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Zsa Zsa Padilla
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Esperanza Perez Padilla

(1964-05-28) May 28, 1964 (age 57)
Manila, Philippines
Nationality Filipino
OccupationSinger, actress
Years active1978–present
Known forHelena Montoya in Wildflower
Partner(s)Modesto Tatlonghari
Dolphy Quizon
Conrad Onglao
Children3 (incl. Karylle and Zia)
Parent(s) Carlos Padilla Jr. (father)
Esperanza Perez (mother)
Relatives Amy Perez (cousin)
Lorna Tolentino (cousin). Refer to the Padilla family surname. [1]
Musical career
OriginManila, Philippines
Genres OPM, pop, adult contemporary

Esperanza Perez Padilla (born May 28, 1964), known professionally as Zsa Zsa Padilla (Tagalog:  [ˈʃaʃa] ), is a Filipina singer, recording artist, and actor in movies, television, and stage. As a vocalist, she has performed in numerous local and international concerts. Padilla is also a songwriter, commercial model, product endorser, businesswoman, music producer, and vlogger.


Personal life


Padilla was born as Esperanza Perez Padilla in 1964, the daughter of parents Esperanza "Kating" Felipa Perez and actor-sportsman Carlos "Sonny" Padilla, Jr.. She has three daughters: Karylle with Modesto Tatlonghari; and Zia and Nicole with Dolphy Quizon.


Padilla started in the mid-70s as the vocalist of the Manila Sound band, Hotdog, and then went solo in 1982. In 1987, she had her first TV acting role in the series, Lovingly Yours, Helen . In the same year, she had her first movie role in the film, Mga Anak ni Facifica Falayfay , with the Filipino comedian Dolphy, who became her partner of more than 20 years.



Album TitleRecord LabelYear Catalog ProducersFormatAward
Am I Your Kind Of Woman
reissued asKahit Na
Telesis Records, Vicor Music 1984, 2009TLS-KD-101
Producers: Willy Cruz & Margot M. Gallardo. Executive Produce: Margot M. Gallardo LP, CD
Am I Your Kind of WomanJem Records1984JLP-134Producers: Willy Cruz & Margot M. Gallardo. Executive Produce: Margot M. Gallardo LP
Zsa Zsa
("the pink album")
Blackgold Records 1985BA-5115
Producers: Ed Formoso, Danny Favis, Dante Trinidad. Co-producer: Johnny Alegre. Executive Producer: Vic del Rosario, Jr. LP & Cassette
Ikaw Lamang [2] Blackgold Records 1986BA-5131
Producer: Chito Ilagan
Co-Producer: Johnny Alegre
LP & Cassette Gold Record Award
Hitmakers Vol. 6 [3] Hiram and Eversince Blackgold Records 1989BA-5132
Producer: Johnny Alegre Compilation LP & Cassette
Roots & Wings [4] Blackgold Records 1988BA-5149
Producer: Johnny Alegre LP & Cassette
Star Tracks Vol. 1 [5] Mambobola Vicor Music 1989TSP-5817, VSC-5817Producer: Chito Ilagan
Co-Producer: Johnny Alegre
Compilation LP & Cassette
Krismas [4] [6] Blackgold Records 1990KBA-6171Producer: Johnny Alegre Cassette
Iisa Blackgold Records 1991BCD-91-018Producer: Jun Sta. Maria
Executive Producer: Chito Ilagan
Cassette & CD
Walang Makakapigil [4] Warner Music Philippines 1994Amazon ASIN:
Zsa Zsa [4] Viva Records 1998Amazon ASIN:
Executive producers: Vic del Rosario Jr., Vicente G. del Rosario IIICDQuadruple Platinum Record Award
Sentiments [4] [8] Viva Records 1999Amazon ASIN:
Executive producers: Vic del Rosario Jr., Vicente G. del Rosario IIICDPlatinum Record Award
Sing Along with Zsa Zsa [9] Viva Records 2000Executive producers: Vic del Rosario Jr., Vicente G. del Rosario IIICD
In My Life ... Zsa Zsa Live [4] [10] [11] Viva Records 2001VR-CAS-01049Executive producers: Vic del Rosario Jr., Vicente G. del Rosario IIICD
Love Concert, The Album [4] (vols. 1 & 2) [12] Viva Records 2001Amazon ASIN:
Executive producers: Vic del Rosario Jr., Vicente G. del Rosario IIICD
Mahal Kita, Walang Iba [4] [14] Viva Records 2002Amazon ASIN:
Executive producers: Vic del Rosario Jr., Vicente G. del Rosario IIICD
Sentiments Plus [16] Independent2002CD
Zsa Zsa Silver Series [17] [18] Viva Records2006Amazon ASIN:
Executive producers: Vic del Rosario Jr., Vicente G. del Rosario IIICD
Am I Your Kind of Woman (reissue) Vicor Music 2009TELCD-1025Producers: Willy Cruz & Margot M. Gallardo. Executive Produce: Margot M. GallardoCD
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Chito Ilagan, Jun Sta. Ana. Executive Producer: Vic del Rosario, Jr.
2CD Compilation
Palagi [4] [22] PolyEast Records 2013CD
Beginnings [4] [23] PolyEast Records 2015CD


