List of schools in Canterbury, New Zealand

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Canterbury is a region in the South Island of New Zealand. It contains numerous rural primary schools, several small town primary and secondary schools, and big-city schools in Christchurch.


Due to the large number of schools in Christchurch, they are listed separately at List of schools in Christchurch. Schools in the Waitaki District which are located in the Canterbury part of the district are listed at List of schools in Otago.

In New Zealand schools, students begin formal education in Year 1 at the age of five. [1] Year 13 is the final year of secondary education. Years 14 and 15 refer to adult education facilities.

State schools are those fully funded by the government and at which no fees can be charged, although a donation is commonly requested. [2] A state integrated school is a state school with a special character based on a religious or philosophical belief. [3]

Kura Kaupapa Māori are Māori immersion schools that are also state funded, but deliver their curriculum in the Māori language. There are two of these schools in Christchurch: Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Te Whānau Tahi in Spreydon (Decile 3), and Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Waitaha in Woolston (Decile 1).

The decile indicates the socio-economic group that the school catchment area falls into. A rating of 1 indicates a poor area; a rating of 10 a well-off one. [4] The decile ratings used here come from the Ministry of Education Te Kete Ipurangi website and from the decile change spreadsheet listed in the references. The deciles were last revised using information from the 2006 Census. [5] The roll of each school changes frequently as students start school for the first time, move between schools, and graduate. The rolls given here are those provided by the Ministry of Education, based on figures from March 2021. [6] The Ministry of Education institution number, given in the last column, links to the Education Counts page for each school.

Kaikoura District

The Kaikoura district is the northernmost district of the Canterbury region, and is home to 4,220 people. The district seat of Kaikōura (pop. 2,400) is the only significant urban area.

Hapuku School 3369 1–8HapukuState13
Kaikoura High School 307 7–13 Kaikōura State217
Kaikoura Primary School 3391 1–6 Kaikōura State100
Kaikoura Suburban School 3392 1–6 Kaikōura State51
St Joseph's School 3530 1–8 Kaikōura State integrated97 Catholic
Former schools

Hurunui District

Amberley School 1–8 Amberley State226 3276
Amuri Area School 1–13 Culverden State365 308
Broomfield School 1–8 Broomfield State115 3303
Cheviot Area School 1–13 Cheviot State196 309
Greta Valley School 1–8 Greta Valley State37 3359
Hanmer Springs School 1–8 Hanmer Springs State86 3368
Hurunui College 1–13 Hawarden State222 311
Leithfield School 1–8 Leithfield State114- 3411
Omihi School 1–8 Omihi State35- 3454
Rotherham School 1–6 Rotherham State30 3490
Waiau School 1–6 Waiau State32 3566
Waikari School 1–8 Waikari State37- 3569
Waipara School 1–8 Waipara State51- 3576

Waimakariri District

Ashgrove School 3284 1–8 Rangiora State1967441
Ashley School 3285 1–8 Ashley State1864169
Clarkville School 3321 1–8 Clarkville State1874189
Cust School 3325 1–8 Cust State153
Fernside School 3340 1–8 Fernside State1864276
Kaiapoi Borough School 3388 1–8 Kaiapoi State1873360
Kaiapoi High School 314 9–13 Kaiapoi State1972955
Kaiapoi North School 3389 1–8 Kaiapoi State1962488
Karanga Mai Young Parents College 2748 Kaiapoi State1992 [9] Teen parent unit
Loburn School 3419 1–8 Loburn State1869165
North Loburn School 3447 1–8 Loburn State1882116
Ohoka School 3451 1–8 Kaiapoi State170
Oxford Area School 310 1–13 Oxford State517
Pegasus Bay School 3570 1–8 Pegasus Town State1872444
Rangiora Borough School 3481 1–8 Rangiora State1873462
Rangiora High School 312 9–13 Rangiora State18841661
Rangiora New Life School 418 1–13 Southbrook State integrated1979453 Nondenominational Christian
Sefton School 3501 1–8 Sefton State1884106
Southbrook School 3510 1–8 Southbrook State1874297
St Joseph's School 4132 1–8 Rangiora State integrated1887161 Catholic
St Patrick's School 3540 1–8 Kaiapoi State integrated114 Catholic
Swannanoa School 3547 1–8 Swannanoa State309
Te Matauru Primary 572 1–8 Rangiora State2020156
Tuahiwi School 3563 1–8 Kaiapoi State160
View Hill School 3565 1–8 Oxford State64
West Eyreton School 3586 1–8 West Eyreton State195
Woodend School 3600 1–8 Woodend State353

Former schools

Christchurch City

Selwyn District

Ararira Springs Primary School 585 1–8 Lincoln State2019 [11] 246
Broadfield School 3301 1–8 Selwyn State149
Burnham School 3304 1–8 Burnham State128
Clearview Primary School 6980 1–8 Rolleston State2010739
Darfield High School 346 7–13 Darfield State749
Darfield School 3326 1–6 Darfield State225
Dunsandel School 3331 1–6 Leeston State110
Ellesmere College 349 7–13 Leeston State558
Glentunnel School 3352 1–6 Glentunnel State95
Greendale School 3357 1–6 Greendale State66-
Hororata School 3381 1–6 Hororata State80
Kirwee Model School 3397 1–6 Kirwee State144
Ladbrooks School 3402 1–8 Taitapu State142
Leeston School 3410 1–6 Leeston State306
Lemonwood Grove School 6967 1–8 Rolleston State2017 [12] 513
Lincoln High School 347 9–13 Lincoln State1370
Lincoln Primary School 3412 1–8 Lincoln State580
Prebbleton School 3478 1–8 Prebbleton State486
Rolleston College 654 9–13 Rolleston State2017 [13] 1283
Rolleston School 3488 1–8 Rolleston State1893748
Rolleston Christian School 710 1–8 Rolleston State integrated2015173 Nondenominational Christian
Sheffield Contributing School 3502 1–6 Sheffield and Waddington State86
Southbridge School 3509 1–6 Southbridge State121
Springfield School 3515 1–6 Springfield State38-
Springston School 3516 1–8 Springston State202
Tai Tapu School 3549 1–8 Taitapu State222
Weedons School 3585 1–8WeedonsState143
West Melton School 3587 1–8 West Melton State416
West Rolleston Primary School 584 1–8 Rolleston State2016687
Windwhistle School 3597 1–6 Darfield State25

