Hand to Mouth (album)

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Hand to Mouth
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Studio album by
Genre New wave
Label I.R.S. [1]
Producer Dave Wakeling, David Leonard, Ranking Roger
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All the Rage
Hand to Mouth
Rub It Better
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Hand to Mouth is the second album by General Public, released in 1986. [1] [5]


The album peaked at #83 on the Billboard 200 chart. [6]

Critical reception

Trouser Press wrote that "the music goes down smoothly enough, but without any lasting impression." [7]

Track listing

  1. "Come Again!" – 3:43 (Mickey Billingham, David Wakeling)
  2. "Faults and All" – 3:35 (Roger Charlery, Horace Panter, Wakeling)
  3. "Forward as One" – 6:08 (Wakeling)
  4. "Murder" – 4:22 (Billingham, Wakeling)
  5. "Cheque in the Post" – 3:39 (Billingham, Charlery)
  6. "Too Much or Nothing" – 4:25 (Wakeling)
  7. "Love Without the Fun" – 3:29 (Billingham, Wakeling)
  8. "In Conversation" – 5:43 (Billingham, Charlery)
  9. "Never All There" – 4:04 (Billingham, Charlery, Wakeling)
  10. "Cry on Your Own Shoulder" – 3:54 (Charlery, Wakeling)

1993 I.R.S. Records re-issue bonus tracks

  1. "General Public" (12" Version) (Charlery, Wakeling)
  2. "Limited Balance" (Charlery, Wakeling)
  3. "All The Rage" (Billingham, Andy "Stoker" Growcott, Panter, Kevin White)
  4. "Taking The Day Off" (Wakeling)
  5. "Day To Day" (Live) (Charlery, Wakeling)
  6. "Where's The Line?" (Live) (Billingham, Charlery, Panter, Wakeling)
  7. "Tenderness (Live)" (Billingham, Charlery, Wakeling)
  8. "Hot You're Cool (Live)" (Billingham Charlery, Panter, Wakeling)

All writing credits as per ASCAP database.


General Public


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Mickey Billingham is an English keyboardist. He was the former keyboardist of the band Dexys Midnight Runners. After the band split, he and another member, Andy "Stoker" Growcott, became co-founding members of General Public, contributing to the album All the Rage (1984).

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