The Analog Era

Side ASide BRecord Label Catalog ProducerYearFormat
Kahit Na
(Willy Cruz) [24] [25] [26] [27]
One World of Nescafe
(Roger Nichols & Bill Lane)
(Arranged by Willy Cruz)
Telesis RecordsTelesis 1055Producers: Willy Cruz & Margot M. Gallardo1983 45-RPM Vinyl
Point of No Return
(Louie Ocampo & Cocoy Laurel)
Instrumental Version
(Arranged by Louie Ocampo)
Blackgold RecordsProducer: Louie Ocampo1984 45-RPM Vinyl
(Leonard Bernstein & Stephen Sondheim)
Instrumental Version
(Arranged by Danny Favis)
Blackgold RecordsBSP-370Producer: Danny Favis1984 45-RPM Vinyl
When I'm With You
(Rene Novelles)
When I'm With You (minus one)
(Arranged by Dante Trinidad)
Blackgold RecordsBSP-392Co-Producers: Ed Formoso, Dante Trinidad, & Johnny Alegre 1985 45-RPM Vinyl
(Alvina Eileen Sy)
Eversince (minus one)
(Arranged by Dante Trinidad)
Blackgold RecordsBSP-397Producers: Dante Trinidad & Johnny Alegre 1985 45-RPM Vinyl
To Love You
(Danny Javier)
To Love You (minus one)
(Arranged by Menchu Apostol)
Blackgold RecordsBSP-401Producers: Dante Trinidad & Johnny Alegre 1985 45-RPM Vinyl
(George Canseco)
Hiram (minus one)
(Arranged by Danny Tan)
Blackgold RecordsBSP-404Co-Producers: Johnny Alegre & Chito Ilagan
Executive Producer: Vic del Rosario, Jr.
1986 45-RPM Vinyl
(Rey-An Fuentes)
Mambobola (minus one)
(Arranged by Homer Flores)
Blackgold RecordsBSP-410Producer: Chito Ilagan
Associate Producer: Johnny Alegre
1986 45-RPM Vinyl
Ikaw Lamang
(Dodjie Simon)
Ikaw Lamang (minus one)
(Arranged by Menchu Apostol)
Blackgold RecordsBSP-413Producer: Chito Ilagan
Co-Producer: Johnny Alegre
1986 45-RPM Vinyl
Minsan Pa
(Jun Sta. Maria & Peewee Apostol)
Minsan Pa (minus one)
(Arranged by Menchu Apostol)
Blackgold RecordsBSP-417Producer: Chito Ilagan
Co-Producer: Johnny Alegre
1986 45-RPM Vinyl
Maybe This Time
(Marlene del Rosario)
Maybe This Time (minus one)
(Arranged by Menchu Apostol)
Blackgold RecordsBSP-432Producer: Johnny Alegre 1988 45-RPM Vinyl
(Dodjie Simon)
Pangako (minus one)
(Arranged by Egay Gonzales)
Blackgold RecordsBSP-447Producer: Johnny Alegre
Executive Producers: Fred Samantela & Chito Ilagan
1990 45-RPM Vinyl
Ang Aking Pamasko
(Tony Velarde)
Ang Aking Pamasko (minus one)
(Arranged by Egay Gonzales)
Blackgold RecordsBSP-459Producer: Johnny Alegre
Executive Producer: Sandra Chavez
1990 45-RPM Vinyl
Another Chance [28]
(John-John Macalisang)
Instrumental Version
(Arranged by Romy Salcedo)
Blackgold RecordsBSP-474Producer: Jun Sta. Maria
Executive Producer: Chito Ilagan
1991 45-RPM Vinyl

