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Hussein Fatal discography
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Studio albums5
Collaborative albums4

This is the discography of rapper Hussein Fatal.



Solo albums

Collaboration albums

Official mixtapes

2003Fatalveli Vol. 1
2004Fatalveli Vol. 2
2006Section 8: Hustlin' in Front of Housing
20071090 Official (with Hardtimerz)
Fatalveli Point 50
Hussein Fatal Presents: New Jersey D.O.C
2008Thugtertainment Presents: Essex County Kings
Thugtertainment Presents: No Way Out
Hussein Fatal Presents: New Jersey D.O.C Vol. 2
Thugtertainment Presents: YAS - The Getaway
Makaveli Soldiers
2009Hussein Fatal Presents: Thugtertainment Soldiers
Thugtertainment Presents: Pain Muzik
Thugtertainment Presents: Ali Bang - Look At Me Now
Digital Dynasty 8
Thugtertainment Presents: Hussein Fatal - Trouble
2010Bully The Block 4
Unsigned On The Grind Vol. 5
Killuminati 2K10 (with Outlawz)
2011Capo Commission
DJ Fatal Presents: The Official Hussein Fatal Remixes
Killuminati 2K11 (with Outlawz)
2013If U Aint Know Now U Do Vol.12: Special Edition
Outlaw Nation Vol. 3 (with Young Noble)



YearSinglePeak chart positionsAlbum
U.S. Hot 100 U.S. R&B U.S. Rap UK GER FRA AUS
1998"Everyday" (featuring Antoinette Roberson)79 In the Line of Fire
2009"Wut You Talkin Bout" (featuring Jim Jones)Born Legendary
2014"Ridin All Week On Em'"Ridin' All Week On 'Em

