In Search of The

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In Search of The
Box set by
ReleasedFebruary 21, 2007
Recorded2006–2007[ citation needed ]
Genre Jazz fusion, ambient, progressive rock, experimental, funk rock, improvisational, electronic rock, dark ambient
N: 44:49
S: 43:27
E: 42:30
A: 42:27
R: 45:00
C: 41:13
H: 41:37
O: 42:39
F: 42:31
T: 42:29
H: 49:44
E: 45:01
Total: 9:27:37
Label TDRS Music
Producer Buckethead[ citation needed ]
Buckethead chronology
Crime Slunk Scene
In Search of The
Pepper's Ghost

In Search of The is a set of thirteen albums by Buckethead, released on February 21, 2007. Each was initially personally numbered and monogrammed by Buckethead himself. No two sets were the same, as the covers were hand-drawn and unique from one another. It is considered a special release, making it the first of Buckethead's albums to be referred to as such.


According to Travis Dickerson, Buckethead's longtime producer: [1] [2]

...this is not a regular CD. It's hand made, hand burned. The cover is whatever is deemed to be written on it. This is not a manufactured deal, each one is different and will be numbered and monogramed. No two of these will be the same. I have never heard of an artist doing something like this. This is as direct from the artist to the fan as I have ever heard of. As far as the content, I don't know, but the mystery around it is no surprise. Again, I can't speculate because I don't want to mislead anyone, I just don't know anymore. My gut sense is this is a conceptual work, a piece of art. It could contain anything.

The original project started as an even more ambitious project than the one released. Dickerson explained that the project consisted of a series of 13-CD box sets that when completed and stacked would spell out the phrase "In Search of the Disembodied Sounds". However, due to the popular demand of this section of the project, the original idea was scrapped, as it became an exhausting endeavor to cover the demand for this box set. [3] The original box set could be purchased as either a box set or separately. [4] There are a total of 92 songs in the set ranging in length from 0:33 to 19:45, not including "Vol. 13: E" which is one unbroken 45-minute track.

Buckethead drew the covers on each set of In Search of The until he reached the 1000th copy. [3] [5] However, mistakes were made in the numbering, and ranges of numbers were skipped during the production of the personalized edition of the box set. Dickerson estimates that the actual number of box sets produced might be around 800 copies with the final number written being 1000. [3] All further copies available are no longer hand-made and feature the same artwork from set to set. [6]

Track listing

Vol. 1: I
1."Sonic Slaughter"0:54
2."Pollywogs Dancing on a Quilt of Faces"14:51
4."Appenzel Pointed Hood Hen"2:31
5."Trail of Misconception"0:41
6."Sourced Autonomy"15:02
7."Transmission Miscommunication"1:44
Total length:44:19
Vol. 2: N
1."Pullets on Parade (Million Chicken March)"1:26
2."Flying Finger Fury (in the Coop)"10:49
3."Hanged Man's Lament"2:58
4."Robot Foot Pursuit"2:09
5."Blue Marbles Moon"15:49
6."Droid Factory Conveyor Belt Ambush"3:18
7."The Beheaded"6:04
8."Memories of Forgotten Dreams"2:16
Total length:44:49
Vol. 3: S
2."Down A Darkened Hallway"2:16
3."Slow Shifting Highway"3:48
4."A Dead Brain's Pulse"7:32
5."Listening Device"4:24
6."Wormhole Collapse"10:31
Total length:43:37
Vol. 4: E
1."Raging Nugget"3:20
2."The Machines Shall Remain"7:07
3."Milk Plus Synthemesc"9:02
4."1984 Beat Bumpin' (Tribute to Darren Robinson)"3:29
5."Domo-Kun's Nightmare"5:21
6."Silkie Bantam"3:29
7."Ectoplasm Circus"3:58
8."Visiting Rights"6:39
Total length:42:30
Vol. 5: A
1."Fractal Shadows"10:35
2."Red Eye Spider Cloud"1:14
3."Liquid Tungsten Robot Factory"4:48
4."Bucketbots Bass Binge Buddy"10:11
5."Atomic Butterfly"5:00
6."Sanders' Retort"1:40
7."Percolates Jazz... The Last Drop"1:58
8."A Moment I Can Give"2:54
9."Funeral Parlor"4:03
Total length:42:27
Vol. 6: R
1."Eye of the Storm"19:45
2."Unhinged Paradox"3:42
3."Last Light"4:30
4."Dig Up From Underneath"1:11
5."Amputee Shuffle"15:46
Total length:45:00
Vol. 7: C
1."Grease On My New Shoes"2:58
2."Solitary Psychosis"16:40
3."Flaming Pinãtas / Burnt Candy"4:14
4."Tower of Insanity"4:20
5."Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys"1:52
6."Easter In The Batcave"11:03
Total length:41:13
Vol. 8: H
2."The Orpington"2:26
3."A Day In The Park With Herbie"5:27
4."Switch Way"9:55
5."Treasure Section"2:30
6."Wire Bop Pumpkin"0:33
7."Captain Kangaroo's Ether Hypnosis"3:32
8."In Search of The Bigeminy Junction"4:36
9."Cybernetic Chickenheads & The Scavenger Slunk Run"2:14
Total length:41:37
Vol. 9: O
2."Escher Relativity"4:23
3."The Poison Hand"5:18
4."Robot Chicken"16:52
5."Tunnel To The Light"6:37
Total length:42:39
Vol. 10: F
1."Aldebaran Strikes Back"5:13
2."Down In It"9:35
3."The Ludovico Technique"6:45
4."Hole In The Feeding Tube"1:13
5."Aces of Galaga"6:45
6."Bot's Lament"3:36
7."Strange Visitation"7:13
8."Evil Lurks Within"2:07
Total length:42:31
Vol. 11: T
1."Binge Buddy Lounge"2:56
2."I Never Made It Without Biting"4:21
3."Electronic Zookeeper's Revenge"1:10
4."Delirium Chamber"4:04
5."Animatronics Séance"6:10
6."Slunk Funk"3:14
7."Funeral For A Fiend"3:24
8."Chicken Cleaver Duty"3:50
9."Sugar Booger Auditory Wax Candy"4:05
10."Random Order"4:25
11."Scabscratcher Shuffle"4:46
Total length:42:29
Vol. 12: H
1."Animatronics Workshop"3:12
2."The Organ Grinder's Mishap"10:48
3."The Last Tooth To Be Pulled"2:15
5."Electromagnetic Interference"2:57
6."The Sticker On Endorphins"3:33
7."One Last Breath"1:19
8."Monsta Kreepathon"15:19
Total length:49:44
Vol. 13: E
1."The Butcher's Last Dance"45:01
Total length:45:01



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