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The Palais des Festivals et des Congres in Cannes, venue of the trade show Cannes Palais des Festivals et des Congres.jpg
The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes, venue of the trade show

MIPIM (in French, Le Marché International des Professionnels de L’immobilier) is an international property event hosted in Cannes, France each March. It is hosted by Reed MIDEM and includes an exhibition area, networking events and conference sessions over four days. The 2021 event is due to take place from 7 to 10 June.


The event aims to facilitate business between investors, corporate end-users, local authorities, hospitality professionals, industrial and logistics players and other real estate professionals. [1]


MIPIM presents discussions, keynotes, panels and presentations focusing on property investment, trends and development across many real estate sectors. [2]

MIPIM offers several networking events, with the goal of facilitating business between participants. These events usually include themed breakfasts and luncheons, an opening cocktail party, the MIPIM Awards ceremony, and dedicated meetings. [3]

"RE-Invest (the Real Estate Institutional Investors' Summit) [4] serves as a platform to discuss real estate issues. Prior to the event, research and surveys are commissioned by MIPIM to determine important industry questions. During the event, participants review and debate the findings of this research. An analysis of the summit is then published and circulated.

Country of Honour

Each year, MIPIM highlights a country which shows great development and achievement in the real estate industry. The country is named "Country of Honour" and a series of conferences and events are held about it. Germany was named Country of Honour in 2012, [5] Turkey was named as the 2013 Country of Honour, [6] and in 2014, Brazil, Russia and Turkey were recognised as Countries of Honour.

MIPIM Awards

The MIPIM jury and delegates vote to determine the winners of the MIPIM Awards in several categories.

Past MIPIM Awards winners

MIPIM Awards
Yearcategory I
Business centres
category II
Shopping centres
category III
Office buildings
category IV
Refurbished office buildings
category V
Residential developments
1992 One Canada Square, London
1998 Stadttor, Düsseldorf Le Jardin des Fonderies, Brussels
1999 debis Potsdamer Platz, Berlin Forum Aveiro, Aveiro Scottish Widows headquarters, Edinburgh ING Bank headquarters, Amsterdam Place Princesse Palatine, Paris
2000Green Island, BrusselsCentro Vasco da Gama, Lisbon Brook House, London
Yearcategory I
Business centres
category II
Shopping centres
category III
Hotels and tourism resorts
category IV
Refurbished office buildings
category V
Residential developments
2001Sevens, DüsseldorfIstanbul-Istanbul, Istanbul
2003 Berliner Bogen, Hamburg Almada Forum, Almada Sofitel Hotel, Chicago World Trade Center, Amsterdam Chateau de la Reine Blanche, Paris
2004Metropolitan, Warsaw Centro Comercial Berceo, Berceo Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, Heiligendamm Kenzo headquarters, Paris Grosvenor Place, Hong Kong [7]
2005Mondrian, Brussels Principe Plo, Madrid Wales Millennium Center, Cardiff Le Monde headquarters, Paris Turning Torso, Malmö
2006 Home Office, London Weltstadthaus, Cologne Villa Kennedy, Frankfurt am Main Madou Plaza, BrusselsThe Lake Apartments, Vilamoura
2007 Pórtico, Madrid Europa Passage, Hamburg Malmaison Oxford, Oxford Castle, Oxford Belmont Court, Brussels Colliers Kirinda, Kirinda
Yearcategory I
Business centres
category II
Green buildings
category III
Hotels and tourism resorts
category IV
Refurbished office buildings
category V
Residential developments
2008 Council of Europe, Strassbourg Crane Track, Amsterdam Mövenpick Hotel im Wasserturm, Hamburg Unilever House, London Chimney Pot Park, Salford
2009 Kranhaus 1, Cologne CSET, Ningbo Phoenix Island Villa, Seogwipo Les Ecuries de la Chasse Royale, Brussels Mountain Dwellings, Copenhagen
2010 GlaxoSmithKline, Brussels Solaris, Brussels Kameha Grand Hotel, Bonn STIB/MIVB headquarters, Brussels Marco Polo Tower, Hamburg

The People's Choice Award was started in 2012, and includes an online vote by participants on the official MIPIM Facebook page.

2012 MIPIM Awards winners

2013 MIPIM Awards winners

There were 12 nominations in 2013. The list of winners: [8]

Most adorable QS: JDG

2015 MIPIM Awards winners

2016 MIPIM Awards winners

2017 MIPIM Awards winners [9]

2018 MIPIM Awards winners

2019 MIPIM Awards winners


MIPIM UK was held for the first time in October 2014 at Olympia, London. 4,000 participants and 575 investors from 35 cities attended.

There were protests outside the venue on the first day against links between British local authorities and property developers. Police held back demonstrators and the gates were closed by the organisers. One delegate was arrested on suspicion of assault. [10]

The 2015 event was held from October 21 to 23.

The 2016 event took place from 19 – 21 October, and focused on the UK property industry.

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The MIPIM Architectural Review Future Projects Awards is an award program for unbuilt or incomplete projects spanning across eight categories. It is organised and awarded annually by the MIPIM, the international property market in Cannes, France, in cooperation with the monthly international magazine Architectural Review. Since 2002, the awards have been presented at MIPIM.

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