Guest appearances

YearTitle songWith performer(s)Album
1996"All About U" 2Pac, Yaki Kadafi, Dru Down, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg All Eyez on Me
"When We Ride" 2Pac, Mopreme Shakur, Yaki Kadafi, Big Syke, E.D.I., Kastro, Napoleon
"Hit 'Em Up" 2Pac, Outlawz "How Do U Want It" (single)
1997"Usual Suspects" Mic Geronimo, DMX, Ja Rule, Cormega How to Be a Player
1998"Initiated" Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, 2Pac, Kastro, E.D.I. Retaliation, Revenge And Get Back
"Oh No" Gangsta Boo, Three 6 Mafia Enquiring Minds
1999"Clock Strikes 12" Infamous Syndicate Changing the Game
"Paper Chase" Tear Da Club Up Thugs CrazyNDaLazDayz
2000"Ride" Do or Die Victory
"Playas Dream" 8Ball & MJG Memphis Under World
2001"War Tactics" Guru, New Child, James Gotti Baldhead Slick & Da Click
"Save Me" Mac Mall Immaculate
"We Gone Ride" Yukmouth, Napoleon, Young Noble Thug Lord: The New Testament
2002"Redemption Rosary" Benzino, Kid Javi Redemption
2003"Hit 'Em Up (Nu-Mixx)"2Pac, The Outlawz Nu-Mixx Klazzics
"The Life" Ja Rule, Caddillac Tah, James Gotti Blood in My Eye
"Blood in My Eye" Ja Rule
"It's Murda (freestyle)"
"The Wrap (freestyle)"
"Somebody Gone Die 2 Nite" Yukmouth, Tha Realest, Tech N9ne, Benjilino Godzilla
2004"Jaws Tight (OG Cypher)" 2Pac, Yaki Kadafi, E.D.I., Boot Camp Clik Son Rize Vol.1
"They Don't Give A F..." 2Pac, Yaki Kadafi
"First 2 Bomb (Remix)"
"Secretz Rearranged (OG)"
"Who Believes?"
"Fresh Like Celery"Yaki Kadafi
"Fresh Like Part 2"
"How Do U Want It (Remix)" 2Pac, Alicia Keys Outlaw Warriorz Vol. 1
2005"Every Hood" Cormega, Niko The Testament
"Tupac Join" Jim Jones, 40 Cal. Harlem: Diary of a Summer
"Rain on Me (Remix)" Ashanti, Charli Baltimore, Ja Rule Collectables by Ashanti
"I Wanna' Be Free (Remix)" 2Pac, Young Noble The Way He Wanted It
2006"Dumpin'" 2Pac, Carl Thomas, Papoose Pac's Life
"Don't Stop" 2Pac, Yaki Kadafi, Big Syke, Young Noble, Stormey
"Untouchable" 2Pac, Gravy, Yaki Kadafi
2007"Keep Goin'" 2Pac Nu-Mixx Klazzics Vol. 2
"Got My Mind Made Up (Nu-Mixx)" 2Pac, Kurupt, The Outlawz
"Picture Me Rollin' (Nu-Mixx)" 2Pac, The Outlawz, Danny Boy
"Gangsta Party Part 2" Daz Dillinger, Young Noble Gangsta Party
2008"Got Dat"Yas da Hak, B. Drama & Ali PhazeThe Getaway
"Loadin Up Bangaz"S.K., Big MizzEssex County Kings
"Hak Mob Athem"Mass, Big Mizz, S.K., Phaze Ali, Ali Bang
2009"This My Life"Hardtimerz, MassLet Us In Vol. 2
"Road Trip"Verbal Assassin, Ali BangPlay Timez Ova
"Haters Get Cho Paper" Outlawz, Crooked I Outlaw Culture Vol. 1
"Name Game"Ali Bang, 2Tall, SulawLook at Me Now
"Feens"Ali Bang, 2Tall
"This Is How We Roll"
"She Loves Me Not"Ali Bang, Bentley
"Talkin That Talk"Ali Bang
"The Money"
"Alright We Getting Money"Ali Bang, Hardtimerz
"Gettin Money"Talent of Da Hardtimerz, Hittman Da Menace, Ali BangPay Attention
"Where I Come From (Remix)"Tha Advocate, Willy Northpole, Killah Priest, Stat Quo, DoItAll, Big Lou, Sha Stimuli, Mr. Probz I Killed The Devil Last Night
"Get That Money"Kasinova Tha Don, Mr Bo'zHeart of a Hustler
"Label Me A Rebel"Kasinova Tha DonThug Life
"Gotta Have It" Outlawz, Stormey Coleman, Tey MartelOutlaw Culture Vol. 3
"Move Over"Hydro, Rock CityThe Hydro Conspiracy
2010"Everybody Goes Thru It"Stormey Coleman, of Dead Prez, Young Noble, Janelle HamiltonBig City Nightlife
"Cleaned Off" Young Buck, C-Bo, Young Noble, E.D.I.DON Back on My Buck Shit Vol. 2: Change of Plans
"Legends In Tha Game" EDIDON, Young Noble The Stash Spot
"M.O.E."GonzoeGladiator School
"The Struggle Continues (Alternative Original) 2Pac, Big Syke, O.F.T.B.The Way He Wanted It Vol. 5
"U Can Be Touched (Original)"2Pac, The Outlawz, Suge Knight
"Secrets Of War (Original I)2Pac, The Outlawz
"Gettin To It"Hypnotiq, Ace HoodN/A
"Stolen Tears"Hypnotiq, SkyN/A
"Finally Made It"Hypnotiq, Young Noble, Alegra DoloresN/A
"Here Comes the Pain"F.A.T.E The FutureYour Fates Been Sealed Vol. 1
"Is Someone There"F.A.T.E The Future, Five Star General
"Live of a Hustla"Shadoe, Picosso StakksNail Bitting Season: New World Order Vol. 3
"Invisible Man"Professor A.L.I.Carbon Cycle Diaries
"M.O.E"GonzoeCapo Commission
"Over Here"Aspects, Paragraph
"Stack Dough"Gonzoe, Aspects, Bizarre
"U Don't Like That" Young Noble, EDIDON
"What You Talkin' Bout" Jim Jones
"Who We Are"Aspects, Macadoshis
"Live That Life"Gonzoe, Aspects, Jesse James
"All My Respect"Nameless Kx, Young NobleNameless Begins / Ends
2012"Get It Done"LyeWhy Lye?
"Car Cloudy" Young Buck, Young Noble, EDIDON Live Loyal Die Rich
"Morning Light"GonzoeThe Dispensary
"Salute"Young Ridah, P-ThoroA-State Heavyweight
"All About the Franklins" Young Noble, Gudda Gudda, Trae The Truth Outlaw Rydahz Vol. 1
"Vibe Wit Me"Yas da Hak & Cash G HakavelliHAKin' Like My Daddy Vol. 2
"Ride Out"Bonze Roc, S.K., Big Mizz a.k.a. V12HAK Muzik Vol. 3
"Till I Die" Young Noble, Suicide Ru, Yukmouth Outlaw Nation
"Rule of the Street"Stormey Coleman, EDIOutlaw Nation
"Emancipation" Young Noble, EDIDON Son of God
"Welcome To Real Life" Young Noble, Arsonal Da Rebel, Tony Atlanta, King Malachi & Krayzie Bone
2013"I Wonder" Young Noble, Deuce Deuce of Concrete Mob Fast Life
"Pay Witcha Life"Young Noble, Suicide Ru, AKKOutlaw Nation Vol. 2
"Tonite" EDIDON, Young Buck, Young Noble O.G. Est. 1992
"Angel" Young Noble & Gage Gully, EDIDON The Year of the Underdogz
"Play Wit Your Life"Da Kid Akk, Suicide Ru, Young Noble Unfinished Business
"Whats I Stand"Tre Dolla, Young NobleN/A
"Rapper wissen nicht wer sie sind" Eko Fresh, MassivEksodus
2014"Dat Money"Gritty Boi, Supa KingN/A
"Modern Day"R.A.W., Young ShaadN/A
"Why Explain The Game?"F.D.T., Lil Mac, Young NobleN/A
"You Ain't Bout Dat"Get RichThe Game Don't Sleep
2015"Love U"Troublez, B-Legit Grandma's House
"Interstate"Rip The GeneralN/A
"Field of Fire"Rich RozeUprize
"Konspiracy Theory"
"Carlitos Way"AspectsN/A
"Ya Don't Want It Wit Me"HypnotiqN/A
"Invisible Man"Professor A.L.I.N/A
"Fuck With Ya" C-Bo, Young NobleThe Mobfather II
"Thats What I Do"Rawsome Russ, Z-Ro To Big To Fail
"M.O.B."Rawsome Russ, Lil KekeFrom The Southside To WTX
"Back In The Dayz"MC Ron & Speechless, JoeN/A
"Whats Poppin Scoob"Parashoot Ent.Parashoot Class 102

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