List of submissions to the 34th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film

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This is a list of submissions to the 34th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. The Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film was created in 1956 by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to honour non-English-speaking films produced outside the United States. [1] The award is handed out annually, and is accepted by the winning film's director, although it is considered an award for the submitting country as a whole. [2] Countries are invited by the Academy to submit their best films for competition according to strict rules, with only one film being accepted from each country. [2]


For the 34th Academy Awards, thirteen films were submitted in the category Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Argentina, Austria and Switzerland submitted films for the first time. France and Italy both failed to be nominated for the first time since the introduction of the competitive award. The highlighted titles were the five nominated films, which came from Denmark, Japan, Mexico, Spain and Sweden. For the second year in a row, the Oscar went to an Ingmar Bergman film from Sweden, this time for Through A Glass Darkly. [3]


Submitting countryFilm title used in nominationOriginal titleLanguage(s)Director(s)Result
Flag of Argentina.svg  Argentina Summer Skin Piel de veranoSpanish Leopoldo Torre Nilsson Not nominated
Flag of Austria.svg  Austria Jedermann JedermannGerman Gottfried Reinhardt Not nominated
Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark Harry and the Butler Harry og kammertjenerenDanish Bent Christensen Nominated
Flag of the United Arab Republic.svg  Egypt Love and Faith وا إسلاماه (Wa Islamah)Arabic Enrico Bomba & Andrew Marton Not nominated
Flag of France.svg  France Last Year at Marienbad L'Année dernière à MarienbadFrench Alain Resnais Not nominated
Flag of Germany.svg  West Germany The Miracle of Father Malachia Das Wunder des MalachiasGerman Bernhard Wicki Not nominated
Flag of India.svg  India Stree स्त्री (Stree)Hindi Rajaram Vankudre Shantaram Not nominated
Flag of Italy.svg  Italy The Night La NotteItalian Michelangelo Antonioni Not nominated
Flag of Japan (1870-1999).svg  Japan Immortal Love 永遠の人 (Eien no hito)Japanese Keisuke Kinoshita Nominated
Flag of Mexico (1934-1968).svg  Mexico The Important Man Ánimas TrujanoSpanish Ismael Rodríguez Nominated
Flag of the Philippines (navy blue).svg  Philippines The Moises Padilla Story The Moises Padilla StoryTagalog, Filipino Gerardo de León Not nominated
Flag of Spain (1945-1977).svg  Spain Plácido PlácidoSpanish Luis García Berlanga Nominated
Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden Through a Glass Darkly Såsom i en spegelSwedish Ingmar Bergman Won Academy Award
Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg  Switzerland The Shadows Grow Longer Die Schatten werden längerGerman Ladislao Vajda Not nominated


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