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Paul Morris
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Paul Morris on tour with Over the Rainbow.
Background information
Born (1959-11-02) November 2, 1959 (age 61)
Santa Monica, California, United States
Genres Rock, hard rock, heavy metal, soul, jazz
Occupation(s)Musician, session musician, songwriter
Years active1977–present
Associated acts Doro Pesch, Mark Wood, Rainbow, Nena, The Teen Idols, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Joe Lynn Turner, Chris Caffery

Paul Morris (born 2 November 1959, Santa Monica, California) is a musician best known as a keyboardist in Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. He played keyboards on the Stranger in Us All album and co-wrote the song "Black Masquerade".


Paul Morris studied piano as a child in New York City. He studied under well-known jazz pianists, Lennie Tristano, Hal Galper, and Sal Mosca. He began his career playing with some local bands on Long Island named Vixen and Full House. He then played with Todd Wolfe in the band, Troy and the Tornados. Todd Wolf later became the guitarist for Sheryl Crow. In 1989 Paul got a call from rock drummer Bobby Rondinelli to play keyboards for Doro Pesch's first solo tour without Warlock for the "Force MaJure album tour.

In 1990 Paul Morris played keyboards on the album Rare Diamonds by former Warlock singer Doro Pesch. The album was produced by Gene Simmons. In 1991 he went on tour with Doro Pesch promoting the Rare Diamonds album. In 1992 Paul Morris toured with heavy metal violinist Mark Wood through the US and Canada.

In 1994, Paul Morris was notified that Ritchie Blackmore was looking for a keyboardist. [1] He sent Ritchie Blackmore a tape, auditioned, and was hired. He played on the STRANGER IN US All and co-wrote "Black Masquerade", which then became a fan favorite. He then performed with Rainbow for two European tours, one tour in Japan, South America, and in the US. In 1997, Paul Morris toured with Nena of "99 Luftballons" fame featuring, Tony Bruno on guitar, and Tommy Price on drums. [1] This was followed by a tour with The Teen Idols starring Davy Jones, Peter Noone and Bobby Sherman. In 2000, Morris received a call from the musical director of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Al Pitrelli, to play with the West Coast Trans-Siberian Orchestra for the holiday season. [2] After this tour, Morris continued his career composing and producing his own original music and doing session work. In 2002, Morris joined an 11 piece soul band called the Sensational Soul Cruisers where he remained until 2007. [3] In 2009, Morris was approached by Joe Lynn Turner asking him to fill in for Tony Carey who had become very ill. Two weeks later Over the Rainbow performed at the Sweden Rock Festival. Morris continued touring with Over the Rainbow for the next two years.

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On tour with OTR

In 2011, Morris worked on a new Christmas CD by The Kings of Christmas, a new group composed primarily of former Trans-Siberian Orchestra singers and musicians. [4] In 2017 Moogy had a short run/tour with Yngwie Malmsteen the virtuoso guitarist. Paul Morris is currently playing with one of the nation's top Bon Jovi tribute bands named Slippery When Wet as well as top 80's party band Jessie's Girl. You'll be able to catch Moogy on tour "Rock Legends Bon Fire and friends tour" this November 2018 throughout Germany. Paul will be touring with Purpendicular featuring Ian Paice Nov.5th to the 25th 2019 in Germany and France.

Late in 2019 Paul was invited to play with Deeper Purple, a Deep Purple tribute band, on their UK tour in March 2020 and Paul subsequently joined the band.


Paul Morris married Rose Grego in November 1997.[ citation needed ]

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Paul & Rose


With The Syntherchestra

With Doro Pesch

With Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow

With Joe Lynn Turner

With Randy Coven

With Metalium

With Trans-Siberian Orchestra

With Angus Clark

With Chris Caffery

With The Kings of Christmas

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