Hotdog (band)

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OriginManila, Philippines
Genres Manila Sound, pop, disco, funk, OPM
Years active1972–mid 80's; 2000–present
Labels Villar Records, Universal Records
Past members
Ella Del Rosario
Rene Garcia
Ramon "Mon" Torralbaa
Tito Del Rosario
Dennis Garcia
Lorrie Ilustre
Jess Garcia
Roy Sadicon Diaz de Rivera
Rene Enriquez
Gavin Zerby
Odette Quesada
Andy Caberte
Zsazsa Padilla
Maso Diez, Gina Montes, Rita Trinidad, Joy Reyes

Hotdog (also known as The Hotdog Band but more commonly known simply as Hotdog) is a Filipino band formed by brothers Dennis and Rene Garcia together with silk-voiced beauty, Ella del Rosario as the solo female lead singer changing the culture and charisma of Filipino music history from folkloric to pop in their 1974 mega-hit Ikaw Ang Miss Universe Ng Buhay Ko. Ella, along with original band members, Lorrie Ilustre and Ramon Torralba were personally handpicked by brothers Dennis and Rene Garcia who were instantly enamored by Ella's voice and beauty during a private party hosted by Assumption Convent colegialas in Forbes Park. Ella's sensual style and vocal repertoire was the driving force behind mega-platinum hits as Pers Lab (First Love), Bitin Ako Sa Iyo, You Make Me Blush and other hits from their first LP and movie entitled Unang Kagat (First Bite), both mediums achieved countrywide musical fame in the Philippines during the mid-1970s. [1] [2] Their first album Unang Kagat [3] was released in 1974 [2] by Villar Records. [4] The album led to the 1975 movie by the same name, also starring the band. [1] The band is credited by local journalists as a major influence and leading exponent of Manila Sound, a musical genre popular during that period. [5] [6] Their songs and Ella's voice have been used in numerous popular movies, television and radio commercials, videoke products, etc. [ citation needed ]

Villar Records is a record label owned by Mareco, Inc. that also owns the Mabuhay Records label. It was launched in 1950 by the late Manuel P. Villar who is known as the "Father of Philippine Recording" for pioneering industry in the recording of original Pilipino music or OPM. He was also the first president of the Record Industry Association of the Philippines (RIAP).

Manila Sound is a musical genre in the Philippines that began in the mid-1970s in Manila, the genre flourished and it peaked in the mid to late 1970s. It is often considered the "bright side" of the martial law era and has influenced most of modern genres in the country by being the forerunner to OPM.


With their newfound manager Baby Del Rosario, the original band members were Ella del Rosario as lead female vocals, Rene Garcia on male vocals/lead guitarist, Ramon Torralba as second lead guitarist, Tito Del Rosario on 3rd lead guitar, Dennis Garcia on bass guitar, Lorrie Ilustre on keyboards with Jess Garcia and Roy Diaz de Rivera as drummers. Later members were Gina Montes, Maso Diez and ZsaZsa Padilla (vocals), Rene Enriquez, and Andy Caberte (keyboards). In 1976, Ella del Rosario was wooed by Sony, OctoArts and BlackGold records and was quickly signed up by OctoArts under Orly Ilacad and Canary Records, catapulting into iconic fame and superstardom dishing out a succession of Platinum hits, O Lumapit Ka, Mr. Disco, Sabik Na Sabik, Lagi Na Lamang, Pabulong, Hahabol-Habol, Pers Lab 2, and many others. Having won several consecutive awards at the Metro Pop Festivals, Ella was soon dubbed "Disco Queen" and Manila's "Samba Queen" by press and media moguls such as Julie a Yap Daza, Doroy Valencia and Crispina Belen. Many other musicians thereafter joined the Hotdog band but stayed for only a few stints, the band's chemistry was waning. After Ella went on to blossom her illustrious solo career, along with earning a Magna Cum Laude BA Marketing Communications degree in Maryknoll College and Lorrie Ilustre became a musical director for other pop groups such as Apo Hiking Society, the band never recovered its status as it once was with its true original members.

Dog of hot.


