Les Fleurs du Mal (Therion album)

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Les Fleurs du Mal
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Cover art by Saturno Buttò
Studio album by
Released28 September 2012
StudioAdulruna Studio, Sweden
Genre Symphonic metal, ye-ye
Label Self-publishing
Producer Christofer Johnsson
Therion chronology
Sitra Ahra
Les Fleurs du Mal
Beloved Antichrist
Tour album CD cover
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Les Fleurs du Mal is a cover album and the fifteenth full-length album by Swedish symphonic metal band Therion. It was released on 28 September 2012 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band. [1] Named after the 1857 volume of poetry Les Fleurs du mal , the album is fully sung in French language. It consist of metal cover versions of French pop songs from 1960s and 1970s, mostly from the ye-ye genre.



The album was financed by Christofer Johnsson who considers the album a part of an art project. [1] [2] It was made available for pre-order at Therion's webstore on 2 September 2012. [3] Johnsson announced that the version sold at concerts with a different cover, would include a bonus track and a poster, and that his "aim is to sign and personally dedicate every single one of them at the shows". [2]

Track listing

No.TitleWriter(s)Original artistLength
1."Poupée de cire, poupée de son" ("Wax Doll, Rag Doll") Serge Gainsbourg France Gall (1965)2:51
2."Une fleur dans le cœur" ("A Flower in the Heart")Christophe Schaeffer, Pawson/ChambersVictoire Scott (1968)3:03
3."Initials B.B." (B.B. is for Brigitte Bardot)Serge GainsbourgSerge Gainsbourg (1968)3:44
4."Mon amour, mon ami" ("My Love, my Friend" [4] ) Eddy Marnay, André Popp Marie Laforêt (1967)4:35
5."Polichinelle" ("Pulcinella")Pierre Saka, Jean BernardFrance Gall (1967)2:28
6."La Maritza" ("The Maritsa") Pierre Delanoë, Jean Renard Sylvie Vartan (1968)3:54
7."Sœur Angélique" ("Sister Angelica")Michel Rivgauche, Georges LifermanAnnie Philippe (1966)3:05
8."Dis-moi poupée" ("Tell me Doll" [5] ) Jean Albertini, Johnny RechIsabelle (1967)3:24
9."Lilith"Léonie Lousseau, Karl Heinz Schäfer Léonie (1972)2:30
10."En Alabama" ("In Alabama")Sébastien Poitrenaud, Jean-Claude Vannier Léonie (1971)2:39
11."Wahala Manitou" Étienne Roda-Gil, Christophe Léonie (1971)2:34
12."Je n’ai besoin que de tendresse" (I Need Only Tenderness")Claire Dixon, Daniel FaureClaire Dixon 19672:14
13."La Licorne d’or" ("The Gold Unicorn")Christian Turban, Michel Bernholc Victoire Scott (1968)2:45
14."J’ai le mal de toi" ("I Miss You")Michaële/Georges Costa, Gabriel Yared Betty Mars (1974)2:51
15."Poupée de cire, poupée de son" ("Wax Doll, Rag Doll")Serge GainsbourgFrance Gall (1965)2:31
16."Les Sucettes (bonus track)" ("The Lollipops")Serge GainsbourgFrance Gall 19662:40


The album was recorded by the following artists: [6]


Guest musicians

  • Anders Åkered
  • Fredrik Syberg
  • Hanna Ekström
  • Isa Holmesund
  • Lars Wehlin
  • Natalia Migdal
  • Anna Manell
  • Pär Lindqvist
  • Eva-Tea Lundberg
  • Ida Freji
  • Johan Ahlin
  • Magnus Wretblad
  • Kristoffer Siggstedt
  • Magnus Werner
  • Staffan Findin

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