volta Region [16]


The EP Church has also been active in providing health care. [14] Its facilities include:



One of the last missionaries to work with the Presbyterian church was Ian Strachan of the Church of Scotland. He was also the first headmaster of the E. P. Senior High School at Hohoe. [18]

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Ho, Ghana City in Volta Region, Ghana

Ho is the capital city of the Ho Municipal District and the Volta Region of Ghana. The city lies between Mount Adaklu and Mount Galenukui or Togo Atakora Range, and is home to the Volta Regional Museum, a cathedral, and a prison. It was formerly the administrative capital of British Togoland now part of the Volta Region. The population of Ho Municipality according to the 2010 Population and Housing Census is 177,281 representing 8.4 percent of the region's total population. Females constitute 52.7 percent and males represent 47.3 percent. About 62 percent of the population resides in urban localities. The Municipality shares boundaries with Adaklu and Agotime-Ziope Districts to the South, Ho West District to the North and West and the Republic of Togo to the East. Its total land area is 2,361 square kilometers thus representing 11.5 percent of the region's total land area.

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South Dayi District District in Ghana

South Dayi District is one of the eighteen districts in Volta Region, Ghana. Originally it was formerly part of the then-larger Kpando District on 10 March 1989, until the southern part of the district was split off by a decree of president John Agyekum Kufuor on 19 August 2004 to create South Dayi District; thus the remaining part has been retained as Kpando District. The district assembly is located in the western part of Volta Region and has Kpeve as its capital town.

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Francis Amenu Former Moderator of E.P. Church, Ghana

Francis Amenu (born ?) is a Ghanaian metallurgical engineer who also trained and ordained as a minister. He served in the Evangelical Presbyterian (EP) Church, Ghana. In 1999, he was assigned to serve Ghanaian congregations in London, United Kingdom. There in 2003, before returning to Africa, he founded the EP Church, UK.

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Peki Town in Volta Region, Ghana

Peki is a town in the South Dayi District in the Volta Region of Ghana. It comprises eight subtowns, each with a subchief - Tsame, Avetile, Afeviwofe, Blengo, Dzake, Wudome, Dzobati and Adzokoe. All of these subchiefs swear allegiance to a paramount chief known as Deiga. The current paramount chief is Deiga Kwadzo Dei XII. The town is known for the Peki Secondary School, the E.P Seminary and the government training college GOVCO. The school is a second cycle institution.

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Mawuli School Boarding high school in Ho, Volta Region, Ghana

Mawuli School is a co-educational, boarding senior high school located in Ho in the Ho Municipal district in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Seth Senyo Agidi was the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana until his death in October 2020.

Nicholas Timothy Clerk Gold Coast theologian, minister and missionary

Nicholas Timothy Clerk was a Gold Coast-born theologian, clergyman and pioneering missionary of the Basel Evangelical Missionary Society who worked extensively in southeast colonial Ghana. His father was the Jamaican Moravian missionary Alexander Worthy Clerk, who worked on the Gold Coast with the Basel Mission and co-founded in 1843 the Salem School, a Presbyterian boarding middle school for boys. N. T. Clerk was elected the first Synod Clerk of the Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast, in effect, the chief administrator and overall strategy lead of the national church organisation, a position he held from 1918 to 1932. A staunch advocate of secondary education, Nicholas Timothy Clerk became a founding father of the all-boys Presbyterian boarding school in Ghana, the Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School, established in 1938. As Synod Clerk, he pushed vigorously for and was instrumental in turning the original idea of a church mission high school into reality.

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The Presbyterian College of Education, Akropong, is a co-educational teacher-training college in Akropong in the Akwapim district of the Eastern Region of Ghana. It has gone through a series of previous names, including the Presbyterian Training College, the Scottish Mission Teacher Training College, and the Basel Mission Seminary. The college is affiliated to the University of Education, Winneba.

Christian Baëta Ghanaian academic and minister

Christian Gonçalves Kwami Baëta was a Ghanaian academic and a Presbyterian minister who served as the Synod Clerk of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast from 1945 to 1949. He was among a number of prominent individuals, corporate organisations and civil society groups that were instrumental in the establishment of the University of Ghana, Legon in 1948.

Sam Prempeh is a Ghanaian theologian and Presbyterian minister who served as the 14th Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG), equivalent to the chief executive officer or managing director of the national church organisation from 1999 to 2003. He was educated at the University of Edinburgh, from where received his PhD in 1977, with a thesis title, "The Basel and Bremen Missions in the Gold Coast and Togoland, 1914-1926: A Study in Protestant Missions and the First World War."


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