Ashburton District

The Ashburton District covers the area between the Rakaia River and the Rangitata River, and is home to 35,400 people. Ashburton (pop. 20,200) is the district seat and by far the largest town, with significant other towns including Methven (pop. c.1350) and Rakaia (pop. c. 1000).

Allenton School 1–6Coed Ashburton State8385 3274
Ashburton Borough School 1–8Coed Ashburton State7328 3281
Ashburton Christian School 1–8CoedElginState integrated10167 608
Ashburton College 9–13Coed Ashburton State71245 351
Ashburton Intermediate 7–8Coed Ashburton State6418 3282
Ashburton Netherby School 1–6CoedNetherbyState3151 3283
Carew Peel Forest School1–6CoedCarewState1079 3308
Chertsey School1–6Coed Chertsey State629 3313
Dorie School1–8Coed Rakaia State977 3329
Fairton School 1–6Coed Ashburton State619 3336
Hampstead School 1–6Coed Ashburton State4339 3367
Hinds School1–8Coed Hinds State9125 3375
Lauriston School1–6Coed Lauriston State999 3407
Longbeach School1–8Coed Willowby State9139 3594
Mayfield School1–8Coed Mayfield State985 3432
Methven School 1–6Coed Methven State9258 3436
Mount Hutt College 7–13Coed Methven State9496 348
Mt Somers Springburn School1–8Coed Mount Somers State1088 3441
Our Lady of Snows School 1–8Coed Methven State integrated1034 3462
Rakaia School1–8Coed Rakaia State4168 3480
St Joseph's School 1–8Coed Ashburton State integrated8240 3527
Tinwald School 1–6Coed Tinwald State6217 3561
Wakanui School1–8Coed Ashburton State8108 3580

Former schools

Timaru District

Arowhenua Maori School1–8CoedArowhenuaState439 3280
Barton Rural School1–8Coed Timaru District State8165 2112
Beaconsfield School1–8Coed Timaru District State8117 2114
Bluestone School1–8Coed Timaru State5464 2113
Craighead Diocesan School 7–13Girls Timaru State integrated9382 357
Geraldine High School 7–13Coed Geraldine State8608 352
Geraldine Primary School1–6Coed Geraldine State8279 2107
Gleniti School1–8Coed Timaru State10349 3347
Grantlea Downs School 1–8Coed Timaru State4309 2111
Highfield School1–8Coed Timaru State7261 3373
Mountainview High School 9–13Coed Timaru State6506 359
Oceanview Heights School1–8Coed Timaru State275 2110
Opihi College7–13Coed Temuka State5295 354
Pleasant Point Primary School1–8Coed Pleasant Point State8269 3477
Roncalli College 9–13Coed Timaru State integrated6511 358
Sacred Heart School1–8Coed Timaru State integrated5188 3498
St Joseph's School (Pleasant Point)1–8Coed Pleasant Point State integrated747 3528
St Joseph's School (Temuka)1–8Coed Temuka State integrated5105 3532
St Joseph's School (Timaru)1–8Coed Timaru State integrated7206 3533
Temuka Primary School1–6Coed Temuka State5229 2109
Timaru Boys' High School 9–13Boys Timaru State7625 360
Timaru Christian School1–10Coed Timaru State integrated8132 1611
Timaru Girls' High School 9–13Girls Timaru State5430 361
Timaru South School1–8Coed Timaru State3223 2115
Waihi School4–8BoysWinchesterPrivate976 4147
Waimataitai School1–8Coed Timaru State7496 3572
Winchester Rural School1–6CoedWinchesterState5204 2108
Woodbury School1–6Coed Geraldine State996 3599

Mackenzie District

Albury School1–6Coed Albury State823 3273
Aoraki Mount Cook School1–8Coed Mount Cook Village State109 3442
Cannington School1–8Coed Cave State913- 3307
Fairlie School 1–6Coed Fairlie State7116 3335
Lake Tekapo School1–6Coed Lake Tekapo State733- 3406
Mackenzie College 7–13Coed Fairlie State7190 353
St Joseph's School 1–8Coed Fairlie State integrated722 3529
Twizel Area School 1–13Coed Twizel State8229 527

Former schools

Waimate District

Glenavy School1–8Coed Glenavy State989 3348
Makikihi School1–8CoedMakikihiState732 3426
St Andrew's School1–8CoedSt AndrewsState592 3519
St Patrick's School1–8Coed Waimate State integrated329 3539
Waihao Downs School1–6CoedWaihao DownsState865 3567
Waimate Centennial School1–6Coed Waimate State3133 3573
Waimate High School 7–13Coed Waimate State4285 362
Waimate Main School1–6Coed Waimate State289 3574
Waituna Creek School1–8CoedWaitunaState537 3579

Former schools


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