The Digital Era

SongRecord Label Catalog YearFormat
Bridge Over Troubled Water
(Paul Simon)
From the album, Sentiments
Viva Records 1999CD
Skyline Pigeon
(Elton John & Bernie Taupin)
From the albums, Mahal Kita, Walang Iba; and Zsa Zsa Silver Series
Viva Records 2002CD
Time After Time
(Cyndi Lauper & Rob Hyman)
From the album, In My Life ... Zsa Zsa Live
Viva Records 2002CD & VCD
I Honestly Love You
(Jeff Barry & Peter Allen)
From the album, In My Life ... Zsa Zsa Live [29]
Viva Records 2002CD & VCD
Through the Years
(Steve Dorff & Marty Panzer)
From the album, Zsa Zsa Silver Series
Viva Records 2006CD
Ganyan Kita Kamahal
(Jimmy Borja / Marilyn Villapando)
From the album, Zsa Zsa Silver Series
Viva Records 2006CD & Music video
(Wency Cornejo)
From the album, Palagi
PolyEast Records 2009CD & Music video
Don't Give Up On Us Baby [30]
(David Soul)
From the album, Sing Along With Zsa Zsa
Viva Records VVCD 00 0152000CD & VCD
We're All Alone [31] [32]
(Boz Scaggs)
From the album, The Number 1 Album (Various Artists)
Viva Records 2002CD
Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita
From the TV serial, Magkano Ang Iyong Dangal?
From the album, 60 Taon Ng Musika at Soap Opera (Various Artists) [33] [34]
ABS-CBN, Star Records 2010 Broadcast, Music video, & CD
Sana'y Maghintay Ang Walang Hanggan
From the TV serial, Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay
From the album, 60 Taon Ng Musika at Soap Opera (Various Artists) [33] [34]
ABS-CBN, Star Records 2010 Broadcast, Music video, & CD
From the TV serial, Kahit Puso'y Masugatan
ABS-CBN 2012 Broadcast
Mahal Kita, Walang Iba [35]
(Ogie Alcasid)
From the album, Mahal Kita, Walang Iba
Viva Records 2012CD & Music video



