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Gylve Fenris Nagell
Fenriz in 2005
Background information
Birth nameGylve Nagell
Also known asFenriz
Hank Amarillo
Born (1971-11-28) 28 November 1971 (age 47)
Origin Kolbotn, Norway
Genres Black metal, death metal, speed metal, crust punk, doom metal, folk metal, ambient
Occupation(s)Musician, songwriter, postal industry employee, councilman
InstrumentsDrums, electric guitar, bass guitar, vocals, keyboards, synth
Years active1986–present
Associated acts Darkthrone, Isengard, Neptune Towers, Valhall, Storm, Dødheimsgard

Gylve Fenris Nagell (born 28 November 1971), better known as Fenriz, is a Norwegian musician and politician who is best known as being one half of the metal duo Darkthrone. [1] Although primarily a drummer, he has also performed bass, guitar and vocals for Darkthrone and a number of other metal bands. Fenriz is known for his refusal to play live, his obsessiveness about music listening, supporting other underground bands and his lack of interest in the mainstream music business in general. Fenriz has had three solo projects: the folk metal project Isengard, the dark ambient project Neptune Towers and the doom metal project Red Planet.



Fenriz’s first exposure to heavy metal music came when he was three years old and received Uriah Heep's album Sweet Freedom from his uncle for his birthday. At the age of five, he would fashion belts for himself out of paper in an imitation of those worn by Mick Box. Other musical interests in his early years included rock and heavy metal groups such as The Doors, Grand Funk Railroad, Steppenwolf, The Byrds, Elvis Presley, Kiss, AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.

Darkthrone was created as a death metal band by the name of Black Death in 1986. In 1987 he got involved with the group Valhall, which practiced in his basement. Fenriz said he had a passive interest in Bathory and Celtic Frost by 1986, but claims that he did not understand the "darkness" of black metal until hearing a song by the Hungarian band Tormentor in 1989 (he gives similar credit to Mercyful Fate). The same year, Fenriz left Valhall to focus on Darkthrone, which became one of the key bands in the early Norwegian black metal scene after its first death metal album. He also began a folk metal project called Isengard, for Darkthrone was at the time a band that opposed stylistic progression and change. Fenriz's solo ambient project Neptune Towers served as an example of his varied musical tastes. It was followed by another quintessential contribution to the folk metal scene with Storm.

Fenriz changed his legal name from Gylve Nagell to Gylve Fenris Nagell in the early 1990s.

Fenriz now claims to be apolitical, remaining non-partisan towards the events of early Norwegian black metal. In one interview, Fenriz said that he was against the book Lords of Chaos , comparing its hype to Oprah. Fenriz prefers to keep Darkthrone out of the spotlight. In late 2004, he turned down a nomination for a Norwegian Alarm Award. He claimed that Darkthrone had "no interest in being part of the glitter and showbiz side of the music industry". Fenriz is one of the main characters in the 2009 documentary film Until The Light Takes Us (filmed in the early 2000s).

Despite claiming to be apolitical, Fenriz’s political career was established in 2015 when he became a vice-councilman in Oppegård council. [2] His election was reported internationally in late 2016. [3] He is on the council for a term of four years after being called by the liberal political party Venstre and agreeing to be placed on its list. In an interview with CLRVYNT, Fenris claimed "Basically, they called and asked if I wanted to be on the list [of backup representatives]... I said yeah, thinking I would be like eighteenth on the list and I wouldn't really have to do anything. They just need a list to be able to – well, it's hard to talk local politics in another language". [4] His "campaign" consisted of posting signs of him holding his cat with the caption "Please Don't Vote For Me". [5] [6]

Fenriz currently lives in the outskirts of Oslo where he had a record label with his Darkthrone bandmate Nocturno Culto called Tyrant Syndicate Productions. The record label itself was a sub-label of Peaceville Records (to which Darkthrone is signed). In late 2004, Fenriz released a compilation album through Peaceville, Fenriz Presents... The Best of Old-School Black Metal , which included selected tracks from such influential artists as Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Burzum, and Bathory. He is a DJ and has made several online music compilations.

Outside of music, Fenriz famously works part time in the Postal Industry since 1993. [7] Often he is referred to as working in the Post Office, which is incorrect as he does not deliver post and works sorting machines in the main facility.

Musical projects


1987Trash Core '87 (demo)Black Death (pre-Darkthrone)drums, vocals
1987Black is Beautiful (demo)Black Death (pre-Darkthrone)drums, vocals
1987Land of Frost (demo)Darkthronedrums, vocals
1987A New Dimension (demo)Darkthronedrums
1988The Castle of Death (demo)Valhalldrums
1989Thulcandra (demo)Darkthronedrums, vocals
1989Cromlech (demo)Darkthronedrums
1989Spectres Over Gorgoroth (demo)Isengardeverything
1991Horizons (demo)Isengardeverything
1991 Soulside Journey Darkthronedrums
1991 Goatlord (demo)Darkthronedrums, vocals
1992 A Blaze in the Northern Sky Darkthronedrums
1993 Under a Funeral Moon Darkthronedrums
1993Vanderen (demo)Isengardeverything
1994 Transilvanian Hunger Darkthronedrums, rhythm guitar, bass
1994 Caravans to Empire Algol Neptune Towerseverything
1994Promo 1994 (demo)Dødheimsgardbass
1995 Høstmørke Isengardeverything
1995 Transmissions from Empire Algol Neptune Towerseverything
1995 Panzerfaust Darkthronedrums, guitar, bass
1995NordavindStormdrums, additional vocals
1995 Kronet Til Konge Dødheimsgardbass, additional vocals
1995Promo 1995 (demo)Dødheimsgardbass, additional vocals
1996 Total Death Darkthronedrums; additional guitar and bass
1997Heading for MarsValhalldrums
1999 Ravishing Grimness Darkthronedrums
2001 Plaguewielder Darkthronedrums
2003 Hate Them Darkthronedrums
2004 Sardonic Wrath Darkthronedrums; additional vocals
2006 The Cult is Alive Darkthronedrums; additional vocals and guitar
2007 F.O.A.D. Darkthronedrums; additional vocals
2008 Dark Thrones and Black Flags Darkthronedrums; vocals and guitar (shared)
2009Red PlanetValhalldrums
2009Engangsgrill (demo)Fenriz' Red Planeteverything
2009Fuck You AllFuck You Allbass
2010 Circle the Wagons Darkthronedrums; vocals and guitar (shared)
2013 The Underground Resistance Darkthronedrums, vocals (shared), guitar solo on track 2, bass on track 4
2016 Arctic Thunder Darkthronedrums, bass guitar, electric guitar (additional)

Guest appearances


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