Nature Valley

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Nature Valley
Two Oats n Honey Nature Valley bars, Jan 2020.jpg
Two Oats 'n Honey Nature Valley bars
Product type Granola bars
Owner General Mills
CountryUnited States
Introduced1975;47 years ago (1975)
TaglineWe are better outside

Nature Valley is an American brand of bars, snacks and granola owned by General Mills.


They produce a variety of granola bars, cereals and related snacks. Common bars include: 'Oats and Honey', 'Fruit and Nut', and 'Peanut'. Their selection includes crunchy bars, protein bars, fruit and nut bars, and various nut bars. [1]


Nature Valley introduced its granola bar in 1975. [2] The brand later introduced more types of granola bars such as: crunchy, chewy, clusters, nut, yogurt coated and protein packed. [3]

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