2017 Ang Larawan Elsa Montes
Bes and the BeshiesMabel
2015 You're Still the One Cecilia
2013 A Moment in Time Miriam Javier
2012 I Do Bidoo Bidoo: Heto nAPO Sila! Elaine Fuentebella
Paano Na Kaya Carmina Marasigan
2009 Mano Po 6: A Mother's Love Olivia Uy
2008 Dobol Trobol: Lets Get Redi 2 Rambol! cameo appearance with Pia Guanio
2006 Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, ze Moveeh Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah
2005 Mano Po 4: Ako Legal Wife Chona Chong
2003 Mano Po 2 Lu Shui
2002Home Alone da RiberSandra
2000Mahal KoShaina de Jesus
2000Ika-13 KapituloSarah
1998TataynicRose Winshield
1997 Batang PX Tessie
1996 Madrasta Sandra
1995Father & SonLennie
1994Ika-11 Utos: (Mahalin Mo, Asawa Mo)Susan
Minsan Lang Kita IibiginMonique
1993Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo
1990Og Must Be CrazyKathy
Starzan III: The Jungle TriangleJane
1989My Darling Domestic: Greyt Eskeyp
Starzan II: The Coming of the Star SonJane
Bote, Diyaryo, Garapa
Bakit Iisa Lamang ang Puso?
Pahiram ng Isang UmagaLydia
Starzan: Shouting Star of the Jungle Jane
1988 Magkano ang Iyong Dangal? Era
Hiwaga sa Balete Drive Margarita
1987 Black Magic Valerie
Mga Anak ni Facifica Falayfay


2020 Love Thy Woman Helen Chao ABS-CBN
Almost Paradise Governor Nina Rosales WGN America
2019–present It's Showtime Hurado in Tawag ng Tanghalan (since Season 3 Quarter 3) ABS-CBN
2017 Wildflower Helena Montoya / Red Dragon
2016 The Story of Us Myra Simbulan
2014 Dyesebel Elena "Ena" Villamayor-Montilla
2013 Juan Dela Cruz Laura Alejandro
2011–12 Budoy Luisa Maniego
2010 1DOL Eleanor Serrano
Maalaala Mo Kaya: Shell Flor
2007 Mars Ravelo's Lastikman Cynthia "Cindy" Evilone
2005–06 Bituing Walang Ningning Rosa Mia Suarez
2004 Born Diva Herself
2003–04 Star in a Million
2002 Morning Girls
2000–01 Sa Puso Ko Iingatan Ka Nieves Quevedo-Pacheco
1999–2000 Labs Ko Si Babe Mayor Diwata Royales
1998Hiwalay Kung Hiwalay, Daw! GMA Network
1998–present ASAP Herself ABS-CBN
1997Zsa Zsa Limited EngagementHerself GMA Network
1995–96 Familia Zaragoza Divina Zaragoza-Lagrimas ABS-CBN
1994–95 Star Drama Presents: Zsa Zsa
1994GMA Telesine Presents: Mukha GMA Network
1993GMA Telesine Presents: CamillaCamilla
1983–87 GMA Supershow co-host


YearAward-Giving BodyCategoryWorkResult
1991Best Actress of the YearWon
1994Star Awards for MoviesBest Supporting ActressMinsan Lang Kita IibiginWon
1995Star Awards for TelevisionBest Actress in a Single PerformanceMukhaWon
1997 FAMAS Awards Best Supporting Actress Madrasta Nominated
FAP Awards Nominated
PMPC Star Awards for MoviesMovie Supporting Actress of the YearNominated
1998 Gawad Urian Awards Best Actress Batang PX Won
Film Academy of the Philippines AwardsWon
PMPC Star Awards for MoviesWon
2005 31st Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress Mano Po 4: Ako Legal Wife [36] [37] Won
2006Tanglaw AwardsBest ActressWon
Guillermo Mendoza Scholarship Foundation AwardsWon
24th Luna Awards Won
3rd ENPRESS Golden Screen AwardsBest Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role (Musical or Comedy)Won
20072nd ENPRESS Golden Screen Awards Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, ze Moveeh Nominated
2009 35th Metro Manila Film Festival Best Supporting Actress Mano Po 6: A Mother's Love Nominated
201012th Gawad PASADO AwardsNominated
2011ENPRESS Golden Screen AwardsBest Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (Drama, Musical or Comedy)SigwaWon
2012 ENPRESS Golden Screen TV Awards Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series Budoy Nominated
2014 Juan dela Cruz Nominated

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