Level Headed

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Level Headed
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Studio album by
ReleasedJanuary 3 1978
Studio Château d'Hérouville, France; Kingsway Recorders, London
Length39:53 (Polydor version) 38:54 (Capitol version)
Producer Sweet
Sweet chronology
The Golden Greats
Level Headed
Cut Above the Rest
US release
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Singles from Level Headed
  1. "Love Is Like Oxygen"
    Released: January 1978
  2. "California Nights"
    Released: July 1978

Level Headed is the sixth studio album by British glam rock band Sweet. Different versions were released by Polydor in Europe and by Capitol in the US, Canada and Japan. The album features "Love Is Like Oxygen", the band's last single to hit the top 40, peaking at #8 in the US and #9 in the UK. The single version of "Love Is Like Oxygen" is substantially shorter than the album version. A second single, "California Nights", was released from the album but only reached #76 in the US.


This was the last album to feature the classic Sweet lineup, as Brian Connolly departed around a year after the album's release, in order to embark on a solo career. The remaining trio of Steve Priest, Andy Scott, and Mick Tucker continued, and delivered three more albums before breaking up in 1981.


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AllMusic lauded the album in their retrospective review, praising the wild sampling of styles and the band's shift from their earlier bubblegum singles to album-driven rock. They concluded "Certainly, this is not classic-era Sweet, but that's precisely what's good about Level Headed - they're off-kilter and adventurous, occasionally stumbling but always making interesting music on an album that's anything but what the title promises." [1]

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Brian Connolly, Steve Priest, Andy Scott, and Mick Tucker except where noted.

Polydor release

Side one
  1. "Dream On" (Scott) – 2:53
  2. "Love Is Like Oxygen" (Scott, Trevor Griffin) – 6:53
  3. "California Nights" – 3:45
  4. "Strong Love" – 3:28
  5. "Fountain" – 4:44
Side two
  1. "Anthem No. I (Lady of the Lake)" – 4:11
  2. "Silverbird" – 3:26
  3. "Lettres D'Amour" – 3:30
  4. "Anthem No. II" – 1:02
  5. "Air on 'A' Tape Loop" (Priest, Scott, Tucker) – 5:59

Bonus tracks on 1991/1997 reissues

  1. "Love Is Like Oxygen" (single version) - 3:48
  2. "Cover Girl" – 3:34
  3. "California Nights" (single version) – 3:22
  4. "Show Me The Way" – 3:22

Bonus track on 2005 reissue

  1. "Love Is Like Oxygen" (single version) - 3:49

Capitol release

This version has different artwork and a different running order

Side one
  1. "California Nights" - 3:39
  2. "Silverbird" - 3:24
  3. "Dream On" - 2:50
  4. "Fountain" (last part with harpsichord is shorter and no hi-hat cymbals) - 4:12
  5. "Love Is Like Oxygen" - 6:49
Side two
  1. "Anthem No. I (Lady of the Lake)" - 4:08
  2. "Strong Love" - 3:28
  3. "Lettres D'Amour" - 3:27
  4. "Anthem No. II" - 0:58
  5. "Air on 'A' Tape Loop" - 5:59


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