Fear of God (The Bats album)

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Fear of God
Studio album by
RecordedJan-Mar 1991
Length40 minutes
Producer Nick Sansano
The Bats chronology
The Law of Things
Fear of God
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Fear of God is an album by New Zealand band The Bats, released in 1991. [3] It was their first album to be distributed by Mammoth. [4]


The tracks "The Black and the Blue" and "Boogey Man" were released as singles, and the album peaked at #43 in the New Zealand charts. [5] [6]

Critical reception

Trouser Press wrote that "thanks in part to producer Nicholas Sansano (Sonic Youth, Public Enemy), the album dissipates the cloudiness hovering over the Bats' earlier work (which was never an entirely bad thing), while respecting the crisp arrangements and sugary melodic centers." [3]

Track listing

All tracks are written by The Bats/Robert Scott.

1."Boogey Man"3:08
2."The Black and the Blue"3:05
3."Dancing as the Boat Goes Down"3:06
4."The Old Ones"3:23
5."Hold All the Butter"2:45
6."Fear of God"3:00
7."It's A Lie"2:48
8."Straight Image"2:35
9."Watch the Walls"4:18
10."You Know We Shouldn't"2:13
12."The Looming Past"3:56


Also credited:

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