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Coordinates: 21°18′07″S27°53′01″E / 21.30185°S 27.883723°E / -21.30185; 27.883723 Coordinates: 21°18′07″S27°53′01″E / 21.30185°S 27.883723°E / -21.30185; 27.883723
District North East District
Time zone UTC+2 (Central Africa Time)
  Summer (DST) UTC+2 (not observed)

Matsiloje is a village in the North East District of Botswana on the west bank of the Ramokgwebana River, which forms the border with Zimbabwe.

A tarmac road connects the village to Francistown, to the east. [1] The village has a junior secondary school. [2] The village lies beside the Matsiloje hills, which are quarried for limestone used in manufacturing cement and soapstone products. [3] The exploratory Muphanephane gold mine is in the Matsiloje area. [4]

In 2002 there was an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in the Matsiloje and Matshelagabedi areas, with another outbreak in the Matopi and Tseteng areas towards the end of the year. 12,000 cattle were killed in Matsiloje/Matshelagabedi and 4000 cattle in Matopi/Tseteng. The government compensated farmers with cash and animals, and instituted a relief work program. [5] The village is affected by illegal immigrants from Zimbabwe, and resulting crime. [6]

Before construction of the Dikgatlhong Dam began to the south of Matsiloje in 2008, the government arranged for counselling services on AIDS to residents of Matsiloje as well as of the Mmadinare, Robelela, Matopi, Chokwe and Patayamatebele villages. Preparations were made for additional demands for health and policing services. [7]

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Tshokwe is a village in Central District of Botswana. The village is located south-east of Francistown, near the border with Zimbabwe, and it has a primary school. The population was 897 according to the 2001 census.

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Mmamashia is a location in Botswana about 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) north of the capital city of Gaborone that is the site of the Mmamashia water treatment plant and master balancing reservoir.

Patayamatebele is a village in the North East District of Botswana near to the Dikgatlhong Dam.

Matopi is a village in the North East District of Botswana near to the Dikgatlhong Dam.

The Ramokgwebana River is a river that defines part of the boundary between Botswana and Zimbabwe before entering the Shashe River from the left.

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Umzingwane District Administrative district in Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe

Umzingwane is a district in the northern part of Matabeleland South province in Zimbabwe. It was formerly known as Esigodini District and before 1982 as Essexvale District.



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