Catch the Rainbow: The Anthology

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Catch the Rainbow: The Anthology
Compilation album by
Released18 March 2003
Genre Hard rock, heavy metal
Label Polydor
Rainbow compilation albums chronology
All Night Long: An Introduction
Catch the Rainbow: The Anthology
Winning Combinations: Deep Purple and Rainbow
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Catch the Rainbow: The Anthology is a compilation album by the British hard rock band Rainbow, released in 2003. [2] [3]

Track listing

Disc one
No.TitleOriginal releaseLength
1."Man on the Silver Mountain" Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow , 19754:37
2."Sixteenth Century Greensleeves"Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow3:29
3."Catch the Rainbow"Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow6:38
4."Tarot Woman" Rising , 19765:59
7."A Light in the Black"Rising8:13
8."Mistreated" (live) On Stage , 197713:06
9."Long Live Rock 'n' Roll" Long Live Rock 'n' Roll , 19784:23
10."Gates of Babylon"Long Live Rock 'n' Roll6:46
11."Kill the King"Long Live Rock 'n' Roll4:28
12."Rainbow Eyes"Long Live Rock 'n' Roll7:31
Disc two
No.TitleOriginal releaseLength
1."Eyes of the World" Down to Earth , 19796:38
2."Since You Been Gone"Down to Earth3:17
3."All Night Long"Down to Earth3:50
4."Weiss Heim"B-side of the single "All Night Long" , 19805:13
5."I Surrender" Difficult to Cure , 19814:01
6."Spotlight Kid"Difficult to Cure4:53
7."Can't Happen Here"Difficult to Cure3:08
8."Jealous Lover"B-side of the single "Can't Happen Here", 19813:11
9."Death Alley Driver" Straight Between the Eyes , 19824:42
10."Stone Cold"Straight Between the Eyes5:17
11."Tearin' Out My Heart"Straight Between the Eyes4:04
12."Power"Straight Between the Eyes4:26
13."Can't Let You Go" Bent Out of Shape , 19834:20
14."Desperate Heart"Bent Out of Shape4:03
15."Street of Dreams"Bent Out of Shape4:26
16."Difficult to Cure" (live) Finyl Vinyl , 198611:14

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