Early years

The original band members including Dennis Garcia, Lorrie Ilustre, Rene Garcia, and Ramon Torralba were buddies at La Salle Green Hills. Dennis and Rene Garcia were members of Redfox, a mainstay band which performed at Third Eye in Manila. [7] They eventually formed the new band named Hot Dog and invited Ella del Rosario of Assumption Convent as female solo vocalist. [8]

La Salle Green Hills

La Salle Green Hills ("LSGH") is a private Catholic school exclusively for boys located on Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines. It is run by the Roman Catholic Brothers of the Christian Schools- Philippine District. It was established in 1959 by the De La Salle Brothers led by Brother H. Gabriel Connon FSC of then De La Salle College Manila primarily to provide more grade school slots to the then very popular De La Salle Grade School (1911–1984) in Taft Avenue, Manila.

At a time when Filipino music was hardly favored and practically in limbo, Hotdog, the Pinoy pop rock band springboarded Filipino music and started a revolution that we know today as Original Pinoy Music. [9] It was during the 70's that the local music industry was topped by foreign music that were playing disco and funk sounds. Most local artists would imitate these foreign tunes in the hopes to become visible. However, when Ella del Rosario, Dennis Garcia, Rene Garcia, Ramon Torralba (who composed the mega hit song Pers Lab), Lorrie Ilustre, Jess Garcia and Roy Diaz de Rivera first came together, the music landscape in the Philippines completely changed.

The Manila Sound Phenomenon

The band started the phenomenon of "Manila Sound" which transformed the industry, giving it a fresh, new, and authentic Pinoy sound that undeniably captured millions of Filipinos of all socio-economic classes-from the masa to the rich and high-class including the Marcos family. Hotdog's music created songs with delightful rhythms intermixed with catchy lyrics of Tagalog and Taglish reflecting the situations and sentiments of ordinary Filipinos.

It is because of the Manila Sound, created by Hotdog, that the music industry in the Philippines flourished from the latter times of the mid-70s onward. Many of the band's and Ella's solo singles became a hit and received gold and platinum status.

Hit songs

One of their biggest hits is the song Bongga Ka, 'Day (1979). With the song was a motion picture released with the same title as the song with famous and renowned cast members such as Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos, Joseph Estrada, Fernando Poe Jr. and Boots Anson-Roa. Another one of their hit songs, Annie Batungbakal, also became a popular and successful movie.

The hits of Hotdog also sang of the relevant issues. The 'Manila' song was a song dedicated to the millions of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW's) who are away from their families and long the taste of their homeland, Manila, Philippines.

Mid-80s to present

Amidst the success and fame that the band was garnering, Hotdog disbanded in the mid-80's because the members wanted to pursue individual interests.

Hotdog as a "music band" reunited sometime (without Ella, Lorrie or Ramon, three original members) in 2000 to perform various gigs. In June 17, 2014, the band held a benefit concert for the Tacloban victims of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). Many claimed there was only one voice that could never be replicated, both in reminiscing the original soundtrack, and its accompanying memories, or the scintillating quality of a uniquely smooth and silky voice and that was the unforgettable voice of Ella del Rosario.

Most band members have since pursued other careers. Former vocalist Rita Trinidad is an entrepreneur, while Garcia is a co-founder of Bandang Pinoy Co-Op, an organization that helps aging and retired musicians develop new skills and find employment. [5]

Lead vocalist Rene Garcia died on September 2, 2018.




Eraserheads is a Filipino rock band formed in 1989. Consisting of Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro, and Raimund Marasigan, the band became one of the most successful, most influential, critically acclaimed, and significant bands in the history of Philippine music, leaving a legacy that made them the most commercially successful Filipino music artists of all time. Often dubbed as "The Beatles of the Philippines", they are credited for spearheading a second wave of Manila band invasions, paving the way for a host of Philippine alternative rock bands.

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Ramón Pereyra Jacinto, best known by his initials RJ , is a Filipino businessman, musician and radio personality. He is the founder and chairman of Philippines' rock-and-roll radio station DZRJ, and the Rajah Broadcasting Network. Since 1963, his network has grown to a nationwide chain of radio stations and a UHF TV station. He is also the Chairman of Jacinto Color Steel, Inc. and the founder of RJ Guitars.


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