Haeata Community Campus

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Haeata Community Campus
240 Breezes Road
Christchurch 8061
New Zealand
Coordinates 43°30′54″S172°41′45″E / 43.5150°S 172.6958°E / -43.5150; 172.6958 Coordinates: 43°30′54″S172°41′45″E / 43.5150°S 172.6958°E / -43.5150; 172.6958
Funding typeState
Ministry of Education Institution no. 704
PrincipalPeggy Burrows
Years offered1–13
School roll608 [1] (March 2020)
Website www.haeata.school.nz

Haeata Community Campus is a school in the suburb of Aranui, in Christchurch New Zealand. It opened on 3 February 2017 with an initial roll of 955 from the closure of four schools: Aranui Primary, Avondale Primary, Wainoni School, and Aranui High. [2] The principal is Peggy Burrows. [3]



Since its opening in 2017, Haeata Community Campus has been led by the following principals:

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