North East (London Assembly constituency)

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North East
Territorial constituency for the London Assembly
North East shown within London.PNG
North East shown within London
Created2000 (2000)
Number of membersOne
MemberSem Moema
Party Labour Co-op
Last election 2016
Next election 2021

North East is a constituency of the London Assembly. It was previously represented by Jennette Arnold of the Labour Party, who was directly elected at the 2004 election after holding a London-wide seat since 2000. [1] Arnold stood down in 2021. Following the 2021 London Assembly election, Arnold was succeeded by Sem Moema.


It encompasses the London Boroughs of Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest. [2]

Assembly members

2000 Meg Hillier Labour
2004 Jennette Arnold Labour
2021 Sem Moema Labour

Mayoral election results

Below are the results for the candidate which received the highest share of the popular vote in the constituency at each mayoral election.

2000 Ken Livingstone Independent
2004 Ken Livingstone Labour
2008 Ken Livingstone Labour
2012 Ken Livingstone Labour
2016 Sadiq Khan Labour
2021 Sadiq Khan Labour

Assembly election results

Ben Seifret was originally selected as the Conservative Party candidate for the 2021 election, but on 7 September 2019 resigned as a candidate citing his opposition to Brexit. [3] He subsequently joined the Liberal Democrats. He was replaced in February 2020 by Emma Best, a local councillor in Waltham Forest. [4]


2021 London Assembly election: North East [5] [6]
Labour Co-op Sem Moema 112,73951.2-7.5105,52048.94
Green Caroline Russell [lower-alpha 1] 43,60119.8+7.037,35317.33
Conservative Emma Best [lower-alpha 1] 41,39818.8+4.636,85317.09
Liberal Democrats Kate Pothalingham14,8276.7+0.411,0915.14
Women's Equality 7,8493.64New
Animal Welfare 3,4931.62New
CPA 1,9580.91New
UKIP 1,6830.78New
London Real 1,6300.76New
Reform UK Alex Wilson4,2511.9New1,6140.75
TUSC Nancy Taaffe3,2361.5New1,5590.72
Let London Live 1,4550.67New
Heritage 1,0620.49New
Communist 1,0060.47New
SDP 6670.31New
Londependence 6080.28New
National Liberal 1990.09New
Turnout 212,565
Labour hold Swing
  1. 1 2 Incumbent member on the party list, or for another constituency


2016 London Assembly election: North East [7]
Labour Jennette Arnold 134,307 58.7 +5.6
Conservative Sam Malik32,56514.2-4.4
Green Samir Jeraj29,40112.8-2.7
Liberal Democrats Terry Stacy14,3126.3-0.6
UKIP Freddy Vachha 11,3155.0+1.6
Respect Tim Allen5,0682.2New
Socialist (GB) Bill Martin1,2930.6New
Communist League Jonathan Silberman5360.2New
Total formal votes228,79798.8+0.5
Informal votes2,7341.2-0.5
Turnout 231,53146.0+6.9
Labour hold Swing
2012 London Assembly election: North East [8]
Labour Jennette Arnold 101,902 53.1 +15.1
Conservative Naomi Newstead35,71418.6-4.7
Green Caroline Allen29,67715.5+2.1
Liberal Democrats Farooq Qureshi13,2376.9-8.1
UKIP Paul Wiffen6,6233.4+0.7
Independent Ijaz Hayat4,8422.5+2.5
Total formal votes191,99598.3+0.4
Informal votes3,3261.7-0.4
Turnout 195,32139.1-4.7
Labour hold Swing
2008 London Assembly election: North East [9]
Labour Jennette Arnold 73,551 37.2 +8.2
Conservative Alexander Ellis45,11422.8+4.7
Liberal Democrats Meral Ece 28,97314.6–4.1
Green Aled Fisher25,84513.1+0.1
Left List Unjum Mirza6,0193.0New
UKIP Nicholas Jones5,3492.7–6.2
Christian (CPA)Maxine Hargreaves5,3232.7New
English Democrat John Dodds3,6371.8New
Total formal votes193,81197.9
Informal votes4,0822.1
Turnout 197,89343.8+12.5
Labour hold Swing
2004 London Assembly election: North East [10]
Labour Jennette Arnold 37,380 29.0 –7.1
Liberal Democrats Terry Stacy24,04218.7–2.4
Conservative Andrew Boff 23,26418.10.0
Green Jon Nott16,73913.0–2.6
UKIP R. J. Selby11,4598.9New
Respect D. R. E. Ryan11,1848.7New
CPA A. A. Otchie3,2192.5New
Communist J. I. Beavis1,3781.1New
Total formal votes128,66531.3+2.6
Turnout 128,665
Labour hold Swing
2000 London Assembly election: North East [11]
Labour Meg Hillier 42,459 36.1 N/A
Liberal Democrats Paul Fox24,85621.1N/A
Conservative Eric Ollerenshaw 20,97518.1N/A
Green Yen Chit Chong18,38215.6N/A
London Socialist Cecelia Prosper8,2697.0N/A
Independent Paul Shaer1,5011.3N/A
Reform 2000Erol Basarik1,1441.0N/A
Total formal votes117,58628.7N/A
Turnout 117,586
Labour win (new seat)

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In the run-up to the 2021 Senedd election, various organisations are expected to carry out opinion polling to gauge voting intentions. Results of such polls are displayed in this list. Most of the pollsters listed are members of the British Polling Council (BPC) and abide by its disclosure rules.


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